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Watashi wa Sakaki-san desu.

It hasn't rained in nearly ten years; the Earth is drying up. Water is rationed to human settlements from the government and its gigantic stores. Most settlements are for food production, the majority of the food going to those in power. The farmers are often poor. The rest of the settlements are for the army.

The Alpha Class, the wealthy class, run the world now. Japan was just the beginning for them. Their blue-clad army, warmly referred to as the Merchants, guard the water supplies, and fight those who oppose the Alpha regime. The Rebel Army are fighting for the water to be free. For people to have a real chance at life without paying through the nose for their water. Pay with your land, your food, your children, and your blood. There's nothing left for us to lose.

Rebels, as we are known, steal water from the Alpha. Commander Kenshin, leader of the Rebel Army, says we must take down Alpha. Once they are destroyed the water will be free again. I know the gap in his logic. And I also know the reason behind it.

The desert stretched away in every direction. Hundreds of kilometres of orange sand, broken only by the Rebel Army Guardhouses. The old farmhouses were evenly spaced all along the edge of the Wasteland, protecting the Main Base hidden in its depths. Each house had its own shed and was able to see another house on either side. Yomi-san stood in the scant shade of her guardhouse shed. Each shed housed three jeeps and four desert quad bikes, with an underground room full of the required jeep and bike supplies.

Two automatic weapons were on Yomi-san's waist and two more strapped to each thigh. A thick helmet covered her long brown hair, these days worn in a thick plait, with special goggles to go over her glasses sitting on the helmet's top. A scarf was loose around her neck. Yomi-san was a captain; she wore a dull black breastplate with upper and lower arm guards. Thigh plates were also for her protection; the dust covered desert boots were covered with lower leg plates, all standard issue for a Rebel Army soldier.

Despite the fact that she was breaking several rules to have her private moment, Yomi-san sighed happily. Peace and quiet; too bad we don't see much of it.

"Captain Yomi-san! Yomi-san!" Tomo-chan shouted, running out of the house flailing her arms. Her uniform was identical to Yomi-san's, only red; Tomo-chan was a Second Lieutenant.

Irony. Crap. Yomi-san rolled her eyes. "Yes, Second Lieutenant?"

"It's, Major Sakaki-san, and, Second Lieutenant, Chiyo-chan," Tomo-chan panted, bending over to put her hands on her knees.

"What about them, Lieutenant?" Yomi-san said crisply.

"They haven't, come back from patrol yet, captain," Tomo-chan wheezed, getting her breath back slowly.

"How long have they been gone?"

"Three hours captain." Tomo-chan stood straight, still breathing heavily.

"Shit, that's an hour too long. Why did you run all the way out here? You could have used one of the jeep radios to tell me." Yomi-san placed her hands on her hips. Tomo-chan sagged, a sweat drop appearing on her head.

"Never mind. Where are all the others?"

"Uh, Lieutenants Chihiro-chan and Kagura-san are resupplying at Main Base, due for return in two hours. Second Lieutenant Kaorin-san and Lieutenant Kasuga-san are inside, itching to get out on patrol. They were confined until today due to the unfortunate incident involving the oil can and torch, remember?"

"Yes, I remember," Yomi-san replied dryly. "Get on the jeep radio now and get the Lieutenants back from Main Base immediately. I don't want just two left inside for long." Tomo-chan bowed quickly and went inside the shed.

Yomi-san heard the crackle of the radio. Setting her jaw, Yomi-san pulled down her goggles and tightened her helmet strap before striding into the shed. She leapt into the jeep Tomo-chan sat in, modified like all the others with a shell over their heads and weapons and food strapped to the insides.

Yomi-san turned the key in the ignition and threw the jeep into gear. "We're beginning the search." Yomi-san said as she reversed and pulled her scarf up over her nose and mouth simultaneously.

Tomo-chan didn't pull her scarf up quick enough before sand flew into her face; she wailed as Yomi-san sped off along the sand.

Wincing as she regained consciousness, Major Sakaki-san recognised the gritty feeling of sand on her face. Gently she closed both hands and grabbed sand. "Ungh," Sakaki-san mumbled. Remembering her duty she sat up and opened her eyes. Slowly the major did an internal check; nothing hurt bad enough to be broken. She quickly looked over her black armour. A red dragon was painted on her left upper arm guard, the Major insignia. A few metres away lay her jeep, rolled onto its side. Looking at the ground between her and the jeep Sakaki-san saw sand had sprayed away where something heavy had slid quickly across it. Raising one eyebrow at the sand, she sighed. "That would have been me. Next time, I wear my seatbelt."

