Disclaimer: Not mine. Rating: R. Sex. Set: During the mini-series, after Apollo returns and finds Starbuck in the hangar.
Notes: I blame this entirely on people on LJ. And now hate everyone for making me write Starbuck/Apollo. But there is wall!sex, so I suppose I can't help it.

Having Someone to Live For
by ALC Punk!

"Does your father know you're alive?" She'd said it to taunt him.

Now Kara isn't saying anything, except for soft little exclamations that send shivers down his back. And he's not saying a damned thing, either, because his mouth is buried in the juncture of neck and shoulder.

And he doesn't think speaking would be a good idea because Lee isn't really sure what you say when you're frakking your best friend in an empty corridor because you're both alive.

Alive and whole and she is biting the palm of the hand that's over her mouth as she shakes from orgasm.

Lee takes a moment to let her collect herself.

"Always the gentleman," she'd mock.

Then it's his turn, and she growls when he thrusts, tightens herself, arches back. And he's falling off the edge of the world and flying without a viper.

"Done now, Lee," she murmurs against his neck.

He's sliding out, feeling sticky and wondering if the showers are free.

But he doesn't want to let go, quite yet.

Because they're alive.

"Lee." A finger pokes him. "Captain Apollo. I have duties to return to if you're quite done."

He thinks she's smirking at him as he pulls away, but he doesn't look, simply closes himself back into his pants and hoists the flight suit partway up. "I have reports to make."

"Yes, you do. Sir."

"Kara." He still doesn't want to look at her, suddenly can't bring himself to do so. Something sick builds in his gut as he reviews his actions. Grabbing her arm, yanking her down this corridor until there was space.

Anyone could have come by. He hadn't cared.

"Lee." She pokes a finger into his shoulder again. "Stop that."

"I, I shouldn't" have abused your trust.

"What're friends for?"

He chokes on a laugh, and looks finally at her face. She's half-smirking. "Yeah. Friends."

"Now, go make sure your father knows you're alive, Captain."

"You'll be..."

"I'm fine, you idiot." She waves a rag, probably was still holding it when he dragged her from the hangar, and begins cleaning herself off.

He thinks there's something he's supposed to say, but doesn't know what. "All right."

Lieutenant Thrace finishes her slap-dash ministrations and pulls her pants back up her legs. For some reason, he can't leave yet, and she looks up to find him still watching. "Am I really that intriguing, Captain?"

The words finally break her hold on him and he turns to go. "I'll catch you later, Starbuck."

"Much later." She calls after him.

When he isn't surprised (and oh, so grateful) that she's alive. When he isn't considering the alternatives, if she wasn't as impetuous and arrogant as she is.

The idea that he could have returned to only his father scares him, and so he shoves it down, buries it as he buried himself in her not three minutes before. It also scares him that she didn't object.

But he isn't thinking, since, clearly, thinking gets him into trouble.