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Summary: When Kaiba and his golden puppy once again are fighting, they are caught on tape in a compromising situation. What happens when the tape is broadcasted over national television and they're outed as a couple in front of the whole of Japan? And what is wrong with Jonouchi?

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The Wrong Idea

Bu Shimisaki-kun

Chapter one – Picture Perfect

It was past seven, but the sun still shone brightly from the horizon, not quite yet willing to leave the sky and make room for the moon, illuminating the small clearing. The warm, yet cooling April wind blew past his face, whisking a few strands of brown hair out of place from the person lying in the grass.

The tall brunette was lying in the grass, wearing a blue school uniform, the jacket open and the top three buttons undone, with his eyes shut and a tiny smile, so small you almost couldn't see it if you didn't know what to look for, gracing his lips. He was lying on a long blue and white coat that protected him from the slightly damp grass, his hands were tucked behind his head.

He sighed, it had been such a long day. It felt so good to relax, only for a short time. He knew he had to go back soon, especially since Mokuba would worry otherwise. He had made a habit out of coming home early. He felt that he couldn't take the stoicness of his office, even in all its splendour. One day he had felt the sudden urge for actual human contact, even if it only involved Mokuba. He enjoyed the time he spent with his little brother, he didn't want to miss out on him as he grew up to the an extraordinary teenager Seto knew he would become.

Even though Seto still worked at Kaiba Corp most hours of the day, he tried not to stay up at the wee hours of the night to work as he had been doing in the past. He was a workaholic and he knew it. The only thing Seto would ever put before Kaiba Corp was his little brother.

He sighed again. Time was flying by and he really needed to get going soon. But he didn't want to leave just yet. He had stumbled across the clearing a few years prior and ever since, he came up here sometimes to think while he retreated from an especially stressful day.

He loved to just lie there and listen to the sounds of the forest, the birds and the slow, gentle ripple of a nearby brook. Out here he could relax, no need for the distant and unfeeling mask he wore in front of everyone but Mokuba. No need for snide remarks, no need for anything than to lie and think.

He was just about to get up when he heard the sudden snapping of a twig behind him. It made him sit up and look around.


As he sat and looked into the forest behind him, he heard the soft footsteps of a person walking into his direction from his side. Seto turned around again and glared at the intruder, his mask back in place.

His eyes narrowed down into a cold glare as they saw the unruly mop of blonde hair walking towards him.

Jou. His head was bent towards the ground and he was walking with his hands in his pockets. He was wearing a short green jacket over a black muscle shirt. He was also clad in dark denim jeans with holes at the knees and he had a pair his trademark expensive sneakers on.

"What are you doing here, mutt?" he asked with a snarl, standing up and grabbing his coat.

The blonde looked up, his amber eyes glaring a hole through Seto's skull. "I believe it's called walking, genius." Jou snapped back at him, not breaking eye contact.

Seto moved a few steps closer to Jou, dropping his coat onto a fairly large rock, his cold stare was totally avoid any feelings as he glared at Jou. "Is the cur out walking itself, or did it look for his master?" he sneered, smirking viciously at Jou, walking even closer.

Jou didn't even blink as the intimidating man moved closer. "I'm not a mutt! Stop it with the dog insults will ya?"

Kaiba smiled his usual cruel smirk. "Aww, did it hit too close for comfort, pup?" he asked, stopping only a few steps away from Jou.

Jou glared at Seto, then he began walking past him when he slipped at something and tumbled towards the ground. He closed his eyes and waited for the hard impact with the ground as he landed, but as it never came, he cracked an eye open and stared into a white shirt with a small patch of skin showing. He blinked and looked up further, meeting steel blue orbs gaze down at him. Jou blushed from ear to ear when his brain processed the information.

"Look where you go, stupid mutt!" Seto growled at the stunned blonde. As Jou just lay like that, gaping like a fish, Seto grabbed a hold of his wrists and flipped him over, straddling him as he pinned him down.

"Wha…? What are you doing, asshole?" Jou said as he was trapped between the tall C.E.O. and the ground.

Seto answered him with a low voice that showed no real emotion. "Just keeping the mutt in place."

"Let me go!" Jou said as he twisted to get loose from the brunette's grip.

Seto smirked. "Let me think about it… no." This time you could almost hear the mirth in his voice, even though he tried to hide it.

"Let me go or I'll punch your fucking face in!" Jou shouted as he once more tried to break free, trying to push the taller man off of him.

"Language, mutt, language." Seto said, pinning the blonde to the ground, pushing his hands over his head, holding them at the wrists. "How about you beg prettily? I've wanted to hear you beg for a while now." Seto said, smirking.

