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Human in a Mutant World
by Dizi

Chapter 12

16 months later...

Jean made another pot of coffee and looked at the disaster area that used to be the kitchen. "I miss Jenny."

Scott hid his smile behind his coffee mug. "She's only been gone a week, Jean."

"And look how long it took for the kitchen to start looking like this! I am not going into the rec-room, and someone had better tell Warren to stop trying to pay people to wash his clothes." Everyone had gotten used to Jenny taking care of everything and it would take long time for them to start doing it all themselves again.

Bobby walked in shaking his head. "Nobody go to the lab for fear of you life. Hank's out of twinkie's."

"But Jenny left him with a huge supply!" Jean exclaimed.

"I have no idea what could have happened to them all." Bobby tried and failed to look innocent.

"Oh for God's sake. Scott, you better do something. I'm going back to bed." Both men watched her stomp out of the room.

"What's with her?" Bobby was still staring after Jean. "I've never seen her that way."

Scott calmly took another drink of his coffee. "She misses Jenny."

"It's not like she moved across country. She's about twenty minutes away." He said confused. "And it's not like everyone didn't know she was leaving. I mean she gave laundry lessons."

Once again hiding his smile, Scott replied. "Uh-huh. Too bad Warren didn't pay attention."

"Oh, he went, he just doesn't like doing laundry." Bobby smirked. "I paid attention and figure in another week he'll pay my price. I'm doubling Jenny's charge."

"I don't think Warren needs help finding a house."


"That's how Warren paid Jenny, he helped her find her house."

Bobby's eyes were wide. "Warren bought Jenny's house?"

Scott sighed. "No, he helped her find it. She didn't know how to go about it. So her deal with Warren was for him to find the house for her." It was a nice house too. Three bedroom, big backyard, couple trees, great kitchen - Jenny'd insisted on a good kitchen - all new appliances, living room and den, garage, it was a great house. Scott remembered how Warren had so much trouble finding what she wanted in the area she needed, and wondered if he'd had it built and not told her.

"How much did Charles pay?"

"Counseling. He started helping Jenny about a week after she hired on." Charles would come out pale and Jenny would be cheerful. If it wasn't so serious, it would have been funny. Scott wondered where this was going because it wasn't like these things were secret, Bobby should already know. The rest of the house did.


"She felt bad about her father's research not being of help."


"Took her to Harry's whenever she needed to work."


"Did his own."


"Something to do with that policeman that bothered her."


"Neither he nor Jenny said. Look none of this is a secret, why do you want to know?"

"She made me pay money! For each load! Why did I have to pay when they didn't?" he exclaimed.

"Did you offer her anything? She said in the beginning monetary or personal compensation."

Bobby stomped out of the room muttering under his breath.

Kitty and Ororo walked in as Bobby left. They both stared at the kitchen counters which were crammed full of dishes and so dirty you could hardly tell what color they were. Ororo sighed, "I miss Jenny."

"I know you talk about her all the time and I haven't met her, but..." Kitty looked around the kitchen again and gestured to indicate the whole house, "how good could she have been? I've never seen the mansion look this bad." Kitty Pryde had returned to the mansion along with Kurt Wagner and Piotr (or Peter as most called him) Rasputin the day before and they had all been shocked by the state of the mansion. Every room was like the kitchen.

Ororo just shook her head, unable to explain.

Scott had an answer though. "Jenny was good... is good. She's probably too good. Nobody had to do anything but barely pick-up after themselves and everyone got used to it. For six-weeks before she left, she tried to lecture everyone about what needed to be done when she was gone and no one listened to her."

"We kept hoping she would change her mind and stay." Ororo protested.

"She bought a house and talked of nothing for three months but going back to Harry's. Jenny was definitely leaving." Scott reminded her. "By the way, Bobby says Hank's out of twinkies and to stay away from the med-lab."

Ororo frowned. "Jenny told me she bought him ten boxes. He could not have eaten them all already."

Kitty laughed. "Well, you know how Hank is with twinkies."

"You do not understand. Jenny kept careful track to be sure she would always have enough on hand. As I understand, the most he goes through in a week is two boxes." Ororo frowned again. "Unless..."

"What?" Kitty was really curious about this girl. For over a year, whenever she talked to the Professor he got a dreamy look on his face and told her about something in the mansion having been cleaned. The attic, the chandelier, the library, and who all knows what else. Everyone else talked about their friend who didn't sound so great when you listened to them. All they said was she was wonderful but didn't really explain why.

"Unless Bobby stole them." Scott finished.

