Puppet Master 2139

Prologue: The Legend of Toulon's Puppets

It is the year 2139; rumors had it that over a hundred years ago, a benign toy maker/puppeteer by the name of Andre Toulon invented living puppets with a strange chemical formula, a little bit of mechanics, and a little bit of magical powers from Ancient Egypt.

Beforehand, before World War I, his Retro puppets, the puppets he made before making the later ones, went to protect their master and the love of his life.

His goal was to entertain children, but other people throughout the age wanted that power to win wars, reanimate corpses, etc. In order to protect his beloved creations, he had to run away from Nazi Germany to keep the secret away.

Before leaving the country to America, he waged his personal war on most of the Nazis with his puppets. The puppets went mad went their master subsequently committed suicide in the Bodega Bay Hotel, murdering those who came across them.

But soon, a new master emerged to protect them, but the demon pharaoh Sutec soon became obsessed with getting his greedy demonic hands on the magic. The puppets bound together with their new master, Rick Myers, his human friends, and the spirit of their original master to defeat Sutec.

Soon a dastardly Dr. Magrew went into this business to turn people into puppets like Toulon's! The puppets stopped him and saved the day!

Eric Weiss, a grown man from when he was a boy Toulon saved from a resurrected Hitler (as a puppet), became another master for the puppets. A rogue agent named Maclain discovered the master's secret and went after him, but the puppets defeated him and saved their new master.

Soon, the puppets decided to go into hiding once again. The secret of giving life to the inanimate has been locked away with them. Now left in historical preservation, the Bodega Bay Hotel held within its walls the cases that protected Toulon's puppets, magic, tools, and secrets from the rest of the world.

But this was only conceived as only a rumor, but the Hotel remained intact for historical reasons, and the cases have never been found (again).