"What?" Jou shrieked, his big golden-chocolate eyes where large and he once again tried to break free, failing again.

"Beg nicely and I'll let you go…" Seto said coldly, still smirking.

"No friggin' way, asshole!" Jou growled as he remained his composure.

Seto looked down at Jou, his golden bangs falling down into his chocolate eyes with those intriguing golden spots dancing around. Seto couldn't help smirking. He looked so helpless lying there like this, his arms pinned over his head and his full lips slightly parted. Seto leaned down, placing his mouth near Jou's ear.

As Seto's breath tickled the shell of his ear he shuddered. He looked up at the taller brunette, trying to keep his glare, only to find that Seto had closed his eyes, dark lashes fanning out over smooth, pale cheeks. "Wha…?" Jou began, but his heart skipped a beat and made him fall silent as Seto started talking into his ear in a hushed voice.

"Don't forget who your master is, pup, or I'll have to remind you." He whispered before putting some distance in-between their faces, Seto's still hovering over Jou's, only a few inches apart. "Now," he continued in the same soft voice as before. "I think you have something you'd like to say, right, pup?" he said.

Jou bit back a whimper and closed his eyes, turning his face away from Seto. "P… please… C-can you get off of me, please?" Jou whispered, so quiet Seto almost didn't hear. This time Seto smiled an authentic, joyous smile for the first time in years.

He nodded and leaned down again. "Good puppy, even the dirtiest mutt can be trained, right?" Seto said before he withdrew, standing up he walked over to where he had left his coat and picked it up. He slung it over his slender shoulder and started walking away, leaving a dazed Jou behind.

Jou blinked. He could feel that Seto had left, both by the cold rush of air that surrounded him and the missing warmth that had surrounded him the past few minutes. He sat up and caught sight of Seto's retreating back as he walked in between the trees. "Fucking bastard!" he shot after him, but Seto just waved him off before he disappeared completely.

Jou growled and got up before he angrily stomped off into the other direction. He moaned quietly, running a hand through his mussed hair, pulling his jacket tighter around his lithe body as the wind blew harder, making the branches rattle menacingly above his head.

"Bastard." he whispered quietly, walking into the darkening forest, trying to ignore the burning tears that threatened to come out. He would not cry, he wouldn't give Kaiba that satisfaction.


The sun had already started it's long walk on the brightening sky when the golden rays shone through a pair of heavy, dark blue, satin drapes, only halfway covering a large French window, and landed on the face of a pale brunette. He stirred as the light grew brighter and slowly opened his eyes.

He yawned and stretched, pulling his hands over his head and cracking his back to get rid of the kinks. He slowly swung his legs over the edge of the bed and sat his bare feet down onto the cold wooden floor.

He determinedly walked the few steps through the room and into the adjoining bathroom, done entirely in blues and whites. He walked over the pale blue tiles and stopped at the large shower. He let his pants fall and stepped into the cabin, pulling the door closed behind him.

He turned a knob and soon there came water flowing down five showerheads, one on each side and a large showerhead in the roof. Seto sighed and allowed himself to relax under the hot sprays of water as he started to clean himself, reaching for the shampoo.


"Yugi! Yami!" Jou shouted as he ran up to the two shorter and spiky haired boys, his violet eyes watching the blonde.

"Hi, Jou!" he shouted and waved. "Yami, should I ask him?" Yugi asked the slightly taller boy that was leaning on the wall.

"Do what you think is right, aibou." He answered, pushing himself up from the wall, dusting his clothes off.

"Good morning." Jou panted as he stopped in front of them, smiling at them.

"Morning Jou." Yugi said, looking at the blonde boy as if he was trying to decide something.

"Anything wrong, Yugi?" Jou asked, raising an eyebrow as Yugi turned to Yami to whisper something before turning back to him.

"No… I was only wondering… why didn't you tell us? We wouldn't have said anything if you didn't want us to, you didn't have to keep it a secret." Yugi said mysteriously.

Jou blinked. What was he talking about? Keep what a secret? "Um… Yugi, what are you talking about?" Jou asked, eyeing his small friend.

/Yugi, he doesn't want to talk about it. Wait until he's ready. Maybe he hasn't even seen it yet. And even if he has... /

I know, Yami. But I'm his friend, and I want him to be able to talk to about these thihngs."Nothing, Jou. Just forget it." Yugi sighed and put on a bright smile, continuing to walk towards the school. "Now, come on, or we'll be late!"

Jou glanced at Yami who just shrugged and slantred after his small boyfriend, not wanting to lose sight of him.

"Is everyone nuts today? People have been staring at me all morning, and now his!" Jou muttered as he hurried after his two friends.


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