(Intro written by Amaya. Read the next chapter after this before deciding if you hate us or not.)

OOOOOO AN INTRO! (it's actually important to read, so don't skip it you asses!)

What now!

Well as most should know by now, this is a some what twisted fic. That is some what a cross between Juvenile Orion and Weiss Kreuz, but most of it takes part in Weiss.

Ok! Explanation of characters:

First off, the extra characters in this fic are actually ourselves….you see everyone that sits at the lunch table called "The Nuances of Toast" (don't ask, I don't know where it came from) are a tid-bit insane. But anyway here's the list of characters,

Amaya: a Dark Lore she like Kaname, and in the Weiss universe, likes Omi. She tried to kill Michiko once. (has a scar on her right shoulder from Michiko's attack from her bling bling cross of DOOM) When she's in full-fledged Dark Lore mood, she's very sadistic and loves to kill.

Michiko Izumi: A teacher in Juvenile Orion, has a thing for older guys, that's why she like Tomonori in JO. And in Weiss, it's Yohji. Amaya and Michiko used to try and kill each other, literally. (she has a scar on her shoulder from where Amaya had gotten a hold of her) She has one room-mate in her El-cheapo apartments, and that is Yori, the cat.

Rainbow: Rainbow and Amaya started the whipped cream fetish. If there's a hot anime/manga guy around, they'll be sure to be covered in whipped cream. She has Naoya in JO and is battling for Ken in Weiss with Bono. She some how turns into super-smart Rainbow of DOOM when problems need explaining. And it just randomly happens.

Bono Von Bono: He's a prince from and obscure European country. You never really learn what country it is, just that he's from Europe. In JO, he has Isshin. In Weiss he fights for Ken, like I said above. He has a can of Cran-apple from Minute Made named Bev., for a spiritual advisor.

Cyrano: A Dark Eraser (half Dark Lore, half Eraser.) She has Tsukasa in JO and is chasing after Aya in Weiss. They're both pretty insane. She's a cannibal though, well kind of. She has a huge obsession with J-Rock. (Japanese Rock for those who are under-educated) Some of the bands she likes are Dir en Grey, Malice Mizer, Mois dix Moi, and Schwartzstein.

Oh, yes, nosebleeds tend to happen to us when a hot anime guy is near by. Nosebleed usually hints at dirty thoughts, or just the thought of a hot guy.

Mystery Science Theater (MST) is just funny and Yohji does seem like the guy who would like that, and Michiko does really like it. I mean come on, it's hilarious. A mistie is a fan.

Well that's all for the intro, and if you want to understand the fic, YOU HAVE TO READ IT! SO NO EXCUSES, ALL RIGHT!

Sorry ;; but anyway, please enjoy, and no flames. They're mean.