Warning: Shonen-ai

Pairing: Dark X Daisuke (Duh) and Krad X Satoshi (It's my sister's favorite)

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Japanese Terms:

Gomen – Sorry.

Sou - Really?

Konnichiwa - Good afternoon/Hello.

Sugoi - Amazing/Cool/Awesome.

Muse: Chapter Two

Daisuke stepped inside hi room, his home. Ever since he was little, Daisuke had been in and out of the hospital. He was very weak and sickly because of complications at birth.

His body couldn't fight diseases very well; even a cold could turn deadly. He wasn't allowed to leave the hospital much and he didn't have any friends. Daisuke went to school like everyone else, but he never tried to befriend any of the other students.

They'd just feel sorry for him and try to be his friend out of pity. Daisuke hated being pitied; he felt weak and like he was handicapped. Everyone that knew he was sickly treated him like he was made of glass, they were especially careful around him when they knew he had tried to commit suicide.

Daisuke was an orphan. His mother died giving birth to him and his father committed suicide a few hours later. Sometimes he hated his father for leaving him all alone. Daisuke felt as though he hadn't been good enough reason for his father to live; he felt as though his father hadn't loved him.

His father had preferred to be with his dead wife then with his living son. Daisuke had been tossed around from relative to relative. He hated them all. They were all after the fortune his parents had left him. Stealing his money was the thought of every relative he had encountered.

Only Daisuke though, was allowed to draw money from the bank account; a form also had to be filled out first to explain why the money was being withdrawn. Daisuke would only have to do this until he was a legal adult. This was to protect Daisuke's money from being stolen by greedy bastards, like his relatives.

When they realized that they couldn't steal his money, he had been dumped into a foster home. Daisuke was first placed in a foster home, he was ten, this was also around the time he had become a cutter.

No one knew about his problem because he always made sure to hide it. Daisuke became better and better at hiding his scars, as well as lying; he always had a believable story as to why there were cuts all over his wrists.

When he was fifteen, he decided to commit suicide. He was tired of always being alone and how everyone tossed him around like a rag doll; he felt as though no one cared. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your point of view, his foster mother found him lying in a pool of blood with his wrists slashed open.

He had been taken to Azumano Hospital immediately. The doctors saved his life and he had been removed from the care of his foster mother. Afterwards, Daisuke admitted himself into the hospital where he would spend the next year of his life.

Daisuke was constantly getting tests run on him and took several types of medication including antidepressants. Nurses were always checking his wrist to see if he had hurt himself and he was never allowed near sharp objects.

Being sickly made it even more dangerous for him to loose so much blood and have open wounds. Diseases were also more likely to enter his body if he had wounds. Everyone tried to help him as much as they could.

He was still very sad and lonely though. He still remembered when he first had cut his wrist; it had felt really good. He started cutting his wrist more and more, it got to the point where he couldn't stop.

Even though it felt really good and helped him realize his emotional pain, Daisuke knew it was wrong. That was why he had admitted himself into Azumano Hospital. He wanted to get better; he didn't want to be miserable anymore. Azumano not only treated the body, it also treated the mind. The hospital had a team of psychologists working for them to help their patients.

Daisuke thought of Azumano as a hospital fused with a psychiatric ward. Many people here were real nutcases. Daisuke had chosen this particular hospital because it was the only place, besides a mental institution, that could help him.


"Come in," said Daisuke.

"Konnichiwa sweetheart, I brought you sugar cookies, your favorite." (A/N: Sugar cookies are my favorite!)

Dark smiled at his "mom." Emiko was his doctor and psychiatrist, but was more of a mother to him. He called her mom, and since they were similar in appearance, everyone believed they were really related. She hadn't officially adopted him, but thought of him as her son anyway. (A/N: I know in the anime and manga Emiko really is Daisuke's mother but for the sake of the fanfics just go along with it.)


"Of course silly, now eat up, we have our session in ten minutes."

Daisuke liked talking to his mom. It was comfortable and he always felt a bit better after he talked to her. He felt as though she really listened when he talked and that she really cared about what he said. Daisuke held Emiko's hand as they walked into her office together.

Satoshi had calmed down considerably by the time the trio had left the hospital. You never would have guessed he had had a nervous breakdown just minutes before. Krad was fine and was grinning from ear to ear, probably because he had just gotten laid.

