Harry Potter and the new Alliance

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Summery: Yet another HP/LOTR crossover. Harry, Ron and Hermione return to Hogwarts for their 6th year. Harry is still depressed over Sirius's death. Who is the DADA teacher? Who is this mysterious Strider and what connection does he have with Sirius? And why is Draco Malfoy acting so strange? WARNING OOTP SPOILERS! (If you have not read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix you will not understand the story)

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Harry Potter was tossing around in his bed restlessly. Outside the sky was turning ruby red. Harry raised himself from the bed with a groan. He could not understand how he had gotten so lazy, but after the death of his godfather, Sirius, nothing really mattered anymore.

Sirius's death it still hurt to think about it. Sirius had been one of the few persons who did not see him as the saver of the world, or the attention seeking brat. No, to Sirius he had only been Harry. And now he was gone. Harry looked at the sky, where stars were now glittering. Harry soon found the star he was looking for, Sirius, the brightest star in the sky. A little voice inside him told him it was his fault Sirius died. If only he had listened to Hermione, Sirius might still be alive. Harry gripped his head. He wished he could make the voice stop, stop dreaming about Cedric, stop seeing Sirius fall behind the veil, knowing he would never return.

Harry was pulled from his miserable thoughts as at that exact moment the doorbell rang. A moment later he could hear the door open and two voices speaking. One belonged to Petunia Dursley, Harry's aunt; the other voice was a male voice he had never heard before.

Harry, now curious, slipped out of the room. Quietly, he slipped into the cupboard under the stairs. From there he could easily make out Petunia and the man who had spoken before. From the uniform he guessed that it was a policeman. To his surprise the man was holding someone in his grip, and that someone was Dudley, his fat bullying cousin. "What did Dudley do to get him in trouble with the police?" Harry mused. He was so deep in his thoughts, that he did not notice that the policeman showed Dudley inside. The high pitched voice of his aunt woke him out of his trance

"It can't be. You must be mistaken. Dudley can't be a hooligan; he wouldn't hurt a fly."

Harry fought hard to contain a snort. How naive could Petunia be? The policeman did not seem convinced by Aunt Petunia's behavior either.

"We caught him vandalizing cars, smoking, and throwing stones at people in the park."

Petunia looked shocked. When she opened her mouth no sound came out. Finally she managed to regain her speech.

"Thank you, officer, I will deal with him" she said, still in that high pitched voice, but to Harry it seemed as if there was also another emotion anger. He had never seen Aunt Petunia angry at Dudley. Normally she let all her frustrations out on Harry. Still confused by what he had seen, he silently sneaked back to his room. From downstairs he could hear Aunt Petunia shouting at Dudley.

When Harry went downstairs to breakfast next morning, he got an even bigger surprise Dudley was not occupying his usual seat at the Dursleys breakfast table. Dudley missing a meal! What would happen next Snape washing his hair?

"Where is Dudley?" he asked.

Aunt Petunia wrinkled her nose, as if detecting a foul smell, and bit her lip, as always when Harry dared to ask a question. Uncle Vernon's face turned and ugly shade of red. Finally she spoke "He is repairing the damage he has done." Aunt Petunia suddenly realized how much information she had given "Stop asking and eat your breakfast," she snapped.

Harry decided that it was better not to press the matter, so he turned his attention back to the food.

Out of the blue an owl landed at the table. Uncle Vernon face grew an even nastier shade of red. He looked like a balloon about to explode, yet he did not dare touch Harry, since it would get the attention of the Order of the Phoenix.

Harry removed the letter from the owl's leg and quickly asked to go to his room, which he was granted.

Once up in his room he swiftly opened the letter.

It read:

OWL results:

O - Outstanding
E - Exceeds expectations
A - Acceptable
P - Poor
D – Dreadful

Potions O
Care of magical creatures E
Charms E
Transfiguration E
Herbology A
History of Magic P
Astronomy A
Divination P
Defense Against the Dark Arts O

Harry felt very pleased with himself as he read the results. He had expected to fail Potions. Harry could almost imagine the face that Snape would make when he would continue to show up in his class.

