After the Weiss.

Damage Control by Michiko Izumi

During this whole vacation, the original cast of Juvenile Orion was going on with their own lives. Well, sort of. Ok, maybe not. Ever since the day the Nuances had left, they had found themselves in an inexplicable funk, and, being the expressive, close, caring and sharing, broad-minded, non traditional guys that they are, not one of them would tell the others that he missed the Nuances for fear of being branded a pansy.

So that was why Isshin, Kaname, Naoya, and Tsukasa were sitting around Isshin's room, trying to act as though they didn't all feel like the universe was falling apart. Then 'Mr. Bright side' came on the radio.

"It started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this? It was only a kiss, it was only a kiss..."

"Turn the radio off!" Kaname wailed, curling up like a shrimp.

Isshin had actually just turned it up. "But I like this song."

"Now they're going to bed, and my stomach is sick, and it's all in my head..."

Clamping his hands over his ears, Kaname started screaming, "Turn it off! TURN IT OFF TURN IT OFF!" to drown out the part about him taking off her dress.

Naoya poked him a few times. "What's gotten into you, man?"

"I just can't look, it's killing me. They're taking control..."

"FLOOM!" One well placed energy ball from Tsukasa, and the radio had sung its last pop song.

Isshin gaped at the burn mark on his dresser, then at the usually mild mannered boy responsible. "Tsukasa! What did you do to my radio?"

"I don't feel like listening to that song right now either. Now, let's do something else, shall we?"

This is the kind of few days they had. Then, one morning, they just started feeling happy again. Or, as happy as they get. The little band must have gotten over missing the Nuances.

That's what they thought. Actually, the Nuances had returned to Juvenile Orion, which meant that the universe had returned to its natural order, which the guys could, of course, sense. They're very sensitive to disorder in the universe.


The Nuances smiled as Rainbow drove them back into city limits. Soon they had hit a serious traffic jam, but even that didn't ruin their good mood. In fact, it gave Amaya time to make a very important vow to secrecy with the rest.

"Ok, everybody put your hand on mine..." She stuck her hand in the middle of the car, and the others followed. "And repeat after me. What happens in Weiss Kreuz, STAYS in Weiss Kreuz."

"What happens in Weiss, stays in Weiss." Everybody repeated dutifully.

They cruised around town, dropping Cyrano and her stuff off at the dubious looking bar that was Yakuza (Japanese mafia/Cyrano's employers) headquarters, where she met up with her other band of friends, the ones the Nuances didn't know to well. The last they saw her, she was waving about a piece of clothing she had fought off twelve fans to get when one of the singers at the concert hurled it into the crowd.

They planned on stopping by the kennel to pick up Bono's siblings before heading back to his apartment, but instead they ended up picking up Isshin off the side of the road and going straight to Bono's. He assured them that he would retrieve the little ones later.

The mysterious Rainbow would tell no one where she lived, so she was going let Michiko and Amaya out at their apartment (they share one, ever since an incident involving an janitor's closet, a pot of coffee, and a very young transvestite, but that's another story), then take the car back to the rental place.

I should point out that she didn't do that, exactly. She swung by Naoya's place and they went joyriding. But the car did eventually end up where it belonged, at that's what matters.

Amaya watched as Michiko skipped towards the stairs, not encumbered by her heavy suitcases at all. "Michiko, you seem... different."


"Like, I dunno, cheerful." It was true. Michiko was normally very angsty and stressed.

"I feel great. Do you realize that I haven't gotten hurt at all since we got back to our universe? I'm all safe!" she squealed, certain that the author had stopped beating on her alter-ego. She was prancing ahead of Amaya when she spotted Tomonori going up the steps, clearly not noticing them. Michiko put a finger to her lips to tell Amaya to be quiet, snuck up on her neighbor, and grabbed him from behind before Amaya could stop her.

"BooOOF!" The author felt a little regret as Tomonori, without turning around, elbowed his assailant in the stomach and pushed the unfortunate Nuance over. If Rainbow was there, she probably would have stood up for Michiko against the obviously masochistic author. But Rainbow wasn't there, having just entered a demolition derby with the rental car, so it looked like Michiko was just going to have to stop being such a tempting target.

