Title: Under an Iron Moon (5 of ?)

Author: Cyclone

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Spoilers: Up to the end of both series.

Disclaimer: The characters depicted herein belong to other people. I'm just borrowing them for a while.

Summary: Xander discovers he's not as normal as he thinks.

Author's Note: THIS is certainly a rare crossover. Credit goes to Yorath for his delightful input and some suggested scenes that will appear throughout this series.

Xander followed the explosions.

He had swung by the British embassy and dropped off the Judge arm with his Watcher contact there first -- it was too dangerous to risk taking near an enemy -- while Sailor Venus made a beeline for the fight her fellow Senshi were calling her in on.

Leaving Xander with no clue where to go. Until he heard the explosions.

Parking his car about a block away from the fight, he hoofed it the rest of the way, checking his weapons. He was lightly armed, with only a silver dagger, his Colt, and a sawed-off double-barrelled twelve-gauge. A good arsenal as long as he wasn't up against something armor-plated.

He stopped as he came in sight of the battle and came to the conclusion that he was decidedly underarmed. The eight-foot demon -- orange-skinned and with the usual array of horns and claws -- was weathering the storm of Senshi attacks with a disturbing level of nonchalance. He also didn't recognize the demon species, which only made it more difficult.

Xander looked around. There had to be something he could do.

"Sailor Mercury, anything?" Sailor Mars asked.

The blue-haired Senshi shook her head, "Nothing. Whatever it is, my computer can't get a solid reading on it."

"Deep Submerge!"

The youma shrugged off the attack, then turned and caught Sailor Uranus's wrist as she tried to swing her Space Sword in an overhand strike from behind. It grinned at her and promptly lifted her off the ground.

Swinging her over its head once, it hurled her at Sailor Neptune.


That was when a new factor entered the battle.

This is bad, Xander thought. This is very, very bad.

He had spotted the construction site near the battle and commandeered a cement truck. Not bothering with little details like finding a clear path, he had simply rammed through the wooden fence in a straight-line course for the demon.

The demon had turned in surprise. That was the good news.

The demon then braced itself and caught the truck, stopping it dead after moving only a few feet, tearing up the asphalt with its clawed feet. That was the bad news.

And now, it was leering at him through the windshield.

Well, at least there was something he could do something about that grin on its face. He plucked the sawed-off from the passenger side foot area where it had fallen when he'd rammed the demon and aimed straight at its face.

"Smile," he grinned and fired both barrels.

What happened next requires some additional information.

First, the demon in question was very strong, able to -- as had occurred moments ago -- stop several tons of cement and truck after only a few feet. However, it had to brace itself in order to do so. Without this bracing, it was not strong enough to win against a cement truck's powerful diesel engine.

Second, Xander never took his foot off the accelerator.

So, when the demon reacted on instinct, letting go of the cement truck's frame and grabbing its face as eighteen lead pellets shattered its face, the cement truck's massive engine overpowered it, ramming it into the opposite building.

"Oh, shiiiit!"


"Oh, noooo!"

"What?" Sailor Mars blinked at their leader in surprise. "He took out the youma. That's a good thing, isn't it?"

"That was my favorite ice cream shop!"

Sailor Mars groaned in exasperation. Sometimes, Usagi amazed her with her maturity, intelligence, and poise.

This was obviously not one of those times.

Xander groaned and clutched his head. On the plus side, he had only blacked out for a moment, and he was pretty sure didn't have a concussion. Yet, anyway, knowing his luck. On the minus side, he now had a splitting headache, and his eyes were watering.

"Are you all right?"

Xander turned and mentally catalogued the Senshi who had -- apparently -- ripped the cement truck's door off. Long brown hair in a ponytail, green eyes, green highlights on the uniform, pink bow, very... large...

Don't go there, Xander, he scolded himself as he shook himself out of it. He turned and reached toward the dash where the sawed-off lay, "Just tell me it's dea-..."

