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Chapter 12

"Damn women…" Dark grumbled, closing the door behind him as he came into the Niwa house. "Why are they always so moody?"

The red-head sitting in the living room looked up upon hearing the thief's irritated complaining. "Oh, someone stopped by to see you, Dark-san!" He remembered, getting up and taking the folded piece of paper from his pocket. Before he could offer it to the muttering teen, Dark took it from him and set it on the table as he kicked his shoes off.

There was a pause. Daisuke watched for a second as his would-be brother took off his coat, his gaze flickering back to the note. "Umm…aren't you gonna read it?" He asked cautiously, partially curious as to what it said.

Dark glanced at the note, seeing his name written on it in what he could guess was a girl's handwriting. A bit curly, all tied together in cursive. Then he shook his head. "It can wait. I had a rough day." He told Daisuke.

The younger boy blinked. "But…" He thought for a second, as though trying to recall the details that had been given to him. "It's from a girl…"

"I figured." Dark sighed, sitting down in front of the table and leaning back in the chair. He drummed his fingers on the table top for a second. "Did she give you a name?"

Daisuke inwardly cringed, for he knew the question would come up, and he couldn't remember what on earth she had called herself. "I…can't remember…" he admitted, biting his lip. "But I'm sure she signed it, so if you read it…"

The adolescent raised a brow. "You're just dying to know what it says, aren't you." He scoffed.

Daisuke turned a little red. "N-no!" He fibbed, sitting down across the table from his other half.

Another sigh from Dark as he took the paper and unfolded it. "If it'll get you to quit bugging me, I'll read it." He decided, skimming the paper over. As he neared the end of the note, he blinked…and smiled a little. "Hey Dai, where's the phone?" He asked, refolding the note and shoving it in his pocket.

Daisuke groaned. "Aren't you gonna tell me what it says?" He asked hopefully. Dark shook his head.


"It's in my room…" Dai whined, hanging his head.

Dark laughed, getting up and ruffling the boy's spiky hair as he passed. "Good man, Daisuke. Catch ya later."


Jenny sighed contentedly, sliding down into the warm water and closing her eyes. Norah Jones played softly from a CD player on the bathroom counter and she hummed along with it. No Rikaru, no Dark; just her in the house, in a relaxing bath, her hair tied up in a messy bun with a few stray wisps clinging to her neck. The mix CD she'd made for just such an occasion was changing from Norah Jones to Shunichi Miyamoto(1), an artist more her culture.

The afternoon was going very well, to her standards. Then the phone rang. She growled in protest, opening one cerulean eye and glaring at the phone that was ringing relentlessly on the counter. "Fuck off." She muttered. It didn't oblige.

Fed up, she reached up and grabbed the phone.

"This had better be good." She growled, turning the music down a little.

"It is. I got your note." Dark said on the other end of the line.

She felt her cheeks burn. "Umm…about that…" She had asked him to call her in the note, if she remembered correctly, but as things were… "You sorta caught me at a bad time…" She moved to a more comfortable position in the bath, and the thief caught the sound of water splashing a little.

He choked, trying not to laugh. "Whoops." He was clearly not sorry for the mistake, either. "Sorry about that, Angel. You should've said you would be busy!"

She sighed. "Well you should've waited to call me!" She shot back, not really angry. After a moment of thinking, she pulled the plug from the bath drain and got out, wrapping a towel around herself. "Dark, the reason I wanted to talk was…" She sighed again. "I was acting really childish today, and I was really embarrassing myself, and I'm really sorry. Would you forgive me?"

There was a brief moment of silence, and she held her breath. "Well…" He began thoughtfully. "I suppose I could…for another date. And a real one this time; no running off on me!"

She reddened a little. "Umm…well, I…" She bit her lip, cutting herself off before she said something she'd regret. She had no plans for the rest of the week, except for school, which she never went to anyways, and therefore had no reason to turn him down. "I'd…love to." She decided at last, smiling to herself.

"Cool; so I'll be around to get you in a couple hours, then?" He suggested.

Jenny glanced at the clock as she entered her room and dug through dresser drawers in her room. "Okay. I'll be here." She agreed. "Later!" And she hung up, kicking on her stereo.

In a couple of minutes, she had on a pair of hip-hugging camouflage jeans and was still searching for a shirt. Three or four were thrown aside on her unmade bed, rejected completely.

"Dammit," She cursed, "nothing matches camo!" She sighed, aggravated again.

"Green, black, and brown, baby sis!" Rikaru said, poking her head in and smiling.

