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You're such a Beautiful Disaster

Sora was pinned against the wall, his breath heavy and labored.

"R-Riku..." The name came out as a moan as the boy's lips found its way to a hot spot on Sora's neck. Skilled fingers made quick work of his shirt.

"Don't..." Riku's hands touched the belt that held his jeans up. Sora tried to look at Riku in his misted state of vision, but Sora couldn't look his partner in the eye. He tried his best to hold back his moans as Riku touched places he didn't even dare to touch on his own.

Then again, he had to be quiet.

They were making out in the Teacher's toilet.

To make things worse,
Riku's lips were about to touch his member.

Sora moaned, his hands slipping into that mop of silver hair, he but his tongue and tried his best not to make too much noise.

"Who's in there?"


No, wait. SHIT.

Riku had stopped, pulling away, wiped his mouth in the process. Riku pecked the trembling brunette on the cheek before saying softly in his ear, "Sorry sensei...You're going to have tofinish iton your own..."

Sora covered his mouth to hold back the tears... He was so hard...PAINFULLY SO...

The only words he found in his pitifully limited vocabulary to describe Riku now was...


Riku walked out of the cubicle, greeting the intruder with a 'yo, 'sup sensei'. Sora tried so hard to not make a sound andpray that the both of themwould just leave.

"Next period is about to start! What are you doing in here, Riku? GET OUT!"


"Alright, class. That will be all for today." Sora announced, he had already held the students back for twenty minutes because he couldn't finish a chapter with mid-year right around the corner. They had all groaned but they still paid enough attention to the important points mentioned.

He was about to head for the bathroom when he saw a few girls crowd around the boy that had almost drove him mad a few hours ago.

"Hey Riku, want to come to the party Kairi is hosting tonight? She practically begged us to ask you to go...She's too shy to ask you personally..." Riku smirked to himself.

Sora had gathered enough courage to walk over there and smack one of the heads of the girls lightly.

"Talk about these things after you leave the class room, ok? I need to have some quiet time and I plan to have it here. You're not making it easier for me." Sora had a fake smile on his lips, trying his best not to look at Riku.

The girls had laughed.

"Oh, we almost forgot...Kairi's party is for cool people, and she thinks you're pretty hot, sensei...Why don't you come too?" Sora stared at them for a moment, a blush coloring his pale cheeks for a brief few seconds.

Riku had slammed his fist onto the table.

The whole assembly stared at him.

"Sorry ladies, but Sensei and I have an appointment. Tuition for Biology, right?" Riku's ocean blue eyes scared him now.

"R-Riku?" one of the girls managed to stutter, reaching out to touch his arm.

"Come on, sensei. Let's go."


He couldn't believe his ears. How DARE they ask Sora along? Sora was his and his alone. He didn't want to share him with anyone else. If anyone dared touch a strand of Sora's hair...he'd probably rip that person's head off and turn him into bloody pulp.

He was practically dragging Sora down the hall, pushing open the door to the lavatory, he pulled Sora inside before turning around and claiming those petal soft lips of his teacher. A slender hand tried to push him away.

"Riku, please!" Riku had let Sora push him away, letting out a sigh as he watched his lover with a lazy gaze. Sora straightened his tie, smoothing the creases out of his shirt and re-adjusting his glasses, regained his honor.

"What happened out there, Riku?" Sora looked up at the boy with a worried expression. Riku said nothing, moving closer to his lover, pushing him against the wall, burying his neck in his nice, crisp white blouse.

"I love you."

Sora felt arms around his waist and against his back, a simple hug. He was awfully confused, but he patted the boy on the back anyway.

"I love you too."


Squall stepped out of the sleek black car, his pale face showing signs of annoyance and boredom. He really didn't want to be in the education industry in the first place. He sighed as he walked (or more like trudged) into his new school. He was nearly past the gate when he saw something (how about someone) that really caught his interest. There it was, through the window...

A certain pale, slender, cinammon haired person that seemed to young to be called a man.


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