"Why doesn't he just get his own?" Kitty hadn't ever really spent much time with Bobby.

"Because he is Bobby." Ororo shook her head and sighed. "I am going to the garden. Come see me later, Kitten, and we will go to get our nails done."

"'Kay, see you." She waited until Ororo was gone then cleaned a mug, filled it with coffee, and sat down at the table with Scott. "Scott, tell me about Jenny. No one can seem to say anything but that she's wonderful."

"I'm not sure I can really explain either, Kitty." Scott looked at her thoughtfully. "A lot that we admire about her is some of the things she's been through. No one probably explained because you haven't met her and they felt like it would be wrong to tell you the secrets of someone to whom you're a stranger."

"So tell me something that's not so personal." she said exasperated. "She lived here for over a year surely there's something you can tell me."

"I suppose I can tell you about the first time I met Jenny." Scott said doubtfully. He barely understood what happened himself. "She was a waitress at Harry's, sort of, I'm not sure I understand the details but she was working there anyway. Bishop, Remy, Logan and Jubilee went there to play pool and some woman recognized Remy as a mutant and assumed the whole group was." Kitty nodded understanding, it happened that way sometimes. "The woman worked up the nerve to protest their presence with 'normal' humans and decided her best target was Jubilee. When the woman started yelling at her, Jenny came to her defense and a fight broke out. She almost lost her job because she was supposed to somehow prevent a fight."

"At Harry's? How was she supposed to do that? There's always a fight at Harry's." Kitty hadn't ever been there but everyone had heard about Harry's.

"I don't really understand that part myself," Scott admitted, "but she got to keep her job. I think it helped that I paid for the damages. There's not as many fights anymore."

"So, she got into a fight to protect Jubilee? Wasn't Logan there?" She was sure Scott had said he was. "Why didn't she let him take care of it?"

"That's what I mean, Kitty. Somehow Jubilee and Jenny became friends right away. Jenny saw her in trouble and just didn't wait. She knew Remy, Bishop and Logan was there, but she jumped in anyway. Bishop said he didn't know how she took the woman down, she should have taken Jenny easy. At the time Jenny was very shy and sweet." Scott refilled his mug and sat down again while Kitty thought about his words.

"What do you mean by 'at the time'? She's not so sweet anymore?" Kitty wasn't sure she understood half of Scott's story.

He shook his head. "She's not so timid anymore. She's very... well, I guess the word is upfront. Jenny tells it like it is. She's very kind and generous. She has some kind of strange friendship with Hank, won him over the first day they met."

"She wasn't put off by him? Or was he using his image-inducer?" Kitty knew how lonely Hank was. He hid it alot but everyone knew. Like Kurt, even alot of mutants were scared of him when they first met.

"When they first met he was using it, but later when he turned it off she didn't react at all. I think it threw him off." Scott smiled, thinking how he'd never forget the look on Hank's face that day.

The backdoor opened and a bleary eyed Logan walked in, going directly to the coffee maker and growled when there were no mugs beside it where Jenny had always kept them.

"I'll get you one, Logan." Kitty hurried to clean a mug for him. Logan without coffee was not a pretty sight.

Watching him Scott said, "If you say you miss Jenny, I might loose it."

"Why would I do that? She lives twenty minutes away an' I'll see her every time I go ta Harry's." Logan was evidently confused by the statement.

"Exactly." Scott was glad someone else understood.

Kitty filled the mug with coffee and brought it to Logan. "So, you know Jenny well?"

"Sure, jus' came from her new house. Helped Bishop put in some security an' gonna go back later ta help with the new furniture," he said casually. "But she doesn't have any coffee."

"That would be because Jenny doesn't drink coffee." Scott said dryly and frowned. "She's been living there a week without furniture or security?"

"Thought ya knew. Bishop, Remy and me been takin' turns stayin' with her an' helpin' paint an' stuff." Logan shrugged. "She said it would be a vacation after workin' here for so long. Shoulda seen her laugh when Remy told her what the place's lookin' like."

"She tried to get everyone involved in the housework before she left and they wouldn't listen. I don't know how she did it all by herself." Scott grinned. "I'll never forget the laundry lessons."

"That's 'cause ya didn't hafta go." Logan snarled at him. Lucky bastard had Jean to do his laundry.

"Jenny knew she was leaving for a long time. She never intended to stay permanently." Scott explained to a wide-eyed Kitty, laughing. "So she tried to prepare everyone for when she was gone. Bobby, Warren, Hank, Bishop, Remy and Logan had to get lessons in how to do laundry because she did theirs and wanted to make sure they knew how to do it right."