Amaya cringed as her friend toppled down the stairs and rolled into the wall, followed by a suitcase dropping on her already tender ribs.

"Michiko? Are you ok?"


"I suppose we should have seen that coming," Amaya sighed, heaving the suitcase off her friend and rounding on the slightly disoriented priest who just came running down the stairs. "WHAT ON EARTH IS WRONG WITH YOU? DON'T YOU KNOW NOT TO RANDOMLY TOSS WOMEN DOWN STAIRCASES?"

"Amaya? Is that you? I thought you weren't getting back until... Michiko? Are you Ok?"


"No, I just get attacked enough to be suspicious of people ambushing me."

"Michiko is going to DIE, and THAT'S your excuse?"

Michiko, who wasn't hurt very badly, had stood up a long time ago, and was dusting herself off and watching the argument with sardonic amusement. Finally, she became concerned that they would actually try to hurt each other if she didn't stop them, so she decided to speak up.

"Well, don't worry about me. I'll hobble my way to the hospital." When they persisted quarreling, Michiko picked up her suitcase and skipped up the stairs to her apartment. She turned around before unlocking her door, her good mood not effected. "Eh, at least the cat will be glad to see me. AMAYA, SHOUT IF HE TRIES TO KILL YOU, OK?"


After the Nuances had left Weiss, two Halo buddies met online to chat. Here is the transcript:

IANUMFTTT: hey, i'm sorry i'm couldn't make to our last game.

FreesiasofDarkness: no prob. we had company andi couldn't get on either.

IANUMFTTT: yeah,i had to work late.

FreesiasofDarkness: god,i hate it when that happens.

FreesiasofDarkness: wait,i didn't know you had a job. what do you do?

IANUMFTTT: i'm a member of an evil organization working towards causing the end of mankind and civilization.

IANUMFTTT: couldn't make it because we kidnaped a bunch of girls, but they got loose and tied us up in a back alley and I had to use my mad psychic powers to get us free :-)

FreesiasofDarkness: LMAO

FreesiasofDarkness: well, can't beat that... um... oh,i finally started reading that juvenile orion series.

IANUMFTTT: YES! don't you just love it?

FreesiasofDarkness: can't say yet. my bros stole it from me and won't give it back. bastards. they tease me because I still wet the bed.

IANUMFTTT: that's nothing. sometimesi think about boys and touch myself.

FreesiasofDarkness has logged off


Several days later, several random Nuances/Juvenile Orion boys were hanging out at Michiko and Amaya's place because they couldn't think of anything else to do, and they happened to decide to watch some old reruns of Weiss.

"That shirt Omi is wearing looks..." Kaname paused for the right word.

"Hideous?" Rainbow volunteered.

"I was going to say familiar, but yeah, that too."

"I dunno. It would be pretty cute... on a girl," pondered Naoya.

Kaname was still squinting at Omi. "Hey, Amaya, isn't that your shirt he's wearing?"

"HAHA! OF COURSE NOT! How could a cartoon character have gotten a hold of MY shirt?" Amaya laughed a little too loudly. She had hated that shirt. She wasn't even sure why she had packed it in the first place. And, come to think of it, she wasn't sure where it was now.

"Well, duh. I just meant it looks just like one of yours. What ever happened to that shirt, anyway?"

"Oh. I threw it in the poor. I mean, gave it to the garbage, I mean... I got rid of it."

"Hmm. Weird coincidence, huh?"

"It sure is." Rainbow flashed a huge, fake smile and changed the subject, much the Amaya's relief.


At their next official meeting, the Nuances looked up wormholes on the Internet.

"Hey, here's a map of them. See, here's the one to Weiss Kreuz, that we drove into. And there's one right here in town. What's FMA stand for?" Bono asked, surfing the web for explanations to the strange phenomena their vacation had been.

Rainbow and Amaya smiled at each other. "Ed," they whispered simultaneously in creepy stalker voices. Bono didn't notice as they bent over him to get a better look at the map.

"It stands for Ed?" he asked blankly.

In a military base, maybe not so far from you or me, Edward Elric was enjoying a hotdog when he abruptly stopped, shuddered and looked up at Roy. "I just felt a chill pass through my very soul," he said to his companion.

The black haired youth waved his own hotdog dismissively. "Yeah. Oscar Meyer will do that to you."