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Prologue: Genesis of an Adventure


In the beginning there was nothing. Null ruled, but out of nothing came something. Twelve beings came from the null. They were the Founders. None knew from whence they came, not even they knew from where they came from. All they knew was that they looked around them and saw a tragedy of nothingness. The twelve each had a special attribute to them. The two most powerful were Kyoui of Miracles and Hiun of Fate. Next to them in power were the Founders Hikari of Light and Kurayami of Darkness. Yuubou of Hope was the third in strength and below him were the other seven guardians, Dokyou of Courage, Ravu of Love, Chishiki of Knowledge, Kouyou of Friendship, Tonkou of Sincerity, Shunin of Reliability and Kankou of Kindness.

The twelve worked together to build a world. They made plans to use the energy of close parallel worlds to create a world from discarded fragments of one of template worlds and giving those fragments life with the powers of the other worlds. It was a difficult task and one that seemed impossible. The world they created would not stay together and it collapsed.

The great Founders were dismayed by their creation's instability and collapse, but two of the Founders divined a way to hold their precious world together. The Founders Kyoui and Hiun gave the ultimate gift to the world they created. They gave themselves. They expended the totality of their energies to stabilize the world and build bridges between their world and the two worlds they used as a template, the Human World and the World of Dreams. The two Sacrificial Ones, before their sacrifice, left the Founders in the shared control of Kurayami and Hikari. The two of them divided the remaining Founders into two teams so that they may start creating denizens of their new world, their new Digital World. The Founders that worked with Hikari were Dokyou, Ravu, Chishiki and Yuubou. The Founders that assisted Kurayami were, Kouyou, Tonkou, Shunin and Kankou.

Years passed and the denizens of the Digital World, searched for their creators. The search was long and in vain for the Founders were not beings with physical form. Battles soon raged as to which Founder was the true creator, who was the most powerful. Wars broke out in fighting and chaos ensued.

The Founders were saddened by the turn of events. They had not expected such violence. The fighting was worse between the Viral and the Data digimon. Massive wars over who controlled Primary Village erupted over, on and around File Island. The Vaccine type digimon were nearly wiped out in the fights, but they escaped to the safer parts of the world.

The Founders saw the fighting and were greatly saddened and finally came to hold council. They wished not to get involved with the physical world, but it was now impossible to ignore the battle on the physical plane.

"What shall we do?" whispered Tonkou as she watched a flank of Betamon rush into the oncoming charge of Gabumon.

"There is not much we can do…" replied Kouyuu. He watched as in the air Patamon and Demi-Devimon fought elaborate dogfights above Infinity Mountain.

"We can't just give up," said Yuubou loudly. The other Founders looked up at Kurayami and Hikari.

"We have an idea," said Kurayami quietly. The shadow shifted slightly as a squadron of Hawkmon dive bombed a village of Impmon. "We need a digimon, which is neither of our work nor the work of Hikari-sama's team. We need a digimon that is a collaboration work."

"What do you mean collaboration?" Dokyou asked.

"We shall make one digimon, that holds both the powers of I; Hikari, with the powers of Kurayami-sama," said the glow softly as she looked at the other Founders. We shall work immediately. "Kurayami and I shall provide the breath of life to the creation; the rest of you will build the frame."

It took little time for the Founders to build their creation. All that was left was the work of Kurayami and Hikari. The two Founders drew up their strength and gently passed it on to the creature. The Founders watched in astonishment, though as the power of Kurayami and Hikari began to cancel each other out. The creature in one brief burst of life screamed in agony as the very thing that gave it life ate it from the inside. Twelve creatures were created and brought into the world this way and twelve creatures died in the same agonizing way.

"This is not something we can continue," said Kankou quietly as he watched, teary eyed, as the last beast dissolved in a maelstrom of darkness and light. "It is cruel to bring something into existence only to allow it to die in a matter seconds in an agony not even we as Founders can describe."

"We have to find away," replied Chishiki. "There has to be away I know it."

"Our strengths seem to be nullifying," said Kurayami as he turned to the world they had made. Explosions and flames were covering File Island. "But we must find a way around them!"

"Is it possible, that we can keep our powers separated and yet in the same vessel?" asked Hikari quietly. The glow looked at Chishiki.