"I told her I know how to do laundry. Jus' liked havin' somone else do it." Logan defended himself.

"As I understand it the only ones who paid attention are Hank and Bobby." Scott continued. "Hank because she threatened to cut off his twinkie supply and Bobby wants to make money off Warren. Should have seen his face this morning when I told him how Warren paid her."

"You had to pay her to do your laundry? Wasn't she in charge of that stuff?" Finally Kitty was getting some information and this was what she got? Laundry lessons?

"She was in charge of the mansion, not everyone's personal stuff. She wasn't a maid." Scott explained. "But she was willing to do things like laundry for either money or favors. Bobby's the only one who paid money." He laughed. "Jenny kept waiting for him to offer a favor and he never caught on."

Despite herself, Kitty was getting more curious by the moment. "What did you do for her, Logan?"

"Took her ta Harry's when she needed ta work, do the books an' stuff. Was goin' anyway, so it was nothin'." He shrugged. "She was willin' ta do it, jus' didn't wanna get taken advantage of."

Scott went through the list of all the favors everyone had done for Jenny then asked Logan, "What did Bishop do? Something about the police detective?"

"The jerk was suppressin' evidence on that school she went ta an' he got the goods on him. Place got shut down an' Jenny didn't hafta testify. She was real grateful." He shook his head. "An' don't ask 'bout Remy. Neither of 'em's tellin'. Might be for blowin' up the photos." Logan grinned.

"I'm confused." Kitty shook her head.

"Jenny went ta a school where some bad thing's went down. There were some photos - which I'm not tellin' ya about so don't ask - and Gumbo blew 'em up. It was a fun night." Logan grinned remembering Jenny dancing around and cheering as each picture exploded. "If ya wanna meet her there's a barbeque at her house tomorrow night. Jenny said everyone's invited an' I was plannin' to drag the elf over ta meet her. Emma an' Sean's lettin' Jubes come down overnight an' Harry's closin' down fer the night ta be there, he's bringin' the beer."

"I planned on reminding everyone at dinner." Scott said. "Jenny wants to meet you and show off her house. Jean and Ororo wouldn't go over there before. They kept trying to get her to stay."

"When ya make yer speech tonight tell 'em not ta bring anymore moonpies." Logan grinned. "Every time someone goes over there they bring a box an' she says the pantry's full of 'em."

"Moonpies? I don't get it." Kitty looked from one man to the other, both grinning.

"Ya know how Hank is with twinkies? That's how Jenny used ta feel 'bout moonpies. Said somethin' 'bout marshmallow and chocolate bein' better than cream-fillin'. She and Hank used ta fight 'bout it 'til he realized that if he won he'd be sharin' his twinkies." His eyes twinkled mischieviously. "Then a certain someone started tryin' to bribe her with 'em an' she had so many she got sick of 'em fer awhile. Now, we jus' tease her 'bout 'em."

"Okay, I give." Kitty just had to know. "Who was it?"

"Warren when he couldn't find her a house and she presented him with a bill for all the laundry." Scott supplied.

"It was funny as hell 'cause he spent weeks talkin' her inta keepin' the money from her father jus' so he could help her get the house an' wouldn't hafta pay her to wash his clothes an' clean his room." Logan said and continued before she could ask. "Jenny an' her father didn't get along so she didn't wanna keep his money. So ya goin' tomorrow?"

"If you're sure she won't mind, I'd love to." Kitty was so curious she almost didn't care if Jenny did mind.

"Jenny specifically said to invite the three of you." Scott informed her. "She wants to meet you. I think she feels bad for leaving and having the mansion be a mess when you arrived."

"Yeah, she held off movin' out fer a month but she jus' couldn't wait any longer. The more she waited the more everybody thought she'd stay." Everybody meanin' 'Ro an' Jeannie, Logan thought silently.

"Looks like I'm going to a barbeque. Just one more question." Kitty again looked from Logan to Scott. "Why did Jenny leave? Didn't she like it here?"

Scott shook his head. He didn't have a good answer for that one.

"Ya know how ya said ya liked it in England but the mansion still felt like home?" Logan waited for her nod. "That's how Jenny feels 'bout Harry's."

Logan knocked on Kurt's door twenty minutes later. At his welcoming answer he said, "Ya finish unpackin' yet? Need yer help with somethin'."

"Ja, all finished." Kurt had just put the suitcases aside, thinking how he would need to find space in the attic for them. "I only need to put zese away."

