St. Mungo's Hospital

July 31st

12:45 am

Lilian Breen Potter lay in her hospital bed holding her newborn son at three-quarters past the bewitching hour on the Thirty-first of July. The only other person in the room was her midwife and confidant, Isabella Queens.

"Bella, I have a favor to ask," started Lily as she stared at the child in her arms. He looked nothing like his supposed father, James Michael Potter, who had black, untidy hair and hazel eyes. Instead, the child had, to what could be seen, black hair with red and white-blonde highlights and intense emerald green eyes, not unlike his mothers, with gray flecks.

"What's wrong, Lils?"

"This isn't James' son."

"What?" Isabella asked, shock evident in her voice.

"And he mustn't know. I need two birth certificates made, one real, one fake." her eyes were sad and voice forlorn, "I'll have to give him a potion that will start to wear off a week before his sixteenth birthday," she looked up at her friend who had tears in her eyes, "you can't tell anybody, Bella. When this is over, I want you to go into hiding, far from here," she reached for the pale blue potion on her bedside and slowly fed it to her baby, then cast complex charms on him the bound the potion to him.

The midwife just nodded and picked up the documents, "which one do you want to do first?"

"The fake. His name, Harry James Potter. Father, James Michael Potter."

Bella quickly jotted down it down then picked up the other one, "and the real one?"

Lily sniffed and held back tears, "Damien Thanatos Malfoy," a tear rolled down her cheek, "Father," she choked out, "Lucius Amadeus Malfoy." she hung her head and sobbed as Isabella stared at her in disbelief.


"I was taken by Death Eaters, along with others, they reaped us, but they didn't know who we were, thanks to charms, and we couldn't see who they were. I recognized his voice though. They kept us for days. They killed most of us, but when they tired, they released us. I never told James. He just thought I was visiting my parents," she finished in a whisper.

"Then nor shall I. I'll take this to my grave. I'm going to go contact James then head for the States. If anything happens to you, I'll tell him when he reaches his sixteenth birthday," Isabella grinned, "I am his godmother after all."

Lily nodded and watched as her friend left, wondering if she'd ever see her again.

and so, the secret was kept and not a soul found out. Isabella Queens went to live in the States with a few friends until the time came when the Potter/Malfoy heir would have to meet his godmother and be told about his birth. And that day was coming soon.