"It may be possible, some of the digimon have been trying the same tactic to attain new powers," whispered Chishiki. He looked down to see a cyborg fly past only to see it dissolve into a white sphinx and a green, winged dragon.

"Kurayami and I will work on the separate dark and light organisms, the rest of you create a proper shell," announced Hikari loudly.

The next day they were ready to test their new organism. The beings of darkness and light stood in front of the Founders.

"You are my creation, Kage of the shadow," said Kurayami as he looked at the dark creature.

"And you are my creation, Kougen source of Light," said Hikari to a glowing entity.

"Together you shall have one body and be the shining example of what can be accomplished when Darkness and Light work together," said the two Founders as they reached forward, digitized the two organisms and implanted them within the vessel the other Founders created.

"You are now Lucemon," said the other Founders quietly.

Kurayami looked up in shock, "Why does this digimon hold the name of Light when he is created from both of us?"

"A name is a name, nothing more, Kurayami," replied Hikari quietly. She looked at the new digimon with a smile. It had fair skin and hair and overwhelming sapphire eyes. Twelve angelic wings unfurled from its humanoid body. Dark lines ran down its cheeks, chest and right arm.

It looked up in shock. "I…live…" It whispered quietly.

"You are the most special of digimon, you are the totality of our powers put into one, the strength within you is like no other power within any other digimon," said Hikari quietly to the angel.

"With your powers, Lucemon, you shall go to the physical realm and stop the wars happening there and restore the harmony that has been lost," said Kurayami quietly. The angel bowed slightly lowering his head and then opened his wings disappearing with in a stream of light and shadow.

Lucemon's eyes opened quietly and he could hear the sounds of battle close by. His ear wings tilted slightly. He knew what he must do and the angel opened his wings and took flight. He rose above the flames and smoke and the vying air powers. He closed his eyes and drew his hands together with the middle finger and the index finger extended to his nose and his thumbs holding his other two fingers against his palm.

A cloud of energy engulfed the angel. Flashes of crimson and blue erupted around the cloud. Peals of thunder roared from the angel. Lucemon opened his eyes. They were glowing. The right eye glowed with a bright, ice blue. The left eye glowed with a bloody crimson energy.

Silence filled the air as the other digimon stopped their attacks. The only sound was the unnatural peals of thunder and the sound of a whispering breeze. The digimon started to shudder in fear, some shouts called to attack the newcomer whispered up against the unnatural thunder.

"Fear not," shouted Lucemon, his voice amplified a thousand times by the energy that washed over the spherical bubble around him. "I come as an agent of the Founders. I come in the name of peace."

"Liar!" shouted the digimon they growled in unison. "Destroy it!"

Lucemon looked down in surprise as volleys of attacks flew at him. The angel lifted his hand vertically and swept it to the left. A huge wind washed from the right to the left catching the attacks and tossing them to the sea.


Leomon looked up at the newcomer, as a slave of the Data armies he had waited for the day that someone would stop these wars, but he never had believe he would see it in his lifetime. He smirked as the combined attacks of the Data army and the Viral army were swept aside by the angel.

The leader of the Data army walked up behind the lion man. "I don't believe it, could it be…this angel is sent from the Founders?"

A Patamon dove down from the skies. "General Centaurumon, I have an urgent communiqué!"

The horse bodied, humanoid torso-ed, digimon with a trojan helmet turned to the small flapping, tan colored, ear-winged hamster. "Well?"

"General Bakemon is asking for your presence in a neutral sector," replied the hamster quietly. "He has made a decision." The winged hamster unfurled a scroll. "In lieu of the recent events and the showing of power by a new force, we, the forces of the Viral digimon, have decided to implement a ceasefire agreement with the forces of the Data Digimon and with this new force. Negotiations for peace will start as soon as acceptance of this cease fire is established."

"Where does he wish to meet?" asked Centaurumon quietly.

"The ruins of the Chateau," replied Patamon.

"I will be there," said Centaurumon. The centaur digimon turned slightly to Leomon, "Maintain a watch, Vaccine; if you, in any way, let this command post fall, you will be punished."

The lion man nodded curtly and stood at attention under the gaze of Centaurumon. The horse man digimon turned and walked into the forest.

"I can't believe it," whispered Leomon with a smile. "This may be the last day of my forced servitude."


