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If Only Things Were Different…

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Chapter Thirteen

"AHHHHH!" Hayate turned looked up from his mediation to see Hitomi charging into their open room. Hayate stood up as he watched his wife continue to storm around the house. Sano and Yumi came out of their rooms they were currently working on projects and noticed Hitomi marching up the stairs.

"Do you know what happened," Sano asked Hayate and only got a shrug in response.

"Where was she today," Yumi asked the two men but both looked confused. "I will go ask Kasumi."

"When did Kasumi return from the mountains," Hayate asked confused.

Yumi looked at him with an arched eyebrow, "Where have you been living under a rock?"

Hayate looked strangely at the elder woman, "Kasumi has been busy with the clan and the last time she was here was after Ayane's wedding when she delivered the baby."

"Then maybe Ayane will know," Sano suggested to his wife. "I mean, Ayane does visit more often than Kasumi. Hayate is correct; I think she is still up in the mountain."

"She was supposed to come down today," Yumi said but both men looked at each and shook their heads.

"Kasumi will not be here until young Ken's first birthday," Hayate told Yumi. "Ayane wouldn't be here either, she and Ryu took their son on a little trip. So the only people left…"

"Are us," Logan entered the house with Kagome. Hayate along with Sano and Yumi looked over at the couple. Kagome had their son Charles in her arms, which was also Hayate's brother-in-law, a rather young brother-in-law but he was. Then the three that were in the house before their entrance were wondering what they could have said to anger Hitomi.

"How is everyone," Kagome said with a weak smile.

Hayate then figured something out, "did you fight with Hitomi?" Logan and Kagome looked guilty, "What did you tell her?"

"I bet it is about Hitomi having children," Yumi shook her head. "Kagome, child, we do not need to anger Hitomi right now. She has enough pressure as it as many people are beginning to challenge her leadership."

"We know that, but she is scared that she might be pregnant," Logan said firmly. "She is not ready for a child."

"Who are you to say she isn't ready," Hayate asked offended. "If Hitomi is pregnant, I will willingly take those challenges for her but if she is not, then she can continue being leader as she has been."

"But we are just concerned for her safety," Kagome added.

Hayate began walking up the stairs of the estate and the two couples look at the young man. Sano was the first to speak up, "Where are you going?"

"I am going to talk to my wife," Hayate said with a grumpy voice. "Plus to do some damage control that her parents seem to cause at all of their visits."

"Hayate, we have been patient with you since you married out daughter," Logan shouted but Hayate just continued to march to find his young wife.

"Logan, we don't need to make the situation worse," Kagome said sadly. "He does have a point, almost on all of our visits all we do is anger our daughter."

"She is still a baby, she got married at eighteen." Logan said with a grunt. "She got married without our consent and just took the role of leadership. She left everything behind for this? To be threatened and almost killed?"

"She knew the risks when she took the sword," Sano said with a sigh. "She didn't make the decision on her own. Hayate actually tried to convince her not to take the position but he also showed the good points of being a leader. Also that she wouldn't be alone."

"She followed her heart, and we could not argue with that," Yumi told her daughter and son-in-law. "She has changed her life style these months to be the best leader she can be. Granted Hayate as been a huge help with her transition but what you might not know, is that they go to the modern world quite often."

"Why," Logan asked as he sat down on the couch.

"Hitomi wants to still cling onto some parts of the modern world, as you can see here in this estate," Yumi responded with a smile. "Hayate has been a wonderful gift to this clan as well."

"We don't argue with that…"

"But you, Logan, are suffering from the issue of losing your daughter," Sano said with a smirk. "You have to let her go and let her live her life. She needs to be free from you and if you don't do that, she will suffer and not be able to be the leader she needs to be."

"I can't believe that you have adjusted to the idea that your granddaughter just married someone so easily without even saying a word," Logan shouted.