Jenny all but jumped out of her skin, holding a shirt over her bare upper half and glancing at her sister. "You frickin scared me!" She pointed out, sighing. "Don't do that, Rika…"

Rika giggled at her, going into the closet and flipping through shirts. "Jeez, don't you have anything good? I need to take you shopping." She muttered, ignoring the glare her sister sent her way. Finally, she pulled out a black halter top and smiled. "How come you never wear this?" She quizzed.

Jenny threw aside the shirt in her hands and snatched the top from Rika. "Why are you so nosy?" She shot back, rolling her eyes and pulling on the top. Its hem didn't quite reach the rise of her jeans, and the small glittering ring in her bellybutton was visibly shimmering as she turned in front of the mirror. She groaned.

"It looks very cute." Rika assured, recognizing the groan. "What're you worried about?"

Jenny pointed at her piercing. "This."

"Well why'd you get it if you weren't gonna show it?" Rika inquired, crossing the room and digging into a drawer for make up. There wasn't really much to find.

Biting her lip, the younger girl untied her ponytail and began to braid her hair. "I pierced it on a dare, last year. Andrea got a tattoo and I had to get a piercing; my tongue, nose, or bellybutton." She explained. She flinched as Rika dabbed some glitter on her cheeks.

"Such is the way of my stubborn esu, who never turns down a challenge." Rika laughed, handing over a tube of mascara. "I have some lilac eye shadow that would look excellent on you." She said with a smile, going off to her own room to get it.

Jenny watched her go. 'It's like we never fought this morning…' She thought to herself, tying off her braid with a black ribbon and draping it over her shoulder. She glanced at the mirror again, tilting her head to the side and staring for a minute or two. "Is that…really me?" She asked the reflection, chewing a little on her lower lip. The mirror-girl copied her, so she reasoned that yes, it was her. She sighed, accepting the eye shadow pencil (2) that Rika handed her. It was a very subtle, light lilac and she didn't want, nor need, to put on very much. The same applied to the mascara, and not a single word of Rika's persuasion could convince her to wear eyeliner. The music continued to play from her stereo, sort of like a background.

You're waiting for someone to put you together; you're waiting for someone to push you away. There's always another wound to discover. There's always something more you wish he'd say.

As the familiar whirring of a Yamaha engine came within earshot, Rika hugged her little sister. "You look perfect. Knock 'em dead."

Jenny half-smiled, shoving some money into her pocket. "I'm nervous." She admitted, fumbling with her locket.

"Don't be." Rika told her with a shrug. "Be yourself and you'll do just fine." She started to urge her sister down the stairs, but ended up stopping her halfway. "Hold on, let me go first." She decided.

She skipped into the kitchen, smiling and waving a little at Dark, who had let himself in. He raised a brow and waved back.

"Um, Rika? Where's…" He began, but she held up a hand to stop him.

Clearing her throat, she waved towards the stairway. "Presenting," she announced, "the truly fabulous, perfectly adorable, Jennifer Desire Masaki!" As she said the last bit, a rather embarrassed Jenny came down from her step.

Jen smiled a little, staring down at the black-and-pink Etnies that were on her feet. "Hey…" She murmured, looking back up a little and blushing somewhat at the look she was getting.

Dark blinked, swallowing to try and cure his throat suddenly going dry. He had never seen her dressed up before, yet she seemed to be meant for those clothes, for that look. It was beauty like he'd never seen. Damn his hormones, he'd have to fight them all night. Perfection.

After a moment, he cleared his throat and smiled. "Well, shall we?" He offered, holding out his hand for her. She took it, nodding and following him out the door.

"Have fun, and behave!" Rika called after them, shutting the door behind her sister. Jenny nodded, taking a breath and glancing at her escort.

He had chosen to wear his trademark, it seemed, black biker-like boots and black jeans, but for a change of pace it looked like he wore a white blouse with slits on the cuffs. It was buttoned up all the way—with the exception of two buttons near the top—and the collar was folded down. As per usual for the Phantom Thief, his violet tresses were messy and careless, yet somehow perfect.

"Hey, you comin'?" He called. Jenny blinked, not realizing the fact that he was already on the motorcycle and she was still on the steps.

"Yeah!" She smiled, skipping steps and sitting behind him on the bike. As he started it up, she wrapped her arms around his waist with no hesitation and closed her eyes. It was finally perfect.

He's everything you want, he's everything you need. He's everything inside of you that you wish you could be. He says all the right things at exactly the right time, but he means nothing to you and you don't know why.

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