He recoiled just before grabbing the shotgun as an arm burst through the windshield. He scrambled out of the cab... and tripped.

"Um, hi."

Sailor Jupiter looked up at the hunk lying on top of her and replied dreamily, "Hi."

"Sailor... Jupiter, right?"

"Uh huh," she nodded, still mesmerized by the... closeness of the situation. He knows who I am! she crowed mentally.

For his part, Xander absent-mindedly noted that her... "assets" ...were entirely natural. Once he got through that thought, however, he remembered the ridiculously strong demon not five feet away and scrambled to his feet, offering her a hand up, which she took.

Mmm, nice and strong too, she thought.

It should be noted at this point that she was acutely aware of two major reasons she had very little luck with men. The first was that she was a fighter, and guys tended to be upset about women who could kick their asses. The second was that she was unusually tall, and guys generally had issues with women taller than them. This guy, however...


She blinked, "Huh?"

"I said, 'Get your pretty little ass moving and RUN!'" he roared, shoving her ahead of him as he ran.

Xander turned as the explosive charge he had placed on the cement truck's fuel tank detonated. The entire truck was in flames, but he was pretty sure it wasn't dead yet.

He sighed, "I lose more guns that way..."

"There's trouble."

"Yeeek!" the Senshi jumped.

Sailor Mars glared at the newest arrival, "Don't do that, Pluto!"

She ignored her. "Something is interfering with..." she trailed off. "Oh."

Xander blinked at her, "What?"

"It's you," she said. She looked at the other Senshi, "Nevermind. False alarm."

It was at that point that a roar drew their attention. The demon was now free of the burning wreckage, and its face seemed entirely healed.

Sailor Pluto raised an eyebrow, "A drenfrax demon. Armored hide, magic resistance, regeneration. No wonder you were having problems."

"'Drenfrax'?" Xander repeated, searching his memory. "Don't you have to hit it in the heart to kill it?"

"Yes," Sailor Pluto nodded. "Dead Scream."

The demon flew into the building, and Sailor Uranus took the opportunity, launching herself at it and impaling it through the chest with the Space Sword.


Sailor Pluto walked over to where her fellow Outer Senshi had fallen and bent down to pick up the Space Sword. "It helps if you know where the heart is."

"Right side, lower abdomen," Xander said, finally remembering the reference he'd run across as he slapped another charge on the demon's chest and rolled away.

The blast knocked the demon back again, and she calmly walked up and skewered it. "About where the appendix would be in a human," she said, nodding toward Xander.

Sailor Moon stared, "Okay, that was just creepy." She looked to the other Senshi, "Did anyone else find that creepy?"

There were nods all around. It should, however, be noted that Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter weren't really paying attention to what they were nodding to. Nor, for that matter, were Sailor Neptune or Sailor Uranus.

Xander looked at the newest arrival, who met his gaze resolutely. For a long moment, they looked at each other with respect, like fellow warriors.

"So, umm..." Xander said, breaking the silence and ruining the moment. "I don't remember seeing you in any of the files I read, so I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you're either Sailor Earth, Sailor Saturn, or Sailor Pluto."

She smiled faintly, "Pluto. There is no Sailor Earth." She inclined her head, "And it would be Sailor Terra if there were."

"Good to know," he replied.

She nodded, then turned, took a few steps, and teleported away.

Xander looked at the remaining Senshi and walked up to Tuxedo Kamen, "Look, I'm here as a representative of the New Watchers' Council." He reached into a pocket and pulled out a pen and scrap of paper. He scribbled something down and said, "I was sent here to investigate the demonic activity in the area and make contact with the Senshi and offer our assistance. Here," he handed the piece of paper to Tuxedo Kamen, "you can get in touch with me at that phone number."

"Uh, okay, thanks," Tuxedo Kamen blinked.

"Now, if you'll excuse, I'm gonna go make myself scarce before the media shows up."

Author's Postscript:

If anyone was wondering, I was several hundred miles away from my computer for the past three weeks, hence the lack of updates.