Lucemon stepped from the tent. He held in his hand three weeks of work. Finally peace was realized, at least on paper. He looked up at Infinity Mountain. The temple of the Founders was coming along nicely. He would make his residence there. He smiled softly, the Founders would be pleased.

Unfortunately that day of the first peace had passed. Lucemon, now living within the temple of the Founders, oversaw the entire island. The piece of paper that had ended years of war and slavery could not stop the overall hatred between the factions of the war, a hatred that did not favor Viral type digimon. The Viral digimon were being persecuted, hunted, and jailed for crimes that any other digimon would not even have to worry about. Many were hunted as criminals of war or just hunted because they were part of some horrible battle.

Lucemon did nothing. The angel could only watch. The Data Digimon and the Vaccine digimon weren't doing anything wrong per se, and to interfere would suggest a legal bias. The angel narrowed his eyes. He may not like it, but, he had no choice in the matter.


Lucemon was not the only one that noticed the events in the Digital World. Kurayami fumed angrily as he watched the persecution of his creations. He tore into the council chambers.

"I demand that something be done to stop this!" shouted Kurayami. The other Founders looked at the pulsing wave of darkness.

"Kurayami, such an act would be very taxing," replied Hikari quietly. "We should not interfere any further within the lives of the physical beings."

Kurayami glared and looked at Kouyou, Tonkou, Shunin and Kankou. "You will sit here and let those who are born of you suffer this indignity?"

"We cannot interfere any further," replied Kouyou. The Founder of friendship stood quietly, Tonkou, Shunin and Kankou stood behind him. "The Data digimon and the Vaccine Digimon are doing nothing wrong. It is their laws and we have no right to nullify them. It is for the best that we…"

"Traitors," Kurayami narrowed his eyes and turned. The shadow stormed from the council. He looked down upon the Digital World, "If the others won't help me then I will do it myself!"

It was this day that the first shadows fell over the Digital World.


Lucemon groaned as the flames heated the barrier that surrounded him. After years of superficial peace, something malevolent was brewing. Only weeks ago, he and his generals had put down the insurrectionist Dragomon. He had pushed the squid-like ocean lord into the Great Whirlpool, and then used the whirlpool as a nexus to tear a portal into the dark shadow world of the Digital World. Now something even more powerful was threatening them.

Lucemon looked down. A robed figure was staring back at Lucemon was fierce cobalt eyes. Its hand was clenched and flames were wrapped around it.

"I shall rule this world, and then we shall see who is mistreated," growled the cowled demon as he opened his palm. "Evil Inferno!" The barrier erupted in ruby energy as the flames threatened to shatter the bubble of protective energy.

"How are we doing, Taomon?" shouted Lucemon as he looked upwards at a yellow robed, priestly fox digimon. The priest was holding a piece of paper up.

"Oh…we could be doing better," grunted the digimon loudly.

"Just a little further," called Lucemon. He looked down at a purple robed, priestly fox digimon, "Doumon, can you help Taomon?" The priest nodded. Lucemon looked to his left and then to his right. "Wisemon, Angewomon, let's press him back!"

The female angel nodded her helmeted head and lifted her arm. A pair of wings flashed from her wrists, looking like a bow. The angel then drew back and an energy arrow appeared from mid-air. "Celestial Arrow!" the stream of light flashed down striking the robed beast in the chest. The digimon snarled in annoyance and dropped back slightly.

A demon swathed in brown robes, which covered everything save two golden eyes that glowed from within the shadows of the tan wrapped cowl and a pair of clawed hands, raised it arms. Two spheres filled his hands. "Eternal Nirvana!" Black lightning bolts crashed down on the pentagram amulet that rested on the red robes of the robed demon.

"Daemon, surrender, you cannot be victorious," shouted Lucemon loudly. The male angel and his four companions glided forward. Daemon retreated slightly from the oncoming assailants and hovered over a large pit. Lucemon looked down. "Now is our chance!"

"Fool, I shall never be destroyed by the likes of you weaklings!" shouted the demon lord loudly as he sent another stream of flame against the barrier.

"Everyone, together!" shouted Lucemon as Daemon opened his lavender wings preparing another attack.

"Talisman of Light!" Taomon flashed her hand up and a glowing kanji for Hikari appeared between her fingers and exploded forward as a single beam of pure light.

