Warning: Shonen-ai

Pairing: Dark X Daisuke (Duh) and Krad X Satoshi (It's my sister's favorite)

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Japanese Terms:

Gomen – Sorry.

Sou - Really?

Konnichiwa - Good afternoon/Hello.

Sugoi - Amazing/Cool/Awesome.

Muse: Chapter Three

Risa Harada did not get dumped. She dumped guys; they did not dump her. Dark would come crawling back…HE WOULD!

We just had a tiny fight.

It's not over!

He'll call.

"He's not going to call," a voice interrupted Risa's mental ranting.

Risa stopped glaring at the phone and looked her twin sister, Riku, in the eye.

"He WILL call!" Risa snapped.

What does Riku know?

She's just…jealous! Yes, that's right.

Riku was the older of the twins. She was athletic, smart, generous, and a world famous tennis player. Riku loved sports and thought having a boyfriend was a waste of time. Risa was one of the world's top models. She'd even started a career as an actress. Even though they looked alike on the outside, the twins were VERY different on the inside.

"Risa, let it go. He dumped you, but so what? There are plenty of other guys out there," Riku said to her twin.

"Yeah right. You know who says that? People who have been dumped before! Me? I've never even been stood up! Dark WILL come back!" Risa shouted at her older sister.

"I get that you're upset Risa, but you don't have to bitch at me! Get over it! I'm only trying to help!" Riku shouted before storming out of her sister's bedroom.

You're such a baby Risa!

Riku always wanted what was best for her sister, but, sometimes, Risa was just impossible. Riku and Risa lived together in a huge mansion because they felt it would have been too lonely to live alone in such a big house. Riku never liked Dark. She thought he was the biggest pervert she had ever met.

The guy had had too many failed relationships; he was bad news. Riku felt Dark was the type of guy who couldn't make a commitment and would end up breaking her sister's heart. She never understood what Risa saw in the guy. Sure, he was good looking, Riku admitted, but that was it. Riku suspected Risa liked Dark for his looks and cash. Risa was like that. She could be so vain and superficial.

When Dark broke up with Risa, Riku had been relieved. Risa, though, had taken it very badly. She insisted the relationship wasn't over and refused to listen to anyone. Risa had even started stalking Dark a little…

She'd show up to the same parties Dark went to and the restaurants where Dark was having a meal. Risa would scare off any of Dark's dates and leave about fifty phone messages per day. Riku thought Risa had crossed the line into obsession, but didn't say anything.

All Riku could hope for was that Risa would give up on Dark. Risa did horrible things to people that hurt her. She never did anything physical, but there were ways of hurting people without touching them. If it didn't end soon, someone would get hurt.

Daisuke sighed as he walked to the hospital. School had been terrible. Everyone loved to pick on him. They all thought he was weird and creepy.

They don't know the half of it.

If they knew my past, they'd avoid me like the plague.

People at Daisuke's school weren't nice or very understanding. Everyone there was either a bully, or a weakling that couldn't defend themselves. Unfortunately, Daisuke was in the second group. Because of his illness, Daisuke wasn't very strong and therefore couldn't defend himself.

He couldn't tell his mother, she'd just worry. Daisuke just hoped for the best and tried to ignore all the cruel things people did to him. Sometimes, though, it was hard.

"Sticks and stones may hurt my bones, but words can never hurt me."

Whoever said that was wrong.

Words can hurt more than physical pain sometimes.

The things they said about him… They hurt a lot. Not a single person was nice to Daisue at school. It was a good thing Daisuke was going to graduate early; he didn't think he could stand that school any longer. There was only one good thing about today, Daisuke's mother told him she would have a surprise waiting for him when he came home from school.

I wonder what it is…

Daisuke decided to walk faster; he really wanted to find out what the surprise was. When the hospital was in Daisuke's view, he ran as fast as he could. Daisuke's mother always gave him the best surprises.


Not looking where he was going, Daisuke crashed into a nurse.

"Sorry!" Daisuke called out as he continued running.

Daisuke ran all the way to his mother's office. He slammed open the door and burst into the room.

"What's the surprise! Tell me!" Daisuke exclaimed.

"Well, maybe I don't want to tell you," Emiko teased.


"Since you asked so nicely, okay."

Emiko pulled out an invitation from her coat pocket. Daisuke's eyes bulged out of their sockets when he realized what his mother was holding. In her hand, Emiko had a personal invite to the opening of an art gallery. Daisuke had always wanted to go to an art gallery. Daisuke jumped up and down like a little kid. He hugged his mother tightly and expressed his gratitude.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Exclaimed Daisuke.

"You're welcome," Emiko told her son.

Daisuke couldn't wait for tonight.

Dark was bored. Usually his art galleries were always fun, but not tonight. It might be that usually, he was in the company of at least ten different girls. Every time Dark looked at a girl, though, he felt nothing towards her. There was always something wrong with every girl he looked at.

A red-haired girl smiled at him from across the room.

Too tall and her hair isn't red enough.

A blond winked at him from the punch bowl.

Eugh, not a blond.

A brunette attached herself to his arm.

Her eyes aren't big enough.

Dark removed his arm from the girl's death grip and walked away. None of the girls, or guys, for that matter, met his standards tonight. What those standards were, Dark didn't know. It was like he was looking for a certain person, but he didn't know who that person was.

"Having fun, Dark?" A voice asked behind him.

Dark turned around and scowled at Satoshi.

"No," he replied.

"Really? You haven't found a girl to attach yourself to yet?" Satoshi asked, with feigned surprise.

"Naw…they're all…too…too…I don't know" Dark sighed.

"Most of them are too tall, right?" Satoshi asked.


"The red-heads don't have dark enough hair, right?"


"Not enough boys."

"I could go for a guy…"

"And none of them are named Daisuke, right?"

"No, but there was a guy na-wait a second. Who said anything about Daisuke! Who's Daisuke? I have no idea what you're talking about! Leave me alone! You're annoying!"

Satoshi just shook his head and watched Dark walk away. It was rather entertaining to make Dark nervous; he could be so transparent sometimes. Even if he didn't realize it, Dark had been captivated by Daisuke. It was funny to see Dark deny his affections for the red-head, though.


Once again, Daisuke found himself on the floor.

What did I trip over this time?

This is so embarrassing…

"Um…could you please get off?" Asked a voice beneath Daisuke.

Daisuke was surprised that the floor was talking, until he realized he was sitting on top of a person. Daisuke immediately recognized him as the man he had met at the hospital. Dark too, recognized Daisuke.

"Daisuke, what are you doing here?" Dark asked.

Daisuke smiled at Dark.

"My mother was invited and she let me come," stated Daisuke.

"Oh…um…well…do you want to hang out?" Stuttered Dark.

"Sure!" Daisuke cheerfully replied. "This is the first time I've been to this sort of thing."

"Really? I've been to several."


Dark and Daisuke began to chat like old friends. Dark had never felt so comfortable around another person. It was nice. Everything seemed to become so much brighter with Daisuke around.

Risa Harada was not happy. She had planned to spend a nice evening with Dark, but instead, Dark was focusing all his attention on some…boy! She had even bought a new dress just for Dark, and what does he do? He completely ignores her and doesn't even acknowledge her presence! That boy was going to pay for taking away her Dark.


Yes, an evil Risa. Just wait and see what she does.