When Kakei met Saiga

Disclaimer: All right. Well, someone had to do it. I can't believe we fellow writers haven't written anything for the bishie and his darling lump of fish. And they're actually a couple. Well, here it goes. Kakei and Saiga are in college.

Chapter 1: The Almost Inauguration

Ahh, Tokyo University. Kakei looked up into the clock situated near the very top as the wind blew around him blowing his hair into his face and making the leaves in the trees rustle. Today was the day for the student inauguration ceremony.

Unfortunately, the new student didn't know where to find the Koshiba Hall. He closed his eyes slowly, his head still in the direction of the clock. He could see himself asking a girl to his left where it was.

Not a bad idea… He thought to himself looking over to see that the girl in question was parking her bike and taking off her helmet. She was pretty with short hair tied into two ponytails on the side of her head.

"Pardon me," He said to the girl.

She looked over at him and smiled, her eyes were a warm blue, "Oh, hello! Are you a freshman?"

He nodded, "Could you tell me where the Koshiba Hall is?"

Her name was Chiaka and she offered to take him there herself. When they finally reached the hall, through the main hall and down a set of stairways, he thanked her and she took off. She said she'd be happy to show him around again if he ever happened to pass her.

"I'll be sure to do so," He said stepping into the room.

It was only half-crowded. Kakei assumed that most of the other students hadn't found the hall either.

About a half-hour later, the festivity began. Kakei listened politely to the President's speech and then, he watched in interest as he turned the microphone over to a senior boy with big dark sunglasses.

"Now a message from one of our top seniors, Saiga Shunichi.

Kakei stared at him with more interest than he had shown during the President's speech. He was quite burly, but…

"WELCOME FRESHMAN!" The boy screamed into the microphone. The President covered his ears and looked like he was about to faint.

"TODAY IT THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE!" He walked over to the president and slung his arms around him, "Me and Mr. President here would life to congratulate you on making it through the Center Test and being accepted into this fine school!"

Kakei laughed inwardly. He had never seen someone so…energetic.

"Now it's time to bring up a member of the audience!" Saiga said squeezing the President. Kakei pouted a little, poor President looked like he was going to die any second now.

"YOU BOY!" Saiga exclaimed pointing at Kakei and finally letting go of the president. He collapsed to the ground.

Kakei pointed to himself as a random spotlight appeared over him. "Err, me?"

"YES YOU! Get up here!" Saiga said smiling.

Kakei obeyed. He walked down the steps to join Saiga on stage.

"Hey! He's cute close up. Now what's your name?"

"Err," Kakei started a little taken aback, "Kakei, Aiji."

"Well Kakei-chan, you win the award!" Saiga said clapping. A few confused seconds later, the audience began to clap as well.

"The award for what exactly?" Kakei asked Saiga.

Saiga threw back his head and laughed. People all around them still clapped as he said into the microphone, "For being the cutest person off-stage of course!"

An abrupt fall in the clapping led to a stunned silence. Kakei even blushed a little.

"Excuse—" Kakei began, but the president woke up from his daze and cut him off.

"MR. SAIGA!" He exclaimed throwing off his associates and pointing an accusatory finger at Saiga.

"What?" Saiga asked turning around and offering the microphone to him.

But then, what came out of the president's mouth rendered the microphone quite useless, "YOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN BY YOUR CLASS TO REPRESENT THE SCHOOL! NOT MAKE IT SOME OUTPOST OF YOUR ENTERTAINMENT!"

Saiga grabbed Kakei by the shoulders and shook him in front of the President. Kakei's glasses were slipping. "But he's so cute!" He turned to the audience not caring about how dazed Kakei was, "Don't you all agree?"

The freshman body clapped loudly. Well, mainly the girls clapped loudly, but the boys clapped half-heartedly.

"See?" Saiga said turning back to the President.

Hot water seemed to be seeping into the President's face somehow because he didn't look to pleased, or as…well, he wasn't in any type of reddish hue before.

"You…!" He stomped off leaving a very pleased Saiga. Kakei came out of his state just in time to hear the president saying, "Just another year…just another year…just another YEAR!"

"Well Aiji-kun, I hope we'll be seeing more of each other soon!" Saiga said, dropping him. Then, he ran off in the other direction of the stage, leaving Kakei and the other freshman to be confused.

I hope so too…Kakei thought to himself and smiling after the big lumbering figure that was Shunichi Saiga.

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