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(30 years later)-

Severus and Hermione, old in there age, had fourteen grandchildren that they spoiled constantly. They loved each throughout there life together. But one thing happened that morning that made a tragedy for one of the elderly couple. Hermione lay in bed, dying of old age. Severus sat a watched her all day long and all night long if he could stay awake. He went through death with people he loved before, including his parents and a person who was like a parent Albus Dumbledore, even two of his best friends, James Potter and Sirius Black, but this was hurting him the most. He didn't want her to die before him; he prayed every night hoping he would die before her. She was the love of his life lying next to him trying to stay alive.

"Severus, I love you." Hermione said before a tear came out of her almond eyes, and as she took her last breath.

"Hermione, I love you too. Till I see you again." Severus said as he felt tears running through his eyes.

(Two days later)-

Severus sat in his room that he shared with Hermione for over sixty years, just reminiscing. He didn't want to be downstairs were his children, grandchildren, and friends were. He didn't want to be down were they would all see that he had been crying. A knock came from the door but he didn't get up to answer it.

"Dad, we know that you're in there." A man's voice said, as the door opened, revealing his children, all five of them.

"Daddy, I'm so sorry." His youngest daughter Darla said with tears and going up and hugging her father, as did the rest of the children.

"You know, your mother wouldn't want us crying over her." Severus said.

"It's too damn hard not to." Severus's oldest child, Wyman said.

"I know son." Severus said, "Me and your mother just started with meeting secretly. You know me, James, Sirius, and Remus hated each other before your mom, and Lily gave us a wake up call. I was in Slytherin, until I kicked one of the snakes ass's than became Gryffindor. Than two days before mine and your mom's wedding, your mother killed the one of the most evil but powerful wizards of the time. Then you five were born, those were the days that I loved. Now I'm alone, without your mom."

"I know daddy. But we are always here for you." Sarah said.

"I know baby." Severus said, "But I think that we should really get downstairs, I have to make a speech about your mom."

So Severus and his children went downstairs where everyone was, sitting and thinking about memories.

"Everyone, Shut up!" Severus's youngest son said, Bradon said. And as he said that they everyone did.

"Thanks Bradon, just like your mother, always telling people to shut it and listen." Severus started, "I loved her so much. I don't know what I'm going to do without her; I've had her next to me day in and day out for so so many years. She was from the moment I met her, my light. When I was going to do something that wasn't to bright she would always be there to tell me to listen to her, when I did I learned that she was a know-it-all. She did everything for everyone else, or she was thinking about how it would affect other people first off. But she also often thought with her heart and not her head. She never wanted the people she loved to get heart. She was such a brilliant teacher, wife and most of all mother. I love her so much and I'll never stop."

At that the Severus walked back up the stairs, because he felt a pain in his chest, he knew what it. He knew that he was going to see his wife that had only be deceased for two days. So the pain was nothing, he smiled as he lay down on the bed, picturing his wife's face.

"Hey sweetie." A seventeen year old Hermione said smiling, "It's only been two days. You better not have killed yourself!"

"Nice to see you too, and no I didn't, I had a heart attack." Severus said as he changed into his seventeen year old self, and went over and kissed his wife.

They walked together hand in hand, until Severus saw people he hadn't seen in years. He was then greeted by his parents, best friends, and his other parent.

"Told you that there was a heaven son." Ansley said, though he was looking like he did before he died. Severus came to the conclusion that people turn to when they were the most happiest.

"Hey buddy ole pal!" Sirius said in his twenty year old self (the year he became Minster of Magic).

"Hey Sev." James said, also in his seventeen year old self.

"Hello my little boy." Elizabeth said.

And Albus, he just hugged him.

"Get off my husband, Albus." Hermione joked as she pulled Severus into a kiss. 'Yes', Severus thought, 'This is heaven'

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