Logan grunted. "That won't take long. Before she left, Jenny left space fer ya to put 'em when Chuck said ya was comin' back."

"She made space for our suitcases?"

"Hell, Jenny cleaned the whole attic awhile back. Donated a buncha stuff ta shelters. Took her more'n a week. When Chuck told her ya was comin' she jus' had ta shift stuff around."

Kurt was surprised because the attic had always been a place that everyone dreaded going to as it was so daunting trying to find anything or space for something else. "I am impressed."

"She's why I need yer help. Buncha us is gonna help put her furniture in her new house. Figured ya might wanna help. More a us there is, faster we get it done." Logan grinned. "An' ya'll get ta meet Jenny."

Kurt nodded and picked up his image-inducer. "I vill help."

"Ya don't need that. It's jus' Jenny." Logan gragged a suitcase. "C'mon, Petey said he'd help too. Everybody's meetin' out front an' we'll be done in no time."

Kurt considered and put the image-inducer in his pocket. Just in case.

Two cars full of X-men pulled up in front of Jenny's new house just as the delivery van was leaving. Men being the word as the women all went to get their nails done.

Remy and Bishop were already there. Bishop doing a double-check of the security system which would alert the mansion in case of a problem. Remy had his arm around a short woman with brown hair and was speaking to her in a low voice.

"I don't care!" She interrupted loudly. "He had no right to talk to you that way. I can have whoever I want here. It's my house! Who do they think they are saying you have to leave? They're delivering furniture not moving in!" Angrily, she pushed him away and stomped inside.

"What happened?" Scott asked as they walked up to Remy. He had an idea but wanted to hear the whole story.

"Bishop, he in de back when de truck arrived. De men look at Remy and dey say dey won' leave de furniture while Remy here. Jenny, she got mad and say she pay dem to deliver so dey deliver." He shook his head. "Dey leave de furniture but dey scratch de tables and break de dresser mirror."

Logan growled.

"She is mad about ze damage, ja?" Kurt deemed it a very understandable reaction.

"Non, Jenny upset 'bout dem insult Remy." Remy sighed. "Den Bishop come in and dey say somet'ing 'bout him. Jenny, she mad 'bout de furniture but more 'bout what dey say."

Peter and Kurt exchanged curious glances.

Everyone filed into the house. The living-room was full of furniture stacked haphazardly everywhere and looked like it could fall over any second. A lamp had fallen over and broken a window.

Jenny was on a wireless phone pacing while shouting into it. "Don't tell me 'as is', you jerk!" She snarled, obviously having been around Logan too long. "They weren't like this when I saw them, when I bought them, or when they arrived in the truck! Your people messed up my furniture and you will replace it! Tonight! Or the video from my security camera showing what they did will be sent to the evening news!" Jenny slammed down the phone. "Jerks!"

"Feel better, darlin'?" Logan asked in a deceptively calm voice.

"Don't start, Logan. I can handle this myself." She narrowed her eyes and said in a sugary-sweet tone. "And I'm feeling much better now, thank you. And you? Did you get your coffee?"

Logan's mouth quirked, but he didn't comment on the coffee he could smell brewing in the kitchen. "Brought ya some help ta put yer stuff in place." He gestured to Peter and Kurt. "Peter Rasputin an' Kurt Wagner."

Jenny shook their hands taking notice of them for the first time. "I really appreciate the help, I sure couldn't do all this myself." She gestured towards the back of the house. "Bishop might be awhile, he's checking the security again because of the jerk deliverymen."

The men all immediately went to work putting everything in place and assembling items as necessary. Hank worked on putting the computer together in the den. Scott put in the garbage disposal and fixed the window. Remy, Peter, Warren, Kurt, Logan, Bobby, and Bishop - once he was satisfied the security system was running properly - moved all the rest to the appropriate rooms. Except for the damaged furniture which went outside as Jenny said she didn't want the deliverymen in her house again.

Jenny seemed to be everywhere, excitedly chatting about what went where and why. She was running all over wanting to see everything go into place, or mostly anyway. Jenny kept finding herself watching Kurt. There was something about him that kept drawing her eye to him. She was standing in the doorway staring at him when Remy caught her eye, arched an eyebrow at her, and smiled knowingly. Blushing, she ran out, ostensibly to check on something else.

Kurt and Logan were putting the queen-sized bed in the guest room together when he couldn't wait anymore and asked "You showed her a picture of us, ja?"

"Huh?" Logan hadn't been paying attention, trying to figure out why there were more screws than there were holes for the bedframe.

