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Rated: M, for explicit scenes and coarse language.

Paired: Kagura and Sessho-Maru.


Cameô and the Hallelujah's



Softly, as to not wake the sleeping man on the couch, Kagura made her exit through the front door, grabbing her purse along the way. It was a dreary morning, dark, forboding clouds overcasting the deft gray sky. Through puddles and sleet Kagura walked on her way to school, her brow creased, her blood-red eyes listless as she stared into her reflection. Her ebony hair was messy, not in the usual, dignified hairstyle it was usually. Her lips were caked with red lickstick, and the humid air and misty streets had smeared her mascara and eyeliner.

Her top lip curled derisively, and she gave a rather harsh blow to the cement. "I look like a prostitute," she scowled, and tensed as she heard flat footsteps come up behind her. She whirled, a flimsy, not-well-trained punch aiming for whoever had startled her. Caught effectively, she once again gazed up into the curious, but at the same time well-hooded eyes of Sessho-Maru. She growled, and snatched her hand back with a glare. "Do you always sneak up on girls on the street?" With barely contained amusement, Sessho-Maru made a flippant remark:

"Only when they're standing on the side of the street, getting soaked by cars driving by." Kagura held her scowl, making no move. Sessho-Maru became impatient. "Come, I need to speak with you." he walked into a rather upkept apartment building, which actually looked rather upstanding to Kagura. Tentatively, she followed, glancing at her feet, which were making muddy footprints on the clean red carpet. Everything around her was dark red, with specks of gold furnishings and paintings. Sessho-Maru waited, albeit annoyedly, by the elevator, which Kagura seemed to be avoiding as she stared, tranfixed, at all the seemingly-pricy paintings and furniture. "Well?"

"I'm coming, I'm coming, jeez..." the apartment owner seemed wary, and stepped forwards to speak with Sessho-Maru.

"Sir...this is a very good building, we do not allow--"

"Hookers?" he stated, in more of a question than an answer. The man shifted, then nodded, his stiff gray hair not moving a strand out of place. "She's not, she's my guest,"

"So sorry, sir." stepping back, he allowed the annoyed Kagura into the elevator. The elevator also had plush red carpeting, but mirrors that seemed to turn into themselves gave Kagura a rather unnerving view of her very unspectacular appearance beside the collected Sessho-Maru.

"We're skipping school, you know." Sessho-Maru grunted in reply, his calm demaneur becoming tiresome to Kagura. "Skipping school! We could get into major trouble,"

"I am not a fool, Kagura." she stepped back, glaring at him through her eyelashes.

"You know my name. How? I mean, I know yours because you're the star of the soccor team, but I'm just--"

"A nobody?" Kind of unnerving, really. How he seemed to finish other's sentances. She simply nodded, deceitful red eyes scouring his face for a hint of emotion, but for only a split second.
The elevator made a faint "ding", and Kagura noted they had reached the top floor. "So, you live on the top floor, huh?" without answering, Sessho-Maru started to walk away. "Hey! It's rude not to answer someone's questions!"

"Only when the answer isn't apparant, in this situation, it need not be asked." so, fuming, Kagura followed him in a huff. Does he live off making people mad? She questioned herself, boring holes into his basck with her vision.


It was five minutes later they had gotten into Sessho-Maru's apartment, put down their jackets, and gotten relateively comfortable. For another few, Sessho-Maru just sat there, giving her a very penetrating look. Finally after moments, Kagura snapped at him: "What?"
"Where is my half-brother?"


Inu-Yasha awoke to the sound of an insistant telephone, which would not cease its tireable ringing. Rolling over, he grabbed the portable, pushed the talk button, and answered sleepily. "Hello?" he yawned, scratching his cheek with one clawed finger.

"This is Hin University calling, I'm looking for Kagura Jung?" Inu-Yasha sat up quickly, this disturbing revelation shocking him into forced-wake.

"She's not at school?" fumbling with his socks, Inu-Yasha managed to yank them on, and start pacing the cold, tiled floor. He felt like a caged animal, for he wasn't supposed to really leave the apartment. And he really couldn't when he was on the phone.

"No, sir. She wasn't in."

"Uh, um, hold on." Racing to her room, he went to check if she'd slept in, but she wasn't there. He knew he couldn't just say, "she isn't here" and hang up, so he played the part of her protector, and made up an excuse. "She's sick today, I just woke up...I'm her...cousin...staying here. Inu Jung. I just woke up, and she told me she's not feeling well. So, uh, bye..." he hung up immediately, before grabbing his jacket, and nearly jumping into his shoes. He didn't even bother with his shoelaces as he bolted out the door.

Kagura's gone! She could be hurt somewhere, dead, lying in an alleyway rotting! His heartbeat sped up until he could hear it pounding in his ears, and he followed her faint scent all the way to an expensive apartment building. His heart dropped. Could she be prostituting her body for money? He knew they were short on it, but that was no way to get it! He ducked into the building, and ran to the front desk.

"May I help you, sir?"

"Yes, actually," Inu-Yasha strained, sounding hurried and scared. "Did a pretty girl come in here? Black hair, red eyes, long coat?"

"Indeed, she's on the eighth floor, room 763."

It didn't take Inu-Yasha long to get there, and he found the room unlocked, door open. "Kagura!" he yelped, running into the room. The first one he spotted was Kagura, turned towards him with a suprised expression. "Where the Hell were you? The school phoned, and I thought you might be dead! I--" it was then he spotted a white-haired, golden-eyed man sitting on the couch, one elegant eyebrow poised high on his face. "Sessho-Maru?"


I decided to end it there, y'know, build up to the moment of their meeting. I've decided to insert this whole love-triangle thing between brothers. Inu-Yasha likes Kagura, Kagura was starting to like Inu-Yasha, but then Sessho-Maru enters. And, just to inform, Kagome will enter next chapter.


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