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Rated: R, for explicit scenes and coarse language.

Paired: Kagura and Sessho-Maru


Cameô and the Hallelujah's



The trembling wench beneath him in the highest point of heaven, was nothing. Just another to satiate him. He didn't know her, hadn't spoken to her for even five minutes, before instinct had drugged him. And now there was the grunting and squealing, arching and tightly closed eyes. Before it was all over. The woman fell limp in his grasp, and he dropped her onto the cement, tongue darting out to clean the blood from his lips. He stared at the woman, an insane grin on his lips, large canines in view, and put his hand on the side of the woman's face. Seemingly lightly tracing the side of her face, a trickle of blood sliding down her temple proved otherwise.

"You were good," he mumbled to the lifeless woman, a hint of laughter on his voice. Sucking lightly on his finger, he stood. Withdrawing a tissue from his pocket, he cleaned off said finger, and walked away.


Throwing the keys to her apartment on the table, she stretched languidly, walking to her balcony. She shed her coat on the way, and pushed open the sliding glass door. The warm breeze lightly spread the curtain, as she stared into the city-lights. Most were on 24/7, clubs, other apartments, stores. This was the city that never slept, New York. The city with big job opportunities to those with the right talent.

The wind tickled the ends of her skirt and hair. Too bad she didn't have much talent - according to the New Yorkers, that is - because now she had the lowly job of stacking boxes at the local supermarket. Well, it wasn't that bad, it could've been worse. She could've gotten into prostitution, or something like that. She sighed and let the curtain fall back, hiding the city from view - the way she liked it. "I need some wine..." she muttered to herself.

"Going to offer me some, Kagura?" came the amused voice from behind her. She yipped and spun around, ruby eyes widened partially. Until she realized who the shadowed figure was.

"Not after you scared me to death like that, I'm not." she retorted, turning and beginning her stalk towards the kitchen. A dry chuckle followed after her, a bone-chilling sound, that didn't even seem like it belonged in this realm. A black coat fell to the ground, following suit of Kagura's earlier. He followed her in soundlessly, silver strands of hair brushing his mid-back.

"Kagura," he stated, making her stop in her tracks.

"What is it, Inu-Yasha?" she could practically see his smirk, telling her she needn't ask, because she knew why he spoke to her. She nervously held her hands on her stomach. "Not tonight, I still need to make dinner, wash the clothes, and..." she felt his arms encircle her waist, his own, slender fingers encircling her clenched ones, and relaxing them. Her stomach flitted to and fro, as she felt his lips touch her shoulder, his fangs graze her skin...

"Later," he commanded softly.

"Inu-Yasha..." she said softly, trying to steer around the whole ordeal.

"Kagura." he warned, his fangs tightening their lock. She winced. "I need blood to keep my sanity, you know that. And you're right here, always in these revealing outfits, your neck bare. I could use you, you know that. And you agreed to the price. You let me stay here, knowing my condition, telling me my price for not just killing you on the spot was fine with you,"

"But, I said when I was ready for that price, I'd - "

"It's been long enough." she sighed, giving in.

"Alright..." he nodded his approval.

"You've learned the art to giving in. Don't worry, this will only hurt for a moment..."


Small blue-birds flitted about the field, twittering pleasantly and singing their happiness. Kagura watched them all silently, leaning against a tree. Her arms were wrapped about her stomach, a deep pain settling inside her. Reflecting on last night, I'm not quite sure I should've let Inu-Yasha in. I mean, wouldn't it be -


A soccor ball hit her square on her forehead, and fell right into her lap. "What the...?"

"Hey you, give back the ball," a boy from their soccor team (at Hin University) ordered annoyedly. She gave the ball a blank stare, not yet recovered from the smack to her head. "Hey! The ball!" the boy advanced on her, but a cool and sturdy hand stopped him in his tracks.

"Hiten, you need not yell. Might as well apologise," through the haze of her thoughts, Kagura stared into golden eyes. Her own widened and she jumped up, the ball falling to the ground.

"What're you doing here, Inu-Yasha?" the boy's eyes narrowed into slits, and she realized - too late - that it was not Inu-Yasha. Her eyes hardened, and the two earned a hmmph from her, before she fled the field.

"Huh," stated Hiten. "Man, how weird was that?" His gaze following the fleeing woman, the other boy frowned, the rest of his face emotionless. And instead of answering the confused Hiten, he turned and walked back to the other players. "Hey, wait up, Sessho-Maru!"


"Inu-Yasha, I'm home!" called Kagura as she stepped over the threshold. Truth be told, she'd forgotten all about the night before, and was all for questioning him about his look-alike.

"About time. I'm starving!" came the quip from a kitchen chair. Kagura plopped down opposite him.

"I met your look-alike today," she stated. Inu-Yasha looked skeptical. (Side note: Inu-Yasha has two different moods - one is his normal, and other his blood-lust-induced.)

"I have a look-alike? Feh. I had a brother, once, but he has no idea where I am!"

"Suppose I found him, then?" Inu-Yasha leaned back and scratched his chin thoughtfully, a cute trait which Kagura found amusing. "Suppose your brother - one year my senior - was at my very school." Inu-Yasha shrugged nonchalontly.

"Not like we ever got along, or anything." Kagura chuckled.

"Well, he sure as hell looks like you," then the night before came flooding back, and she inched her chair away. Inu-Yasha raised an eyebrow.


"D-Dinner, then?" she stood and hurried to the kitchen, dragging out two frozen dinners from the freezer, leaving Inu-Yasha quite confused.


Sessho-Maru threw the tennis ball up and down with his good arm, lying on the comforter of his bed. Stopping the tiresome activity, he rested his hand down on his stomach, reflecting. That woman called me Inu-Yasha, my annoying half-brother who I lost track of years ago. So she must know him. I wonder, is she another one of the women he uses to satiate his need, little by little? Hn. I'll have to question her tomorrow, at school.

He dropped the tennis ball on the ground, reached over his arm-cast and flicked off the light, falling back onto the springy mattress.

"Tomorrow, I will find out where my half-brother resides."


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