"Jenny. You showed her a picture of me." He was sure Logan had to have donesomething, given her some warning. Her complete lack of reaction to his appearancehad roused his curiosity about her.

"Nope." He looked up, his eyes serious. "That's jus' the way Jenny is. Ask Hank."

Kurt shook his head. "No one reacts zat way without warning."

"Jenny does." Logan gave up trying to figure out the bedframe and threw the extra screw aside. "Look, Elf, Jenny's jus' that way. Think Hank's her best friend besides Jubes, but she don't get ta see her much. She's suffered fer her friendship with mutants - cain't really tell ya 'bout that, it's up ta her ta tell ya if she wants ta. But trust me, she don't care what ya look like. Do ya think I'da brung ya here if it was a problem?"

Kurt nodded thoughtfully. "Why didn't any of ze women come? She vill need help with more than furniture." He'd seen boxes of things needing to be put away. Linens, curtains, dishes, and much more that would need to be put in cabinets and closets.

"Think they're protestin' Jenny leavin'." Logan shook his head. "They'll be here tomorrow. 'Ro promised her and she won't break a promise."

Frowning Kurt tried to understand. "They didn't want her to get a house?"

Logan grunted. "They didn't want her goin' back ta Harry's. Seem ta think she could do better. Cain't understand it's what she wants."

"Harry's?" Kurt couldn't grasp it either. Jenny seemed to be much too nice to be in such a place. "She's leaving ze mansion to work at Harry's?"

"She's been workin' there for more'n three years now. Since 'bout the time I brung Jubes ta the mansion. Jenny'd never have left but she had ta 'cause she was underage. She's head-waitress there, but she does more'n that. Hell, she could probably run the place by herself. Harry says he couldn't get along without her anymore." Gesturing for Kurt to help put the box-spring on the bed, he said "Don't let her fool ya. Jenny's stronger'n she looks. She's had ta be."

They finished putting on the mattress while Kurt tried to read between the lines.

Before they left the room, Logan said. "'Sides, as Jenny says, she's got protection. She's got us."

They went to the kitchen for a cup of coffee to find Jenny getting out plates of moonpies and cups for all her hard workers. Music was blaring and she was dancing around as she worked.

"Can I help with anything?" Kurt gestured at all the boxes in the corner of the room, barely taking his eyes off her.

"Thanks, but I just finished. Those are empty." Jenny turned down the music and grinned at him. "Can I get you something before everyone else starts wandering in? There's plenty of moonpies." She said dryly. "And I have milk, tea, coffee, um, some of Logan and Remy's beer, and -"

"Coke." Hank finished walking in. "Jenny's preferred caffeinated beverage."

"Ah, it's my internet-connection specialist." Jenny went to the pantry and pulled out a stack of moonpies to get the box of twinkies hidden behind them. She kissed Hank's cheek as she handed them to him.

"Hey! Where's mine?" Bobby said, coming in right on Hank's heels.

She narrowed her eyes at him. "You don't get any. I heard what happened to Hank's supply."

Eyes full of amusement at the other man's reaction to Jenny, Logan nudged Kurt as everyone started coming in just as Jenny predicted. "Watch this. You'll see why Jenny's head-waitress at Harry's."

Jenny passed out everyone's preferred beverage and treat as they came into the kitchen, Kurt and Peter accepting the tea. Just like in the mansion and previously at Harry's, keeping eveything neat and tidy, the coffee fresh, eveyone supplied, and the ashtrays she put out for Logan and Remy empty.

Holding up his bottle of favorite beer, Logan told Kurt. "And she'll always remember ya prefer tea ta coffee. Like she remembers how Cyke there likes his coffee an' how Warren likes his eggs. That's part'a her. She might not see ya fer a year and when ya come in she'll remember what ya like."

Yellow eyes glittering, Kurt nodded his understanding and watched Jenny wipe off the counter again. He understood there was something about Jenny and was curious to know exactly what it was.

Watching him, Logan kept the amusement off his face. Jenny might have just made another conquest. His nose told him the elf was definitely interested in her.

Scott, Bobby, and Peter met the deliverymen when they came to replace the damaged furniture. Logan wanted to and was firmly overruled, Jenny reminding him she planned to live there for a very long time. Unfortunately, everyone else stayed in the kitchen so there were no witnesses as to what was said to cause Bobby to punch one of them. Scott and Peter weren't talking.

Once the replacement pieces were in place, the men took their leave, Jenny kissing each on the cheek as they left the house. Her eyes lingered on the jeep with Logan, Bishop, Peter and Kurt as it drove away.