There was something else in this letter, but Harry decided to check it out later. The rest of the day he spend reading "Quidditch through the Ages" and doing the rest of his homework. Harry yarned deeply, glancing at his watch. It was already 11pm.

He took his glasses off and crawled into bed. He would read the rest of the letter tomorrow, he decided before falling asleep

The next day Harry awoke unusually early. Since he was not able to get back to sleep, he decided to get downstairs to make himself some breakfast. No, The Dursley family was not awake yet. Except for the occasional snoring of his cousin Dudley, there was no sound in the house, leaving a rare silence.

In almost no time he had prepared himself some eggs, bacon, toast, and tea. Not wanting to encounter any of the Dursleys once they woke up, he took his plate to his room and locked the door. Two minutes later Harry could hear footsteps downstairs.

When Harry had finished his food, he continued to read his Hogwarts letter. Like every year it contained the booklist for Hogwarts, though that was not all. When he opened the letter a small piece of parchment and a small object that looked like an amulet fell out with the booklist. Harry carefully took the amulet in his hand. It glimmered in the early morning sun, which was shining though his window. The amulet was covered with runes Harry could not read. Hoping to find am explanation, he opened the letter that was sent with the medallion.

Dear Harry,

The amulet you are holding in your hand has a great magical power. It was made by elves, wise and immortal beings. It will glow blue when danger is near. I will explain everything, once you are back in the headquarters.

Once again I wish to apologize for the mistakes I made. I know it is hard to lose someone dear to you, but you have to continue fighting. Now, those words may seem absurd, but later you will understand.

Albus Dumbledore

Once again Harry felt his temper boiling. Why did Dumbledore still leave him in the dark, after what happened with Sirius? A little voice inside him objected. It had not been entirely Dumbledore's faultIf he had studied Occlumency, this might never have happened. Torn between anger and curiosity, his curiosity prevailed, and he decided to send a letter to Hermione. Maybe she would know what those mysterious runes meant.

Hedwig hooted softly when Harry put the letter on her leg. A minute later she took off through the open window. Harry looked after her, until she appeared to be only a small spot on the horizon.

He spent the rest of the day in his room, reading the books that Hermione had sent himwhich included Occlumency for beginners and A Guide to Wandless Magic

When Harry went down for dinner, the Dursleys were already sitting at the table. Wordlessly Harry sat down.

Without warning the amulet started to glow blue. Hastily, Harry tried to run upstairs to get his wand, in case he needed to defend himself, but Uncle Vernon was blocking his way.

"What is this thing?" he snarled. "Were did you get it?" Uncle Vernon's voice got louder spit flying everywhere. Harry backed away a few steps "STOLE IT DIDN'T YOU. I'LL SHOW YOU WHAT WE DO WITH CRIMINALS LIKE YOU I'LL…………"

He never managed to finish his sentence. With an ear-shattering bang the door was blasted out of its frame. In the darkness outside Harry could make out seven figures. He did not know what to do. Without a wand he was helpless.

All of a sudden there was a "pop." Aurors appeared everywhere in the room. After a short time most of the Death Eaters were either stunned or had decided to flee. Still shocked, Harry turned to the Aurors.

A familiar voice spoke. "We can't stay here Harry Let's go." It was Kingsley Shacklebolt "But…" 'Harry started.

"No time for it now" Kingsley retorted. "I will explain once we are on our brooms."

"I just wanted to know how you knew I would be attacked. And why Dumbledore left me in the dark again" Harry snapped back angrily

Another familiar voice, Remus Lupin, spoke. "Dumbledore…." He paused, then said, "It is just too dangerous to send information in these dark times But don't worry You will find out soon enough"

Harry though still unsatisfied with Remus's answer, did not protest and went up the stairs to gather his stuff for his journey.

It did not take long, and soon they were once again soaring toward Number 12 Gimmauld Place Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix.


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