"Demon Gate Escape!" Doumon flashed his hand up. The kanji for Kurayami appeared in between the purple priest's fingers. A dark swirl appeared in front of the priest and a huge black beast raged forward before turning into a dark energy beam.

"Eternal Nirvana!" roared the robed wizard as he sent forward dark energy.

"Celestial Arrow!" a projectile of light shot forward from the winged bow of Angewomon.

Lucemon drew his hands together, saying a short prayer drew his hands apart forming a triangle between his fingers and thumbs. Eight objects, two on a spoke, extended from a central light source, "Grand Cross!" The cross of planets and stars fired forward.

It latched onto the Talisman of Light, the Demon Gate Escape, the Eternal Nirvana and the Celestial Arrow. "Divine Cross!" called the five Digimon as the cross turned into a streaming cross-shaped aurora and slammed Daemon into the pit.

Lucemon lifted his fingers. "May the power of Harmony hold you, from now on, may your evil never know the air of freedom; I seal you here!" The skies darkened as nine streams of light erupted from the heavens and swirled around the angelic child's fingertips. Lucemon flung his fingers forward and the pulse of energy exploded across the surface of the pit. Daemon was raging forward towards escape, but as he came closer to the cave his body motions slowed down until they lurched to a stop and the digimon froze in position, his cobalt eyes fixed in a murderous glare.

Lucemon sighed and then dropped forward. Angewomon snag the smaller angel and held him in her arms. "Lucemon, are you…?"

"Exhausted…used a lot strength…" whispered Lucemon as he looked behind the female angel and saw the still smoking craters from the battle that had ensued with Daemon. He knew they had vaporized a couple of villages in the fight. Many more digimon died today than he had wished. Daemon was ruthless and powerful. "Take us home…"

Angewomon nodded and called to the other three digimon and they turned east towards File Island.


Later that night, Lucemon looked down from his balcony overlooking the island. "It stretched my strength to the very brink to just seal him in that cave. I fear what would happen if another mighty demon came to power, I fear I can not hold off another." He looked down at a group of digimon walking along the road, leaving the temple. They were Champion digimon, and Andromon, an Ultimate machine digimon. "Why, why must I remain a Rookie when all others can digivolve?"

"We are different," whispered Lucemon in a slightly different voice. "Kougen, you know that we are different, we are more powerful than many digimon that are Ultimate level."

"None the less," the angel retorted to himself. "I don't wish to become impotent. We almost lost today. Too many died in that fight."

"I know," The angel whispered and sighed.

"Lucemon?" The boy angel froze. He turned his head slightly to see Angewomon standing at the entrance of the balcony.

"Angewomon, please, do not enter my room without knocking first," said Lucemon calmly.

"I did knock, Lucemon, but you must not have heard me," replied the woman as she walked forward. "I have the reports from Daemon's headquarters. The Order has made an evaluation…"

Lucemon narrowed his eyes. The Order was the Founders new toys. They were neither digimon nor the organic beings of the Template world. They were researchers, and reported to the Founders and more recently to Lucemon himself. "What have they said?"

"They believe Daemon has succeeded in creating a digimon," replied Angewomon.

Lucemon flinched slightly at the thought. "Where is it?"

"I have sent a group of Angemon to search out one of the outlying labs that Daemon had in the Southern Mountain passes overlooking the Zip Sea," Angewomon said quietly. "It's the last place to be searched so…"

"Destroy the creation when you find it," said Lucemon instantly. "Don't hesitate, it's a creation of Daemon, no good can come of it."

"But…" Angewomon started.

"Don't question my word; do it," said Lucemon as he turned to look out over the island.

"Is it fair to give it an execution without a trial?" asked Angewomon quietly.

"It's guilty by association, and it's too dangerous, just kill it," Lucemon replied. "Don't argue about it any further; just do as I told you!"

Angewomon nodded slightly and turned leaving Lucemon alone on the balcony.


"Get it off me!" shouted one of the Angemon loudly as a grey pod with six insect-like legs grasped the blue sashed angel's helmet.

The other three angels rushed forward, but it was too late, as they slapped the creature away they saw a huge hole drilled through the angel's helmet. The wound was bleeding and suddenly the angel exploded into dust.

"Hand of Fate!" a golden beam of energy exploded onto the creepy-crawly stunning it.

"Angel Rod!" A second angel dropped down slamming its staff down on the carapace of the mite and then twisted the staff trying to grind the insect into the floor.