Jenny then spent hours putting up curtains, making the beds, hanging pictures, filling the dresser, and doing all the little things that made the house her home. She wanted to get as much done as possible for when her guests arrived and didn't intend to do more tomorrow than cook and get her nails done to celebrate. She was thinking of something with alot of blue in the design.

Ororo arrived first with Kitty bringing gifts of several house plants. As they went through the house finding the perfect spot for each plant, Kitty and Jenny quickly found they both had an ability to chat about almost anything. Though Jenny did get a little nervous at first with the way Kitty kept watching her, she quickly forgot about it in the pleasure of showing off her house.

Soon her house was filled with X-men - both men and women this time - and she couldn't help remembering the first time she had a guest in her old apartment and how nervous she'd been. Jenny was feeling so comfortable now she couldn't imagine feeling that way again and realized how much she'd grown in the last year.

Harry arrived with the promised beer and left everyone to get their own, saying it was his night off. As a belated birthday present he gave Jenny a bottle of wine which Warren said was a good year, though Jenny didn't really understand what that meant. Harry briefly toured the house then planted himself on the patio with Logan. Surprisingly, he also spent alot of time talking with Charles.

Jubilee was excited to be there knowing a home of her own was Jenny's big dream. She was even more excited to learn permission had been given for her to spend the night and took a bigger interest in Jenny's guestroom.

Scott manned the barbeque grill borrowed from the mansion and everyone wandered around criticizing his cooking. Meanwhile, Jenny showed the ladies all her new treasures and told about the problems with the deliverymen, until he called that the rest of the food was done.

Ororo pulled Jenny aside waiting for the others to continue outside before making her apology. "I am sorry I did not come sooner, Jenny. I kept hoping not only that you would change your mind about leaving but also about using the money from your father to have your scars removed." She had been happy when Jenny had decided to keep the money thinking she would remove the scars. It had been hard for her to understand the house was more important to Jenny than removing the physical reminders of her past.

"I thought about it." Jenny admitted. "It was a hard decision to make, but this is what I've wanted more than anything since my parent's sent me away. A home, 'Ro, a home of my own. I couldn't pass it up, I just couldn't. Jubilee once said I had to learn to accept myself, and she was right. I also have to let others accept the real me, scars and all, because those are only the ones you can see.The scars are part of me now. " She smiled sadly."Even if they were gone they would be a part of me. I accept that. Other people will have to as well, until I can actually save the money for it." Jenny's eyes got a little dreamy as she looked around her. "But my house, 'Ro, my home, is more than I ever dreamed it would be."

Ororo put her arms around her. "I am sorry I did not understand how important the house was to you."

"It's okay." Jenny laughed. "It was almost better than the way my trio of protectors out there acted. Logan slept in the backyard night before last when I told him to go back to the mansion and let me enjoy my house. He said he wasn't leaving me alone until Bishop finished the security system. Should have seen his face when he found the coffee-maker yesterday morning and I told him I didn't have any coffee grounds. I've never seen anything so funny as him trying to sniff them out all over the house."

"Kitty said he was desperate for coffee when he came in." Ororo smiled. They all found it amusing the way Logan seemed to be addicted to so many cliched things like cigars and coffee considering his healing factor.

"What made it better was Remy brought the can of coffee when he came over not fifteen minutes after Logan left." They were both laughing as they joined the others for dinner.

After dinner the women all washed and dried the dishes before putting them away not letting Jenny help. They also found the rest of the boxes that hadn't been emptied and put the items away. Jenny didn't say anything knowing they were apologizing for staying away so long.

As the night came to a close and they started to leave, Jenny again kissed everyone's cheek as they left - except Rogue who received a careful hug. Remy, Logan and Kurt being the last to go.

Before leaving, Remy whispered something in Jenny's ear making her blush and carefully look away from Kurt.

Logan ruffled Jubilee's hair and promised to be back in the morning to take her back to Massachusetts.

Kurt held back, making sure he was the very last to go. Before Jenny could say anything, he took her hand and brought it to his lips, placing a kiss on the back, and promising with a twinkle in his yellow eyes, "I am sure ve vill see each other again soon, fraulein."

Jenny stared after him with a dazed expression, watching him get in the jeep. She looked up at a giggle from Jubilee.

"I think you found someone that can make you feel 'that way'." the teenager teased, grinning.

Jenny grinned back and down looked at her hand. "Maybe I have."

She watched the jeep disappear down the road.


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