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I'm sowwy that I haven't put this up yet. I swear, I have been working on it, but sequels are HARD, and I'm afraid this one may not hold up to the original. Well, blame FanFictionFreakofnature for this, because he/she reviewed and I realized that perhaps I should put this up. I have about half of it or so written, but I'll be thinking about it and plugging away! I DO NOT OWN STAR WARS! And I don't own Boba Fett. I own Bill, but most of the other characters are based on someone else (I heart you guys!). Anyway, here it is, The Further Adventures of Bobo Fat.

P.S. Bill didn't really die. That was just me being silly. :P

I. (M to the B)x2

"Hey, Fat, are we going to see your girlfriend?" Bill the sometimes-drugged Twi'lek taunted as he was being dragged through the streets of Nar Shaddaa.

Boba Fett sighed. "You shall refer to me as 'Your Lordship!' How many times do I have to tell you?"

"OK, Your Lardship."

Fett punched his slave in the side of the head, irritated. Ever since Fett had sacrificed his Maalox Max to the Sarlacc and become...bloated, Bill had been increasingly disrespectful, calling him 'Bobo Fat' and prodding the flesh sticking out from his now rather tight Mandalorian armor. How was he ever going to face other bounty hunters when his slave wasn't even taking his seriously?

"Yes, we are going to see Momo. Yes, you are going to shut up. Yes, I will beat you to a bloody pulp if you so much as open your mouth."


"Ah!" Fett cut him off with his hand.


"BLOODY PULP!" Heh, the roariness...

Fett quickened his pace and within a minute they were back at that old theater that housed the lovely-

"MOMO!" Fett trilled ( 0.o Agh). "Momo, I'm baaaack!"

"Bobie!" Momo emerged from behind the curtains on the stage. "Oh, Bobie, you're alive!" They ran towards each other dramatically. Think slow motion, Chariots of Fire, etcetera. Boba swept her into his arms and held her close. Bill gagged.

"Oh, Bobie, how I've missed you these past 3.47 days!"

"It does not matter now, Momo, because we are together."

"Excuse me while I throw up."

Momo shot Bill and evil glare. "You haven't gotten rid of him?"

"Well, my dear, he's very entertaining. I thought perhaps he could be our pet. And he makes an exquisite-tasting ketchup drink...Don't worry, Bill, you'll understand some day!" He yelled over at the pouting Twi'lek.

"I already have a pet, Bobie. My mother sent over my sister from our home planet. I think she got sick of her incessant whining, but I find it quite amusing, as long as I have spice on hand to shut her up sometimes...Mill! Mill, come here and meet my boyfriend!" Momo yelled. "MILL!"

"ComING! I don't wanna meet stupid Boba Fett, your stupid boy...friend..." a woman with hair much darker than Momo's but with the same sparkling green-brown eyes emerged from back stage. She wasn't as...er...creatively dressed as Momo but was still quite attractive. She was staring at awe in BIll, who was gazing, mouth open, at her.

"My queen!"

"Sis, who is that?"

"Oh, that's just Bobo's little slave-"

"Bill. Incredibly, ecstatically pleased to meet you." Bill was on the stage, kissing Mill's hand and bowing over it. Fett rolled his eyes in his helmet and sighed in irritation.

"Well, Bill, uh...hi. Mill. Well, Malicia. But my family calls me Mill. They don't understand my yearning to be evil! Momo always got to be evil, what, with dating Boba Fett, and she didn't even want to be evil! I'm always the baby! I just want to be evil!"

"I understand...Malicia."

"Be still my beating heart!" Mill put one hand over her chest.

"My dearest Malicia, you are the most gorgeous, breathtaking, lovely, divine-"

"Oh, shut up and kiss me, Bill!" She pulled him towards her and smashed their faces together. At least, that was what it looked like. Smashing. Momo winced and she and Boba shuddered in unison.

"OK, that's quite enough, you two. Stop. NOW!" Mill and Bill seemed oblivious to the elder couple's discomfort. Well, let's be honest, they were very discomforted. Here was Momo's baby sister and Boba's slave (whom he had grown to be quite fond of, though he would never admit it, even to himself) sucking each other's faces off with the vacuum power of a black hole. It was very...discomforting.

Eventually Boba got out his blaster and shot it at the ceiling, causing enough racket ("You'll have to pay for that chandelier, Bobo") to pull the two apart, startled. They grinned at each other, rather stupidly, Fett thought.

"Right. Well, we'd best be going." Fett ran onto the stage and grabbed Bill by thecollar, wrenching him away from a clinging Mill.

"Call me, baby."

"I don't have your number!"

"Don't have one. Just call Mr. Fat here." At this Momo started fuming.

"How dare you call my Bobo...you're-you're bloated!"

Bill looked atMomo, smirking. "What, you only just noticed?"

"Oh, Boba! We simply must find you some more Maalox Max!"

"I know I'm fat and bloated, OK? Stop bugging me about it! Just...buy me a membership to a gym or something, that might help!" Boba stormed out, irritated and dragging a forlorn Bill.

"I'll find ya, baby!"

Fett snorted. "Not while I have anything to do with it!"

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Once again, I feel it necessary to apologize to Mill/Malicia (millpzonesyou). I'm sorry I wrote you as kissing Bill! Well, not really, I rather like the silly relationship. But sorry for painting such a wierd picture of you!