Other couples joined the dance floor as the band led into another song. Horatio and Calleigh remained central, unwilling to move from the intimate cocoon they had created for themselves.


'Thanks, you guys' Calleigh smiled, waving goodbye to the final guests to leave. Turning back to Horatio, she wove her arm around his stomach, as his arm rested across her shoulders. 'Are you sure you're going to be alright?' she asked Kenny.

'We'll be fine' he smiled, rolling his eyes, 'I promise. The cab's outside already, so we'll be back at the hotel in no time' He gently rubbed at Amelia's back, as she lay across his chest with her head on her daddy's shoulders. It had been a long day for the little Ladybug. Lynette joined them, wheeling Adam's pushchair.

'Night guys. It was a beautiful wedding' she brought Calleigh into a hug, then Horatio. 'Everyone's going to be so jealous back home!'

'Thank you so much for coming. If it wasn't for you guys visiting last year, this day wouldn't have happened, so we owe you a lot'

'You don't owe us anything…except maybe some cousins for these little ones' Kenny winked at his sister

Calleigh chuckled, closing her eyes 'See you guys tomorrow'

They followed Kenny, Lynette and the kids to the door, making sure they got safely into the cab, before closing the door and heaving a heavy, tired sigh.



Horatio brought Calleigh into a hug, resting his chin on her weary head. 'I love you, you know?'

'I do know, and I love you too'

'Just checking' he smiled, placing a kiss into her silken hair.

'So now what?'

'Now we start the rest of out lives'

A/N - Thanks again to everyone! Love to all! x