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The musty scent of the dirt floor swiveled around me. It was cold and my red-headed counterpart was currently seething, banging on the door demanding we be freed.

"Ron," I called out.

Earlier when we had been taken someone had been creative and I had been put in the way of a severing charm. He came to me and knelt by my side. Merlin, he had gotten big. I remember in second year when I was as tall as he was. Now he has at least three inches on me and I wouldn't be surprised if he had seventy five or eighty pounds in muscle. He took my arm in his hand, which by the way looked like a toothpick compared to his size, and examined my heavily bleeding appendage.

"Damn," he muttered, taking his shirt in his hands.

My eye got to be the size of plates as he ripped it. A well toned stomach and arms met my eyes. I seemed to be glued to the spot. My thoughts took a veering left turn down a lane the likes of which Hermione Granger has never been. With a shudder I suppressed my thoughts as his hands deftly wrapped the cloth around my arm, doing his best to stop the bleeding.

"Thank you," I said quietly.

He looked up at me, as a lock of hair fell into his eyes, giving off a boyish appearance. A smile graced his face, it was rather forced but still, it was for me. That thought alone made it mean so much more than a smile from Viktor or Harry would have meant. Because Ron was smiling for me.

He slid down the wall next to me and put his head in his hands, a sigh of frustration escaping him. I shivered slightly in the cold, but I wasn't off too badly yet. "We should have seen this attack coming," he muttered.

"Dumbledore didn't see it coming," I said firmly. "How could you have seen it coming?"

Ron gave me a drool look, "We can't depend on the old coot for everything. He's getting on in his years you know and I don't think he could ever be accused of being sane. Personally, I'm worried he'll go even barmier then he already is!"

I did my best to look disapproving and smother my smile. Needless to say, it didn't quite work out that way as I started laughing.

It was odd. Ron and I had been captured by Death Eaters and now we were sitting on the bottom of a cell laughing at a joke, when most nights at Grimmauld Place everyone struggled to find a smile. My rational thoughts tried to kick in, we should be trying to figure out how to get out or in the least, contact Harry. However, one look in those eyes and I completely forgot any plan of trying to reach Harry.

As I shivered again, he pulled me closer, wrapping his arms around my smaller form. I grinned and inhaled the scent that I had associated with Ron. It smelled like chocolate and fire whiskey, so distinctly Ron. Ever since we had graduated he had taken to Odgen's Fire Whiskey. At first I had opposed it in every way, shape, and form, but it did smell rather good on him. If I got this treatment when I was cold, well, damn! I needed to get cold more often.

"I wonder what they're going to do to us," I asked.

Ron chuckled, "Are you kidding?"

I looked up, adjusting myself slightly so I could see his face. "Is the cold seeping into your nerves?" I asked incredulously.

"Well, ok. We are either going to die or they'll keep us in here until Harry rescues us," he said jokingly.

With a heavy heart I realized he was most likely right. He seemed to notice my distress and lifted my chin gently.

"Don't worry Hermione; I won't let them hurt you."

Warmth flooded my system and that giddy feeling returned. I smiled up at him. We both knew he couldn't stop whatever onslaught the Death Eaters had coming for us. However, it still made me smile.

I leaned back against him again as dark became darker and we lost all sight in the small cell. My breaths came out in puffs and I was shivering openly as was Ron.

"Hermione, come here," Ron whispered.

I was not in the least bit prepared to feel Ron's hand on my rear lifting me up into his lap as he curled up around me. I jumped and gasped at the movement and stiffed in his arms. Although my anger was fueled when I realized what he was doing.

"Ron if we stay like this you'll freeze," I hissed.

"Yeah, but you won't," he said.

"I don't care about that you moron," I said, doing my best to sit up. He thwarted my efforts and held me firmly in place.

"Ronald," I hissed again. I was not going to let the daft fool die for me.

"If you want to do anything, keep me awake. I'm really tired 'Mione," he said.

Shock pulsed through my system at those words; if Ron were to go to sleep he may never wake up again. I grabbed his arm and shook it as his breathing began to slow.


"I'm really tired... just want to go to sleep," he mumbled.

With all the strength I could muster I slapped him across the face and nearly screamed as his eyes slid closed. With a desperate attempt I pressed my lips firmly to his wrapping my rather warm hands around his neck.

There was one second, one painful second that I felt no response. One second in which I thought Ron had actually died for me and he was gone forever. I began to panic and tears welled up in my eyes.

I nearly cried with relief when his arms came around my waist and I felt his lips press back against mine.

What I had intended to simply shock him out of sleep and end, Ron intended to be something else. He refused to release my mouth. I fought with emotions and morals. He was my friend, this could ruin everything, there was too much to risk. In the end, however, his pliant lips won against my fears as I kissed him back with abandon.

His hands were like ice, even through my cloak and shirt. In a bold move I slipped them beneath my cloak pressing them to my considerably warmer sides. I felt him smile against my lips as I fought the urge for oxygen. This was just too good to let go of.

He pulled back, only giving either of us the time to breath before I lost myself in the taste of chocolate and whiskey again.

A light and the sound of our prison door opening made us jump apart, Ron moving protectively in front of me.

"If you wish to escape I suggest you go now. Just keep going down in the corridors," Snape hissed.

The only way I knew it was him was because of his voice, the light was so bright compared to the darkness Ron and I had been encased in for who knows how long.

"It will lead you to the sewers, not exactly the most sanitary way out, but I would tend to believe you would prefer that to death. Go quickly!"

Ron and I didn't question Snape's orders as we swept from the cell...

Hand in hand.

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