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Summary: 3 years after the war and Athrun and Cagalli haven't seen eachother since. Now when they do, how will they cope? Oh yeah, Gundum Seed Destiny does not happen in this story. Athrun x Cagalli.

On with the story…

To set my eyes on you again

Athrun and a few of his friends were in his car on their way to this new night club they heard about. Athrun was in the driver's seat and Dearka was in the passenger seat. Ysak and another friend were at the back.

"Tonight is gonna be fun!" exclaimed Dearka as he just leaned back on his seat.

"It had better be!" Ysak said.

"Hey Athrun, you listening?" their other friend, Segie asked looking at his friend who was driving. There was no response. Athrun was looking at the road but his mind was somewhere else. He was thinking of her. The girl who told him the bigger picture in life back when he didn't know what to think. The girl who was the prinsess of Orb. The girl who had his heart and still had it till now. The girl who he-


"Huh? Wha-what!" Athrun asked as he was back in reality. "What's wrong!"

"What's wrong is, we're hear and you're staring at nothing!" Ysak said opening the door for him.


"Dearka and Segie are already inside." Ysak said as Athrun exited the car. "Said something about how they heard the opening acts will be way cute."

"Ha! Typical." Athrun laughed as the entered the building.

"Hey Guys! Over here!" yelled Dearka from a table up front to Ysak and Athrun as the entered. They both saw them and started heading for the table. When they were steated, they ordered drinks and started talking. But then, they started to hear applausing. They all turned to the stage as they saw a girl with blonde hair and a guitar in her hands sitting down on a stool. They didn't see her face at first because it was covered by her light blonde hair. But Athrun suddenly felt strange. But as soon as the girl was seated, they saw her face. As soon as Dearka and Ysak saw her, they both spit out the drinks that had entered their mouths. The girl was wearing a white mini skirt and a tight black sleeveless shirt that had a red outline and said 'What are you looking at?' and showed her belly botton. She had a white bandana with silver sequens on her head and black leather boots until the bottom of her knee. And her eyes were gold.

"Man, she has got to be the hottest looki-" Segie was cut short because Dearka and Ysak covered his mouth to much and made him fall.

"Shut up man! That's Athrun's-" Dearka wasen't able to finish because Ysak shushed him.

"Dearka!" Ysak yelled looking at Athrun who was staring at the girl on stage. He was just staring. Not taking his eyes of her. Only one word ecaped his mouth.


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