"Stop this!" Angewomon appeared from a corridor. The Angemon dropped back in surprise as she female walked forward.

"Mistress Angewomon!" the three remaining male angels gasped.

Angewomon looked down at the insect on the floor. It was screaming loudly in pain and fear and was twitching. Angewomon knelt down beside the creature. "The lab files name you Arkadimon."

"Be careful, it's dangerous!" yelped the three Angemon.

"It's a Baby," returned Angewomon loudly. "Any threat it poses is because whoever was handling it wasn't careful." She narrowed her eyes and looked at the squirming Baby digimon. She whispered softly to herself. "I do not understand why Lucemon wants this poor, innocent creature destroyed. I cannot, in my heart, destroy this creature for no reason; other than an unfounded fear, but I must get rid of it or Lucemon will hunt it down." She looked up at the three Angemon. "Go, I will dispose of the creature myself. Go patrol the southern pass and make sure we got all the digimon that Daemon had power over."

The three angels nodded and left Angewomon. Angewomon lifted the baby up gently and stood. The baby cued softly. She turned and left the lab walking out into the sun.


"Lucemon, you called me?" Angewomon walked into Lucemon's quarters. It was now late at night. The child angel was standing out on the balcony once more.

"You defied me," Lucemon stated calmly.

Angewomon gasped slightly and took a step back. "No, Lucemon, never, I would never…"

"Don't lie to me," said Lucemon in reply. "I know you did not destroy the beast. Do you really think I couldn't sense you creating a seal in my own temple?" Lucemon turned abruptly. "I trusted you, more than the others, because we were similar, but now, now, I don't think I can trust you at all."

"IT was a baby!" shouted Angewomon loudly. "It was harmless!"

"Babies grow, you knew this baby was created by Daemon, it killed one of your men!" shouted Lucemon in reply. "It was not harmless!"

"They mishandled it," said Angewomon calmly trying to regain her composure.

"It attacked them, why do you protect it?" asked Lucemon quietly.

"It's a baby, it had no choice to be created the way it was, it didn't choose to be created by Daemon," said Angewomon quietly. She looked at Lucemon. "It is innocent of Daemon's crimes; we have no right to execute it."

"Now we have no way of executing it," growled Lucemon. He turned and looked to the sea. "The seal is protected by the Founders, until their influence over this temple wavers, the baby is protected." Lucemon turned slowly and walked to Angewomon. He gently put the palm of his hand on the exposed portion of the female's stomach, under the leather bands that wrapped around her midriff. She struggled slightly but Lucemon looked up at her with soulful, sad, sapphire eyes Angewomon stopped, a question on her facial features. Lucemon's eyes watered, "You, on the other hand…" There was a sharp stab as a spear of dark energy ripped through Angewomon's body. "I am very sorry…" whispered Lucemon as he gently laid the female angel on the ground.

"Why…?" gasped Angewomon. Little flecks of blood were on her lips.

"With the world as it is, I cannot allow defiance, I am sorry, but you have to be an example, I hope you are not in too much agony, I tried to be as benevolent with your punishment as possible," Lucemon whispered as watched Angewomon dissolve into data particles. He closed his eyes and stood. A tear ran down his cheek. "I am alone again. I shall be alone forever…"

"Not so…" whispered a voice from the shadows. Lucemon tensed up and searched his quarters and in the corner of the room were two objects, an amulet, and a book. The voice whispered quietly, "Use these and you shall gain the security that you need and the companionship you never had…"


The digimon were blindly following Lucemon's orders. The Founders were astounded at the angel's actions. He was warping their minds and crushing the resistance fiercely. His generals, Wisemon, Taomon, Doumon, had all been eliminated. It was well known that anyone who resisted was destroyed immediately.

"This cannot last," said Hikari quietly. "It was not intended for Lucemon to take over in this way."

"His strength is increasing as well," whispered Yuubou, "beyond what we gave him."

"I fear that Kurayami is behind this, he has been gone from this realm for too long," growled Kouyou. "We must call him back here."

"I will search him out," whispered Yuubou. The emerald glow shifted slightly.

"No," Responded Hikari quickly. "We shall go together. We must stop Lucemon and Kurayami."


