By Misarashi Tsukamaru

Summary: Naruto and Hinata get a little closer, and Kyuubi has a little gift for her.

Warning: This will have a lemon in later chapters

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or its characters and anything written here is for personal entertainment and not to be taken as factual.

"Normal speech"

"Kyuubi talking"


Chapter: 1 Wandering

Naruto couldn't fathom how this day could get much worse, first he had been attacked by Sakura for something he had done wrong. Then he was told that he wasn't going to be trained today because Kakashi needed to work with Sakura.

"Well why did I even get out of bed" huffed Naruto as he made his way to the Ichiraku.

With a sigh Naruto sat down and ordered a pork ramen. Half-heartedly he began to eat said food of the gods. As he finished his eighth bowl, he decided that he was finished and pulled out his cute frog wallet. Once paid for, he could have sworn that the old man looked happier than when he had arrived. 'Well as long as I made at least one persons day.' Thought Naruto.

Looking about him, he saw the glares in his directing, the people turning up their noses and walking away from him. "Well kit, you could just let me out and I could wipe the glares off their faces." Snarled Kyuubi. Letting out a frustrated sigh for the second time that day, he suppressed his sadness and put up his mask of cheerfulness.

Making his way to his apartment he had only one thought, 'I wish I had someone to hold me, but then again I would probably make them hate me.' With that though silent tears began to stream silently down his face. Luckily he had made his way to his apartment and fumbled with his keys for only a moment before heading inside and lying down in his bed.

As he lay in his bed, Naruto quietly cried to himself. It was then that he felt a sudden pain surge through his head. On a second painful surge he felt it emanate from his seal. "Well kit I'm tired of you being sad, so I'm taking over for awhile. Don't worry, I won't kill anyone unless I have too." At this statement in his head Naruto let out a soundless scream as his vision darkened and was replaced by the calm of sleep.

Kyuubi quickly gained control of the boy's body as his mind recessed. As Kyuubi look about he noticed that he needed to get new clothes, the boy's orange was not how he was going to walk around.

Heading to the shopping district he felt the glares of the villagers, he decided to play with a rather angry looking woman. Walking up to her he saw her eyes narrow. Once in front to her he smiled a rather wicked grin his fangs evident and his eyes flashing to his normal slited red.

"Well wench, do you really want to play this game?" as the woman seemed to shake as he let out a little killer intent and walked away, schooling his image as she dropped to he knees as she shook uncontrollably.

Once he entered a clothing shop he found satisfactory, Kyuubi began to browse. Finding the acceptable clothing he left the store more pleased with his purchase. It was then that a thought hit him, 'I'm in control; I should probably make the kit stronger. I don't want to go down if he's killed.'

Wandering aimlessly he eventually found himself at the team 7 training grounds. As he walked to the center of the field Kyuubi heard a poof and as fast as the boys reflexes allowed grabbed the unsuspecting Kakashi by the throat and pulled his face down to Kyuubi's eye level.

Kakashi had noticed that Naruto had come back, but what confused him was the new attire. Dark blue pants, and a long sleeve fishnet shirt with a dark orange t-shirt over it, but his movements were a little different so he went over to see what came over his overly loud student. Never in his mind did he imagine to be roughly pulled into the demonic gaze of Kyuubi. With a gulp he hoped it would turn out all right.

Frustrated with what he had snatched he tossed Kakashi away. "Oh, it's just the kits sensei. Well what can I help you with fool? Answer quickly before I decide to gut you" growled Kyuubi as he gazed down into Kakashi's eye.