"I can't believe that you can't just be happy for her," Yumi added in as she slammed down a knife she had in her hand. "This girl is happy until her parents show up and make her miserable and what are you doing here anyway? Especially unannounced?"

"It's Hitomi's birthday," Kagome answered.

"So on her birthday you are causing trouble?" Yumi said with an arched eyebrow.


"I can't believe them!" Hitomi used some of her magic to move objects around the room. Hayate was just dodging each item that was being thrown around the room and groaning at everything he needs to replace later. "I just found out that I wasn't pregnant and they just show up out of no where and tell me I shouldn't BE!"

"Love," Hayate said in a soft tone. As he rolled on the floor to get out of the way of fire and dodged more projectile furniture.

Hitomi then saw Hayate on the floor and stopped her mad rage. "Oh are you alright?" Hitomi's mood changing from anger to concern as she knelt down by her husband checking for any sign of wounds on his body, and Hayate just smiled.

"I'm fine," Hayate took her hands into his won. "So we won't be blessed with a child this time around?"

Hitomi's eyes fell down, "I know you were excited…"

Hayate shook his head, "I'll be like that every time there is a chance for us to have a child. Just this time, is not our time."

"I love you," Hitomi hugged her husband as he wrapped his arms around her small body. "I just wish my parents would leave us alone."

Hayate chuckled, "You know they are never going to leave us alone. At least not for a while, but we do need to make sure we celebrate your birthday like I had planned."

Hitomi looked up to her husband, "Where are you taking me?"

"Somewhere special," Hayate smiled warmly. "I was hoping you and I can make a few stops. Kasumi wanted to give you something as well as Ayane."

Hitomi smiled, "Do you remember when Ayane became Ayane Hayabusa?"

"Ryu was glowing with pride as your grandfather performed the ceremony. Ryu was even more excited as Ken Hayabusa joined his new start of the Hayabusa and Hajin Mon clan Union." Hayate chuckled and caressed his wife's face, "Ayane was happy that you were her sister-in-law as well."

"Well she does deserve a happy life, she is actually a great mom," Hitomi pointed out. "I think she underestimated herself while she was still carrying the child."

"Well now she is a wife and has an over protective husband," Hayate winked and got a small push from his wife.

"Then why don't we go ahead and make our way out of here," Hitomi said in a sultry voice. "I want to make sure we get everything done before night fall."

"As my lady wishes," Hayate pressed his lips on his wife's as they shimmered out of the room. It was amazing how he was able to calm his wife in matter of seconds. At least the distance from her parents will give her a peace of mind and let her be able take her minds off the pressure as well.


Ayane walked out of her new estate that Ryu had built for her and their new clan. Instead of being just known as the Hajin Mon they had become the Hayabusa clan, and there were no protests. They had gone to where the location of the village was and rebuilt everything for the rebirth of the clan. Many of the other shinobis had gotten married and had children.

However she was on the look out for her husband, she knew he was off training again. He was having too much fun with his son who had just learned how to walk and that is the sight she saw. Ryu rolling around in the grass and leaves with his yet one year old son and brought a huge smile to her lips.

Ayane leaned against a tree as she watched over her husband and son. The laughter from her son was amazing, unfortunately the only word he knew how to utter was "sword". Ayane was amazed that was his first word but it was and she placed the blame on Ryu. He was showing him weapons all of the time but he would soon learn other words that are not of weapons.

"Are you two boys done," Ayane asked as Ryu looked up to see his wife and picked up his son. Ryu stood to his feet and walked over to his wife, "Having fun?"

"Of course," Ryu smiled and looked down at his son. "You were having fun with daddy?" Their son just laughed and clapped his hands. Ayane rolled her eyes, "Is dinner ready?"

"Of course, why else would I hunt you down," Ayane said with her hands on her hips. "Oh and you missed Hayate and Hitomi."

"They already came by," Ryu asked as he began walking with his wife. One arm around her shoulders and the other holding their son.