"Agumon Warp digivolve to WarGreymon!" A small red Dinosaur erupted from a golden light as a eight foot tall, armored, dragon man with small curved horns coming out of the sides of its skull.

"Gabumon Warp digivolve to Metal Garurumon!" rasped a blue furred digimon with a single horn coming out of its head as he metamorphosed to a metallic wolf.

"Biyomon Warp digivolve to Phoenixmon!" A small pink sparrow blasted into the sky as a huge, golden quadra-winged bird of prey.

"Tentomon Warp digivolve to Hercules Kabuterimon!" a small, red ladybug grew into a huge, golden, horned beetle and roared into the sky.

"Gomamon Warp digivolve to Plesiomon!" the white, purpled polka dotted seal burned with a white light before emerging as a large white Plesiosaur with a long white neck and a pair of flipper like wings that matched its flipper legs.

"Palmon Warp Digivolve to Rosemon!" the small green plant with a pink blossom hair do warped to a seven foot tall crimson clad woman that had a rose-like helmet that covered her eyes. A long thorny roped was tied to her right hip and a sheath was fastened to her left hip.

"Patamon Warp digivolve to Seraphimon!" The small tan hamster glowed brightly before appearing as a tall, azure armored, angel with six golden wings.

"Salamon Warp Digivolve to Magnadramon!" The small puppy/kitten turned bright pink as morphed into an oriental, pink dragon. Two swept back goat horns protruded from its head and overlaid a pink frill. Ten pink wings extended from the dragon's daschund-like body.

"Now," whispered a voice from the earth, "As the Founders find and reclaim Kurayami you must find and capture Lucemon."

The eight Mega Digimon nodded and flew into the east.

"Awe, we want to help, too!" grumbled four rookie digimon. A Veemon, lead the group. Next to him was a Hawkmon, who stood next to an Armadillomon. A Wormmon stood towards the back.

"As you wish," replied the voice. A golden light flowed from the ground. "I must rest now; I have expended much energy…"

"Veemon Golden Armor digivolve to Magnamon!" The blue dragon exploded with light as he was covered in gold armor that glowed with its own light.

"Hawkmon Golden Armor digivolve to Peacockmon!" Spiky wings and blue, crystalline feathers jutted from Hawkmon as he digivolved into the tall, lithe, sapphire, humanoid peacock warrior Peacockmon.

"Armadillomon Golden Armor digivolve to Elephamon!" The golden Armadillomon grew huskier as purple armor covered his body and large turbine like ear emerged from the side of his head.

"Wormmon Golden Armor digivolve to Kongoumon," Wormmon glowed as he turned into a large, round beetle that held chakras in its hands. A long cloth unfurled over its hips and down to the ground. The beetle bowed to the earth, "Thank you, Kyoui."

"Ok, Let's go kick some booty!" shouted Magnamon as he turned to follow the Mega digimon.


A pillar of darkness had fallen over Infinity Mountain. It twisted slowly on its axis. Small rivers of lavender energy course up and down the long shaft of malevolent darkness that seemed to pour from the sky.

Eight Mega digimon were hovering tentatively around the pillar. A figure glided from the shadows. It had twelve feathery wings.

"Lucemon!" shouted Seraphimon loudly. "Do not try to escape; the Founders have summoned us to capture you!"

The figure stopped. It turned slowly. The digimon lifted a book up. A flash of lavender energy snapped from the pillar and coursed through the figure's body. A red aura swept over the figure and suddenly the digimon changed. It digivolved. The eight Mega digimon looked down at the new creature with worry. They knew Lucemon, as himself would be a handful to deal with but, now, this new creation could be near omnipotent.

"I will be going nowhere, I will make this world better, and safer, the Founders failed paradise by making different kinds of digimon, I won't make that mistake!" growled the figure as it flew forward.

"Do not proceed!" shouted WarGreymon loudly.

"Or what?" snapped the creature. It moved from the shadow of the pillar. The digimon had twelve wings, half dark and mammalian, the other half white and angelic. It had golden hair and wore a dark grey jacket over a white body suit. Gold and crimson adorned portions of the digimon's clothes. Its hands were clawed and bestial; its face was like a fair human's save for a lightning bolt like marking that ran down from its right eye and down its right cheek. "You'll hurt me?"

"That's the plan," growled Hercules Kabuterimon. The huge laced wings whirred loudly and the large Y-shaped horn sparked with energy.

