You're such a Beautiful Disaster

You're such a Beautiful Disaster

Cloud took another sip of coffee, yawning for the nine hundredth time in two hours.

Sora glanced at his friend for a moment, before continuing his work on the computer.

"Cloud, how long did you sleep last night?"

His blonde friend just blinked at him twice before finally absorbing what he had just said.

"Umm. Half an hour, I think. And boy, am I full of energy."

Sora stared at him as if he was a rabid tiger.

"Cloud, that's not healthy." The spiky-haired blonde was just staring into space, as if in deep thought.

Sora was, once again, staying back in the staff room to squeeze in some more paper work and mark a few more comprehensions before heading home to get his daily dose of Riku and going to bed.

He shot a worried glance at Cloud, who was now listening to a blue ipod mini. (HAHAHA, oh, wait. Am I the only person finding this funny? ...right. I'm sorry.)

Cloud seemed to notice his friend's worry, and he raised the little mp3 player in the air and waved it around somewhat reluctantly, (his arms weren't functioning as well as they used to because of the lack of sleep) putting on his best smile, before pointing to the little screen and saying, "I'm fine! MCR keeps me awake."

Sora smiled a small sympathetic smile. Sure, Cloud could be a slob sometimes, but he was reliable.

He sighed, turning back to his own work, Sora continued editing the composition notes he had been working on for about two nights straight. (when he normally gets work done in one night.)

...It was all Riku's fault.

Sora blushed.

And at that moment, Cloud decided to look up from his exam paper.

"Oh...Sora-Wora's thinking of something naughty..."

Sora's eye brow twitched, before he slapped Cloud on the head with the closest composition stack he could find.



Cloud glared, trying very hard to rub the pain off of his head when the door slid open.

"Take a nap, Mr. Strife." Cloud jumped at the chocolaty voice, and looked up to meet a set of stormy gray eyes.

"P-Principal." Sora blushed, turning back to his composition notes, he gulped. He just wanted to get home as soon as possible.

Cloud 'hmphed', before turning away to continue fitting in math questions that wouldn't send the seventh graders on a mass suicide roll.

Sora scratched the back of his head a little, smiling to himself in embarrassment, turning to his own work.

He tensed as he felt weight settle on the side of his desk.

"Are you attached, Sora?"

Cloud nearly spat out his coffee.

Sora looked as if he would gladly teleport to Siberia and never come back.


Squall seemed to lean in closer, interested in what he had to say.

"He's taken!"

Both brunettes looked up to a grinning blonde (whose palms were sweating).

And what Cloud said next nearly made Squall choke and Sora vomit blood.


Riku sneezed.


They were walking out into the parking lot, having left the principal back in the staff room.

"What were you THINKING?"

Cloud sighed, shaking his head.

"I WASN'T thinking!"

Sora felt the urge to slap his best friend, but decided against it. He kinda DID save his and Riku's butts.

"I saved you a lot of trouble, didn't I?"

Cloud received a look that said 'and-my-aunt-is-a-circus-performer-who-travels-the-world-riding-an-elephant'.

"At least be thankful I didn't make someone up!"

The blonde shot the brunette a glare as he got into the passenger seat, crossing his arms indignantly after he put on his seatbelt.

Sora sighed, getting into the driver's seat, he pulled on his seatbelt as well.

"Just don't let Riku know about this, or he'd go ballistic."


"You did WHAT?"

Riku felt like wringing that pretty little neck of the blonde PE teacher.

"I'm just telling you! There's nothing going on between Sora and I! You to can go on with your lives and Ill go on with mine! I'm just informing you."

Cloud sighed, looking out the staffroom window nonchalantly, watching girls play soccer.

Riku thought he was going to blow a vein.

"You had the guts to even SUGGEST-"

"What's going on here?"

He two people in the cubicle stiffened at the interruption, both looking up with strained smiles.


Squall was leaning against the side of the cubicle, peering in with an elegant tilt of his chin.

Cloud stood and guided Riku by the shoulders to the door, all the while still facing the brunette; turning only to glare at the silver-haired youth as they exchanged annoyed looks.

As soon as the boy was out the door, Cloud felt a weight on his shoulders.


Cloud almost dropped the stack of papers he was whirled around to face the tall brunette.

He dropped it when he was pushed against the wall.


"Tell me the truth, Cloud."

The blonde shivered, looking away from his Principal, he put a hand against a firm chest to steady himself.

"I did tell you the truth." Cloud looked up and smiled, feeling awkward with his old school classmate pinning him against the wall with his face so close to his own.

Squall didn't respond, but continued to regard the blonde with an elegant raised eyebrow.

"You've always been a bad liar, Cloud."

Cloud's hand started exerting force on that hard chest.

"Not so close, Squall..."

The brunette chuckled, before pressing against the blonde with renewed strength.

"Why? I thought you used to have a thing for me?"

Cloud froze, but only for a second, before shoving the taller man off him rather rudely.

Blue eyes glared into stormy gray ones.

"That was back in University, Squall. It doesn't mean anything anymore."

The brunette frowned, before brushing some invisible lint off his shoulder, looking Cloud straight in the eye again, he kept an even tone.

"Of course."

Squall brushed himself off, taking a move toward the blonde.

Cloud took a step backward.

Squall smiled to himself, nodding, reaching to put a slender finger against Cloud's forehead, he pushed.

And then he left the room.