"Yes, I gave them our presents for her birthday. They seem to be running away from her parents once again," Ayane told him as Ken was just looking at everything around him.

"I just hope we don't turn out like her parents," Ryu said with a smirk on his lips.

"We won't, we have a son not a daughter," Ayane let her head fall onto Ryu's shoulder as they walked at a slow even pace. "Besides, her parents are just upset about their modern daughter adopting a life that was supposed to no longer exist to them."

"True, but doesn't mean to torture their own daughter to the point of insanity," Ryu countered.

"I guess you are right on that part," Ayane told him as they reached their estate.


Kasumi sat on the ledge of a cliff as she let the breeze calm her soul. She had returned as leader but it had been a difficult transition from the runaway to leader. However whatever the White Clan decree was not supposed to be fought with, but it was great to be home. Her parents were still trying to win her over to be their precious daughter once again. Kasumi didn't want part of it, after all the events that Ayane had to live in they were being so warm to her now for what?

"So this is where you have been," Kasumi turned around to see her older brother. "What's bothering you Kasumi?"

"Nothing Hayate," Kasumi smiled as she stood up. "I just wanted to gather my thoughts."

"I can safely assume that the issue is over mother and father," Hayate said with a sad smile. "You and Hitomi have too many things in common when it comes to parental issues."

Kasumi laughed as Hitomi threw a small rock at his head, "I think your wife didn't appreciate that."

Hayate rubbed the back of his head as Hitomi then clung to the arm that was still at his side. Kasumi went into conversation to Hitomi and Hayate then felt a little left out but with Hitomi holding onto him it wasn't like he could go anywhere. So he stood there till they called out his name, but at this time he didn't know what they were asking him.

"Sorry, what?"

Hitomi rolled her eyes, "Kasumi asked if we would like to stay the night here."

"Sorry, I have something special planned for Hitomi's birthday," Hayate replied and Kasumi blinked. "Today is Hitomi's birthday."

"Oh my, I must have lost track of the days," Kasumi said as she rushed back to the village. "I'll return with your present I've been saving it for months now!"

Once Kasumi was out of sight, Hitomi was the first to speak up. "What could she have been planning?"

"I don't know, I never could understand her even though she is my sister," Hayate replied and got a glare from Hitomi. "Just because we are related doesn't mean that I understand everything that goes in that girl's head."

"I guess so," Hitomi replied as she leaned against her husband and he wrapped his arms around her small body. "Where are you taking me?"

"You'll find out soon as Kasumi returns," Hayate replied.

"You're no fun!" Hitomi pouted and Hayate placed a soft kiss on her forehead. Kasumi shimmered before them with a lovely dress that took Hitomi's breath away. "What is this?"

"I made it," Kasumi said with a proud smile. "Something special for a special night between you and your husband, there is something underneath for you to look at." Kasumi winked and made Hitomi blush. "So why don't you two be on your way! I bet Hayate has something planned for you."

"Thank you for the gift," Hitomi hugged the girl. Kasumi smiled but it was devilish and Hitomi knew that she had something interesting underneath this beautiful dress.

"Well then sister, if you have anything you need from us let us know!" Hayate waved as he took a hold of his wife and shimmered away.

Kasumi shook her head when a young man came up behind her. Kasumi turned to see him and smiled, "How long have you been there?"

"Long enough to see that you gave your sister-in-law go off with you naughty gift," the young man replied. "She will be upset with you once she figures out what you have in store for her."

"She'll thank me later Aoishi," Kasumi replied as she hugged him. "I still am confused on how you have such beautiful blue eyes."

"My love, that is something you just have to wait and find out later," Aoishi winked even though it was just a family trait. And Kasumi did know that but it was kind of their game, "So when are we going to tell your brother of our relationship and to your sister?"

"When we go to celebrate my nephew's birthday," Kasumi told him with a smile. "So what do you want to do?"

"How about dinner?" He asked with a huge smile and Kasumi nodded. The couple walked hand in hand to the village.


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