Z Senshi's Institution For Fanfiction Authors

This idea was kinda taken from, Bananagirl's story The Official Fanfiction University of Dragonball Z. But I've changed it. I highly recommend her story as it's hilarious! But the ending sucked… Sorry, but it did.

If anyone wants to be written in, just send me an email or a review saying that and some stuff about you. I will send you a questionnaire and will get around to writing you in eventually.


Oozaru Angel sighed and flopped down onto her bottom bunk. Bored, bored, bored. That was the one and only way to describe her mood. Her internet connection was playing up so she couldn't go online, she'd finished the latest chapter for Far Away From Home and she wasn't in the mood to write, she didn't have any homework for once, she didn't have any good songs to make AMV's too, it was raining so she couldn't take her dog Indy for a walk and her brother Daniel was sleeping over at a friends so she couldn't annoy him. What else was there to do?

Oozaru Angel grinned and ran to the PlayRoom as her brother called it and grabbed a sketch book and a pencil. DRAWING!!!! Oozaru immediately sat down and began her sketch, Ah, here we go! A teenager… With short blonde hair wearing a orange and blue gi and a katana on her hip… Maybe I should do Goten-chan standing next to her… With out a shirt! Yeah!

The teen was so absorbed with her drawing she didn't even hear her mother yelling out it was bedtime. Till the tenth time anyway. "I'M GOING NOW MOM!!!!!!"

Oozaru Angel changed into her blue tank top (with two red butterfly's on the front ") and blue three-quarter pants and climbed up to her top bunk. She lay there for about a half an hour before she sat up. I can't get to sleep, she looked around her room for something quiet to do. Suddenly, something, or someone, crashed through her window.

"HOLLY SHT!!!!" She cried before jumping down from her bunk and running to the aid of the dark haired man lying on her carpet, "Are you okay, man? What happened?"

He sat up rubbing his head, "Obviously I crashed through your window." He said.

Then he noticed the shocked look he was getting from the girl, and he had an idea it wasn't because of the window incident, "What's wrong?"

"You're… You're…"


"You're… YOU'RE JUUNANAGOU!!!!!!!" Oozaru cried, immediately running to his aid, "Oh my Dendae! I can't believe this! What are you doing in my room??? Can I have your autograph?"

"Uh… Sure." Seventeen said, "Sorry about your window, this is my first time…"

Oozaru grinned evilly, "Your first time what? If you're talking about something kinky I'm sorry to say I'm taken. Don't get me wrong, you're hot. But I'm a Goten gal, maybe Bard-kun if he came here demanding I take a bath with him, but I'm not really the type to chase after an android!"

Seventeen blushed and yelled, "I DIDN'T MEAN THAT!!! I MEANT IT WAS MY FIRST TIME PICKING UP A STUDENT!!!!!!"

"Good. Uh… Wait, student? What do you mean by that? Are you taking me to school?"

"Yes. But not one of your pathetic human ones!"


Seventeen blinked, "Funny, Piccolo and Vegeta said they normally get insulted by the pathetic part."

"I probably would be insulted, but I agree with you completely. All the other students at my school are complete idiots."


"So… Where are you taking me?"

"Oh, yeah," Seventeen picked himself up and dusted his jacket off, "You have been chosen to attend the Z Senshi's Institution For Fanfiction Authors. You will attend for four semesters before you can graduate. If you don't graduate, you can't write another fanfic about DBZ again."

Oozaru blinked, "Ever? I have to pick another anime?"

"If you don't graduate."

"Why was I chosen to go to this school?"

"We usually pick by going through fanfiction and seeing any problems that need fixing; OCCness, receptiveness, weird couplings, unoriginallity, plot lacking, and never ending Mary Sues." The android ticked off, Ana frowned.

"I see how that would apply to other authors, but why me?"

"27 B/V A/U's?"

"So? They all had different plots. Similar story lines. But they were different. And I kept Vegeta in character for the most part! Plus, pretty much all of them will never see the internet!"

"14 Random Comedy's?"

"They weren't random!"

"A Trunks/Marron romance?"

"…What's so bad about that?"


"Tch, touchy." Oozaru sighed, "Okay, I'll go to this school. Can't be that hard, it'll probably be fun!"

"Okay, a nimbus will be coming in the morning to pick you up. Be packed then. And you need to fill in these forms." Seventeen handed her some forms and Oozaru nodded, then he flew out the window.

"Hmm… I wonder why Mom didn't hear any of that? Oh, well!" Any other girl would have considered that the whole event might have been a dream. But Oozaru wasn't that type. She'd seen it with her own eyes so she believed it and she wanted to. Plus, even if it was a dream, why not play along? The self-proclaimed authouress sat down at a desk and grabbed a blue pen.

Now, as some of you may have noticed, Oozaru here is a pretty annoying kid. She's pretentious, a know-it-all and considers herself far more intelligent than she really is. However, she was a fanfiction author and a pretty bad one at that. She liked OC Vegeta because he was 'sweet'. She liked fluff because conflict was 'sad'. She thought that the Vegeta's Little Sister story line was 'cute'. In other words, she was in dire need of some 'education'.

"Pen name? Oozaru Angel," She began to fill out, "Race? ½ human ½ saiyan. Favourite male character? Bardock. Favourite female characters? Bulma and Chichi, Favourite couple? Bulma and Vegeta. Odd couplings or series couplings? Series." Oozaru sighed, she had ten more pages, "Age? 13 and a 3 months. Favourite episode?" Oozaru frowned and tried to think, did she even have one? "Goku's Ordeal. Skills? (Writing and drawing do not count!) Kendo, netball and the throwing of bricks." Oozaru lied and closed her eyes. Oh, sure! Now I'm tired! She ploughed through the rest of the questions desperately keeping her eyes open. When she finally finished she realized she still had to pack.

Shoot! Why did Juunanagou come so late? Would it have killed him to give me more time to prepare? Now I've got to go find a suitcase…

The tired teen quickly left the room and snuck downstairs and managed to find a large suitcase. She pulled it upstairs and began putting away lots of cloths. She then put in a hairbrush and some hair and make up supplies (she didn't use make up very often but if she was to be gone for a long time she'd better be safe then sorry. Plus, what if she ran into Goten or Bardock?). After that she looked at a shelf on her wall that she considered her 'DBZ Shrine'. After much thought she decided she'd better bring all her DVD's and all her figurines. Who knows what I'll need?

Then, she packed up her laptop in its case and grabbed her black portfolio that doubled as a very thin suitcase. She put in that her watercolors, a sketchpad and some other supplies and put all three bags together.

"Good. Maybe NOW I CAN GET SOME FREAKIN' SLEEP!!!!!" And with that said she didn't even bother climbing up to her top bunk. She fell onto her bottom bunk and was instantly asleep.


And, that's that! If you wanna be in it, I'm gonna need two more peeps for the next chapter. PLEASE tell me if you want to be in as soon as possible as I can't start chapter two until I know!!! And you'll need to answer the questions that Oozaru Angel went through on the forms. As well as a physical description, and a personality one. Thanks.