Dark insisted on driving both Satoshi and Krad home. Satoshi and Krad had taken it upon themselves to mercilessly tease Dark about Daisuke.

"What's the deal with the kid?" Krad asked Dark.

"W-what are you talking about?" Dark answered while trying hard not to blush at the memory of Daisuke. He couldn't understand why the topic made him so nervous. Satoshi, of course, caught Dark's stutter.

"Dark, did you just stutter?"

"NO! He's just a guy I met!"

Satoshi rolled his eyes at that comment. If it was just a guy, Dark wouldn't have stuttered and he wouldn't have bothered to introduce him to Krad and himself. Daisuke was more than "just some guy."

"Did you get his phone number?" Krad randomly asked Dark.

"Oh shit! I forgot!" Dark yelled.

"Too bad Dark," said Satoshi.

"Maybe you can ask someone at the hospital," suggested Krad.

"The hospital won't give confidential information away," said Satoshi.

"Did you at least get to make out with him?" Krad asked with a grin.

"Shut up!" Dark yelled at Krad.

"Try going back to the hospital, maybe he'll still be there," Satoshi suggested.

"He wouldn't still be there unless he was seriously ill," said Krad.

"Maybe he's one of the…special patients," Satoshi told Krad.

"I don't know…he didn't look like a nutcase," Krad said and looked at Dark.

"Daisuke is not crazy!" Dark yelled.

"Awfully protective aren't you, Dark?" Krad said.

"Whatever, now get out of my car," said Dark.

Satoshi and Krad got out of Dark's car and headed towards their apartment, which was bigger than most people's houses. Dark drove out of the parking lot and headed home.

"I'm home!" Dark yelled.

Dark knew no one would answer; he just did it out of habit. He had never gotten to the stage of a relationship where his lover lived with him, or even exchanged keys for that matter. There was no one waiting for him. He looked on the coffee table where he found a note.

Going to hang out with some friends, dinner's in the fridge.



Despite her youthful appearance, Towa-chan had been working for Dark's family for ten years. Dark suspected she must have had some sort of plastic surgery. There was no way someone that old could look so young. She had never told anyone her age and Dark suspected it was a secret she would take to the grave.

Dark had grown up with Towa-chan, and when he had moved out of his family's home, she had moved with him. She was more of a big sister to him than a servant. She was lots of fun too.

Dark didn't feel as lonely when Towa-chan was around, but she had her own life and couldn't always be with him. Towa-chan had her own friends and did her own things like any other adult.

Dark walked up the stair towards his studio. He did this every time he came home, even when he wasn't inspired to paint. He always wanted to be ready if a new idea hit him. Dark picked up his brush and arranged the paint bottles in no particular order. He finished by setting up a blank canvas and, to his own surprise, started to paint.

Colors, images, shapes, and shades just kept popping into Dark's mind. He couldn't stop painting. It was weird. For the past couple of months, every time he came into this room, he hadn't painted a single thing. He would just stare at the blank canvas, waiting for inspiration.

Today though, things were different. Today, he felt alive and as though he had to express himself through his art. By the time he was finished, it was six o'clock in the morning. He had never before spent so many hours strait painting.

Dark looked over his work; it was probably his best work yet. It reminded him of something…no…someone. Yes, the painting definitely reminded him of someone, but whom? Where had this new inspiration come from?





It reminds me of-


Dark barely had enough time to react as he was tackled to the ground by his maid who insisted on being called Towa-chan. The petite women clung to Dark's neck, not noticing the gagging noises her employer was making.

"Gah…choking…get…off…" Dark struggled to speak while attempting to remove his maid off his neck.

"Gomen, I guess I got carried a way," said Towa-chan apologetically. "I got a little carried away…anyway…what's this?"

"That's my new painting," said Dark while trying to regain his breath.

Towa-chan looked over the painting. It was beautiful yet, it was different from Dark's other paintings. This one was filled with more emotions than the rest of Dark's paintings. Then, it hit her.

"So Dark, who is it?" Towa-chan asked.


"Who's the person you were thinking of when you were painting?"

"No one!"

Towa-chan smirked. She would let it go for now, but she'd find out. She would find out who the person was that had finally stolen Dark's heart.