Looking over at the jeep Sakaki-san couldn't see the passenger side; she craned her neck to see. "Second Lieutenant Chiyo-chan? Can you hear me?" Sakaki-san called. The silence of the desert met her ears. Carefully the major got to her feet, no easy task as she had grown again since high school and was six foot three. Walking around the side of the jeep the passenger seat was empty. "Chiyo-chan?" Sakaki-san shouted, abandoning all forms of military address. "Chiyo-chan! Where are you!" the major looked around the flat desert, with nothing to be seen in any direction. Looking at the ground there were no tracks; the wind was strong. She began to panic.

Straining her ears, Sakaki-san listened hard. The wind stirred the loose sand grains and her fringe. Her braid was becoming frayed, and the wind played with her hair as it moved. Sakaki-san ignored it. Softly, on the very edge of her senses, she heard something. Holding her breath, she heard it again; a cough.

"Chiyo-chan! Chiyo-chan!" Sakaki-san called, turning wildly.

"Major!" the younger woman called hoarsely. Sakaki-san walked toward the voice, her heart in her throat. Suddenly the dune dropped away vertically; Sakaki-san slid awkwardly down its side, holding her breath.

When she'd stopped sliding, Sakaki-san saw Chiyo-chan's slumped tiny form a few yards away. With a low cry Sakaki-san crawled to her comrade, using all her will power to keep tears from her eyes. Roughly she embraced Chiyo-chan, their armour clashing. Chiyo-chan bore a black dragon on her red armour; she was one step away from becoming a captain at the age of twenty-three. Chiyo-chan giggled as she returned the fierce hug.

"Hello Major Sakaki-san!" she said cheerfully. Sakaki-san sat back and gripped Chiyo-chan's small shoulders.

"What happened?" Sakaki-san asked, still smiling gently. Chiyo-chan's fringe had fallen in her eyes; Sakaki-san's gloved hand pushed it away gently. Chiyo-chan's reddish brown hair fell in two low ponytails on her shoulders now she was a soldier.

"Our jeep rolled, and I couldn't wake you up. I wanted to see how far away we were from the guardhouse, but I didn't see the dune and I slid down like you did just now," Chiyo-chan's eyes grew huge and filled with tears. "I'm so sorry, I never should have left you, Major!" her lower lip wobbled threateningly.

"No, worry about it later, ok, Chiyo-chan? For now, let's get you back to the jeep." Sakaki-san smiled, and helped the younger woman, tiny by comparison, to her feet. A long crack on Chiyo-chan's breastplate stretched from shoulder to opposite hip. She sighed as she saw it.

"Looks like I'll need another one," Chiyo-chan's shoulders sagged, and sagged further as she saw the massive dune.

"Come on, I'll piggyback you," Sakaki-san offered. Chiyo-chan giggled. The larger woman easily hoisted Chiyo-chan onto her back. Chiyo-chan's body weight and the weight of her armour barely affected the strong and athletic major.

A few yards away from where Sakaki-san had fallen, the dune began to level out. From there she started the still difficult walk. Her legs pumping quickly, she quickly reached the top and gently lowered Chiyo-chan. The captain-to-be was laughing.

"It's been ages since you gave me a piggy-back ride, Sakaki-san!" Chiyo-chan grinned and tilted her head to the side, eyes closed. Sakaki-san blushed. Only you can get away with that, she thought to herself, walking to the jeep's radio. She turned the receiver on; no signal. Sakaki-san tried again and again, and each time nothing happened. Frowning, she walked around and around the jeep, looking for the reason why it had rolled so suddenly. The now flat sand revealed nothing. Strong winds had blown away any sort of evidence.

"Shit," Sakaki-san sighed. "Right, Second Lieutenant. We unload this jeep, get the compass, and head back to the house."

"Hai!" Chiyo-chan nodded, her small face determined. Together the old friends removed the shell covering the jeep and loaded it with the weapons, food and water usually strapped to the inside of the vehicle. Taking a sip from a drink bottle, Sakaki-san wiped the top and handed it to Chiyo-chan. As Chiyo-chan drank, Sakaki-san lashed ropes across the supplies in the shell to keep them secure, and held the two ends of the rope. Handing one to Chiyo-chan, the two women began the long trek back to their guardhouse.

After they'd walked barely a hundred yards, their jeep exploded.