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Here's another Callration fic for all of us HCR-ers out there :) The concept was just a little thing that came to me a while back lol Hope you like :)

Dsclmr - The only CSI things I own are T-Shirts, books, over-played DVDs, computer games...and the concept of this fic.

Dedicated to Eri (Who I was talking to while writing this); Rosanna (For Charlie ;) ) and Ste (For 'Vietnam!' 'Benny' and Thin Lizzy/Van Morrison :p )

'So what do we have?' Horatio asked, allowing the glass door to swing shut behind him as he entered the Ballistics Lab.

Calleigh turned to face her supervisor, 'The test was inconclusive. I couldn't find anything to suggest that this' She held up a .22 calibre 'was, or wasn't, your murder weapon. I'm sorry Horatio'.

'Hmm. It was worth a try. Thank you for your time'

'No problem. I'm just going to finish these reports and do some recreational shooting' she smiled at the thought of the cold metal in her hands for fun, not for work, not that it was any different with purpose. 'Miami seems to be behaving nicely tonight'

'That it does. Not many scenes to speak of'

'Calleigh?' A new voice asked from the doorway

'Hey Paula'

'Hi, erm, there's some people to see you at reception. They say their names are Junior and Ladybug?'

Without a word, Calleigh swivelled in her chair, jumped off and practically ran past Horatio and Paula, who facially shrugged to each other.


'Aunt Calleigh!' a young girl called as she ran down the hall to the bullet girl.

'Oh my lord' Calleigh said sweeping the smiling child onto her hip. 'Miss Amelia, what are you doing here?' she asked once the small blonde child had finished hugging her neck.

'Come to see you silly'

Calleigh's already large smile widened at the sight of her younger brother at the end of the hall. Quick-walking the distance, she drew him into a one-armed hug. 'Kenny! Oh my gosh it's great to see you!'

'You too sis' he beamed. Although he was taller than Calleigh, he was 3 years younger and with the family life she often craved. During their childhood, it was Calleigh who brought up herself, Kenwall Junior and their youngest brother, Charlie, while their parents searched for answers to financial and social problems in the bottom of a bottle. Kenny had always been a good child - helping around the 'house', taking Charlie to school, not letting their circumstances ruin his own happiness and that of his big sister. And now he was married! That part still took some getting used to for Calleigh.

'What are you doing here? Not that I'm not happy to see you...'

'Lynette needed some time to herself, so we thought we'd come and visit Aunt Calleigh, didn't we sweetness?' he asked his daughter, who was playing with one of Calleigh's earrings.

'And because Mommy ate my brother' Calleigh couldn't help but giggle at the 5yr old's reference to her pregnant mom.

'How are Lynette and my future nephew?'

'They're both great.' He said with a proud glint in his green eyes. 'Mom's taking good care of them'

'I bet' she chuckled. 'She taking good care of you?'

Junior nodded his reply

'and…herself?' Calleigh asked apprehensively, pretending to be more focused on smoothing down her niece's shoulder-length blonde hair.

'If you mean, 'Is she drinking again?', then no. She's still sober'

Calleigh met his eyes with a sheepish grin.

'What about dad?'

'He's sober…for the moment. He lapses every-now-and-again'

Kenny slowly nodded, 'Is that necklace from him?' he asked, gesturing to a jade pendant draped across her neckline.

Fingering the smooth surface, 'It was an...apology present'

'Calleigh, you cant keep doing that. He's not your responsibility' his voice grew concerned and tired.

'But he's our dad' she replied innocently

'Genetically, yes. But he hasn't been there for us emotionally, or physically, since we were kids'

'I cant just ignore him, Junior'

'I can'

'Let's not do this, okay? Cant we just enjoy your trip without arguing over our parental issues?'

Junior chuckled at the understatement of their 'issues', but nodded.

Calleigh looked past Kenny's shoulders to see Horatio walking towards them, his face to the floor as usual. How he knows where he's going, ill never know! 'Oo, there's someone I want you to meet.' She said to Junior, before calling Horatio over to the small crowd of Duquesnes'.

'Horatio Caine, this is my brother Kenny Junior and my niece Amelia'

Horatio shook Kenny's hand, reintroducing himself, before turning to the youngster who sat so naturally in Calleigh's arms. 'Hi there'

'Hello' Amelia smiled, 'I like your sunglasses'

'Thank you' he said, pulling them from his neck. He looked into them as if checking his reflection. 'I tell you what, why don't you look after them for me?'



'Thank you Hor-a-tio' she managed to say, her large smile gaining momentum as it chased its way to her ears. She carefully placed them around her eyes. They drowned her pretty features, but made her look even more adorable. 'Aunt Calleigh, will you take me to the beach so I can play with the glasses?'

'I've got to work now, Ladybug, maybe a little later?'

'Go now' Horatio inputted before Amelia's smile had chance to drop to her feet

'Are you sure?' Calleigh asked

'Of course, I mean, you said it yourself, you've only got reports to do, and ill page you if we need you'

She searched his eyes for any uncertainty, but saw only sincerity. 'If you're sure'

'Im sure'

'Then I will' She smiled, pacing the child back onto the floor but grabbing her hand. 'Thank you'

'Anytime. Now I'm going to go and drag Eric and Speed away from the Xbox, it was nice to meet you Kenny' he crouched down, 'and it was a pleasure to meet you, Amelia'

'Bye Horatio' her little head angled upwards slightly so she could keep her new glasses on

He smiled and stood to face Calleigh, 'Have fun' and with that he disappeared back down the halls.

'So that was Horatio Caine'