"Go on then, try!" shouted Lucemon loudly. The angelic demon disappeared in a flurry of movement. Seconds later all eight Digimon were sent flying in a flurry of kicks, head butts and punches.

"Rose Rapier!" Rosemon slashed forward but Lucemon side stepped and drove his elbow into the flower woman's back.

He twirled around to counter WarGreymon's gauntlets. He slammed his foot into WarGreymon's stomach propelling the dragon man into Infinity Mountain. Streams of light comets shot down slamming Lucemon. The angel looked up to see Phoenixmon fly overhead. Lucemon drew his hands together, cupping his palms and then he pushed his hands forward.

"Paradise Lost!" a blast of crimson energy slammed Phoenixmon sending the bird twirling into the forest below.

"Metal Wolf Claw!" missiles flew forward. Lucemon weaved through the projectiles and slammed his fist up against Metal Garurumon's chin. The metal wolf spiraled out of control.

"Mega Electro Shocker!" an arrow of lightning erupted from the golden beetle behind Lucemon. The angel swept around to be caught in the chest with a bolt of lightning the bolt exploded loudly and a wave of smoke rolled in all directions. The insect chuckled. "I got him!"

"Never believe smoke equates destruction," whispered Lucemon from Hercules Kabuterimon's side. The insect turn in surprise only to be met with the butt of Lucemon's palm. The insect was sent flipping sideways. The angel appeared above him and joining his hands together hammered the insect downward. Lucemon reached into his jacket and pulled out his book. "With this I am indestructible!"

"Strike of the Seven Stars!" The blue archangel pushed its cupped hands forward. Six periphery blasts and a central blast of golden energy shot forward. Lucemon swept his hand around the book pulsed nullifying the attack.

"Shaking Pulse!" Rings of sonic energy fired up at the angelic demon. Lucemon pushed the book forward reflecting the attack at the large plesiosaur that created it.

"Fire Tornado!" A spinning storm of flames shot at Lucemon. The demonic angel put his book forward and a barrier caused the flames to sweep around the beast.

Lucemon lifted the book up. It glowed brightly and then eight blasts of energy shot in all directions exploding around the attacking Mega digimon. The eight, Founder-sent digimon dropped from the sky like flies.

"You are impotent, just like the Founders, I am the superior, the best of both worlds, as such I will recreate this world in my image and make it a vast utopia!" shouted Lucemon in victory. He held his book aloft, "And with this nothing can stop me!"

"Magna Blast!" a golden bolt blasted the book, ripping it from Lucemon's grasp. "Now, Peacockmon!"

Lucemon turned to the west to look in the direction the blast had come from. A golden armored, blue skinned dragon was rocketing towards him. Below him was a sapphire, jewel like humanoid peacock. Behind him was a golden beetle carrying a large, purple armored elephant with turbine ears. The blue peacock grabbed Lucemon's book with its feet and started to fly further east.

"No you don't! GIVE THAT BACK!" roared Lucemon as he dove after the peacock.

"Magna Blast!" golden bolts exploded around the angelic demon.

Lucemon growled spun around and flicked his finger in the armored digimon's direction. A crimson lightning bolt engulfed the armored creature and sent it tumbling towards the ground. Lucemon turned to chase the peacock.

"I want my GOSPEL!" shouted the demonic angel as he pursued the jeweled bird.

"Tusk Missile!" golden missiles exploded in front of Lucemon. He turned to find the elephant digimon hovering, using its turbine ears as rotors, and its tusks preparing to launch again.

"Vajra!" golden laser lanced their way around Lucemon. The angel curled its wings blocking the annoying assault by the golden armored beetle.

"Rainbow Shower!" red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet streamers rained down on Lucemon exploding as they made contact with the angel.

"Terra Force!" An orange ball exploded from the forests of the foothills of Infinity Mountain.

"Crimson Flare!" swirling red flames washed forward as the golden bird screeched from the canopy of File Island's forests.

"Shaking Pulse!" Plesiomon roared loudly.

"Strike of the Seven Stars!" Seraphimon's seven orbs rushed from the mountain side.

"Dragon Fire!" A twisting maelstrom of white flames erupted from a pink dragon that was curling towards the demonic angel.

"Mega Electro Blaster!" The golden hurled a stream of lightning at Lucemon.

"Thorn Whip!" A green tendril wrapped around Lucemon's arms and chest. Lucemon growled angrily as he struggled against Rosemon.

"Giga Missile!" the chest of Metal Garurumon opened and a purple missile whistled forward. The missile exploded on contact, releasing its freezing contents all over Lucemon.

"We got him…?" growled WarGreymon in hesitation.

"Now what?" Hercules Kabuterimon asked.

"Get him away from this island!" replied Seraphimon. "There is a nearby island, Setup Island to the north. We shall take him there." The others nodded in agreement and flew northward.

WarGreymon and his team approached Setup Island. Peacockmon, Kongoumon, Elephamon and Magnamon stayed behind to hide the Gospel, and an amulet that they had discovered on the ground under the battle scene.

The Mega Digimon hovered over Setup Island and looked down. The ice cracked loudly.

"Crap, he's escaping!" shouted Plesiomon.

"Not if I can stop him!" Seraphimon shouted. He cupped his hands; a golden glow enveloped the blue angel. "Testament!" The ice shattered revealing the child-like rookie Lucemon.

The child-like angel only had seconds of freedom before a golden light slammed into him and he tumbled through the roof of a temple chapel. The eight Mega digimon glowed with a rainbow of colors that flew forward like multicolored missiles. Each color slashed through the temple. As each color ran through the temple the respective Mega Digimon exploded into data.


Magnamon tossed the amulet into the ocean. He turned to see Elephamon glow a bright gold and disappear. He looked down at himself. The golden light shimmered from his armor and he also disappeared. Peacockmon and Kongoumon shouted in protested but seconds later they were gone in a flash of gold.


"Was that necessary?" asked Dokyou.

"It was, they forfeited their lives to protect their world, their sacrifice will not be forgotten," replied Hikari quietly with a bowed head.

"Was it enough to only imprison the traitor Lucemon?" asked Shunin quietly.

"It is enough; Lucemon will know this imprisonment until someone defiles this temple. I hope within the depths of my heart that one day, our greatest of prodigy will be freed from his contamination and can be free once more, until then he must endure this prison," responded Hikari. She turned and looked at a shadow that was constrained by Yuubou and Kouyou. "You, Kurayami, on the other hand, your treachery will be punished severely."

"What can you do?" growled Kurayami loudly. "You can't destroy me!"

"I have something else in mind," whispered Hikari. She turned and in the depths of the Digital World's reality between the barrier to the shadow world of the Dark Ocean and the actual Digital World, in a limbo of sorts, a wall of fire appeared; a second barrier appeared between the Dark World and a small region of limbo behind the Wall of Fire. "You shall be imprisoned in this region. You'll be able to see the pleasure of the Digital World and the anguish of the Dark World and you shall feel every particle of malice, hatred, sadness and failure that passes through this world to Dark World where the data of malicious digimon is stored. Unfortunately for you, most digimon that fail to digivolve live a life full of malice, as we have seen with Lucemon, and thusly die with this evil in their heart, you will know their pain, and yet be able to see the happiness of this realm."

"You can't do this!" shouted Kurayami.

"We can, and have," replied Hikari. The seven other Founders appeared next to her. Together they bowed their heads and their powers ensnared Kurayami and though he struggled he could not escape their grasp and he was plunged into his hell pit.

"I WILL BE FREE ONE DAY!" screamed Kurayami. "I will never be contained completely; my darkness runs through this world!"

"And we will be ready for your return, lost one," replied Hikari as the flames closed behind Kurayami.

"We must converse with the Order to find a new way to protect our world…" whispered Yuubou.

The others nodded quietly and disappeared into the ether. The Order worked for years after they were approached, they could only answer by saying the spirit energy of the children of the Template World were the only ones with the power to safely digivolve digimon. Devices could be made to measure out proper energy levels; the Founders acquiesced to the Order's suggestions of preparing for the worst. Unfortunately the worst would come sooner than they believed and the first ones were chosen.


AN: This is a prequel to my time line that includes Fall of Harmony and In the Shadow of Chaos this story shouldn't have any real bearing on In the Shadow of Chaos. I don't know how fast I will update since I am still working with In the Shadow of Chaos and theoretically that project should take precedence. I may take days, weeks, or a month, I don't know and I do not work any faster when shouted at so don't try that tactic.