Chapter 4! You like? Oh, major darkness here. Deals with a theme that revolves through most of my fics.

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Chapter 4: Chasing Destruction

            And the leaves whirled as they flew through the air on silent wings.

            "Are you sure about this, Ash?"

            "Yes. I must finish it.' Ash replied, his voice hard and cold. Meowth shivered. Pidgeot and Persian had both disappeared, and now he was alone with his master and this girl.

            It wasn't a nice feeling.

            Ash had changed almost instantly. Now, all the kindness seemed to have bled out of him. He even felt cold.

            Meowth was worried.

            "With the darkness, I seal you." Ash whispered, watching in satisfaction as Serebii disappeared.

            His glowing green eyes stared past Meowth. "And now, I can find her again."

            The darkness around him broke into little wisps that vanished like smoke.

            "Let's go." Charlotte whispered. "We can't stay in the realm of time for too long, or else we'll be affected."

            Ash nodded and they slipped out through the hanging ajar silver gates.

            Meowth padded behind them, still worrying.

            It didn't get much better when Meowth finally found out whom Ash was talking about. He watched as the Dragon Master embraced the younger Thunder Guardian. Was he the only one that noticed the barely-concealed madness in her silver eyes?

            There was something dreadfully wrong with this whole picture.

            She was too wrapped up in him. If anything happened, the world could risk destruction.

            There was danger on western front.

            You have to help me. Meowth pleaded.

            Persian licked his paw and looked up slowly. Why?

            Can't you see it? Are you a blind fool? This system doesn't work!

            Of course it doesn't. Persian replied. It hasn't worked for lifetimes. All they want is to be alive and together.

            But the rest of the world! Meowth protested.

            Those two… the entire burden rests on their shoulders and their Chosen pokemon. It is a wonder they still live. A different voice broke in.

            Zapdos preened his eerily glowing feathers. It was nice to be out of his card.

            The balance hasn't worked ever since Serebii wrote it. She was too naïve. She wanted to keep Thunder a child of rainbows and light, but it was not to be. And when he fell, she tried to kill him.

            That's why the guardians are sacrificed.

            It's not a pretty fairy tale like it looks.

            Without thunder, ice is vulnerable. She will either freeze or burn and neither is pleasant.

            Fire will throw herself into danger to keep the two of them together, because she is Thunder's sister and she wants his happiness. No matter what it takes, they will, all three of them, try to keep the balance.

            Zapdos paused. You aren't a natural-born, are you?

            Meowth blinked.

            You were specially bred, correct? Not a wild pokemon.

            What does that have to do with anything? Meowth demanded.

            You know not the tales and trials about the three guardians. It is no wonder you are so fearful.

            You had best be careful, Pidgeot warned. Master Ash does not take kindly to failures. If you betray him, the results are dire. So don't even think about telling anyone this, especially not a mortal.

            Meowth was silent after that.

            Thunder's child hates Serebii now. If she had let him and ice live out their lives in peace, it would have been all right. But now he fights his Chosen pokemon, and she is too bullheaded to admit her wrongdoing. That is why the guardians are so bitter. It is not the duty they dislike, but the way they are nothing but puppets. Pretty little dolls for her to play with and break.

            She tried to kill them before.

            And they don't trust her anymore.

            Even Hope is turning as dark as Destiny. That is the worse case scenario. Hope and Destiny were supposed to balance each other out, but now, it's failing…

            "Dragonite! Hyper Beam!" Lance said, silver eyes blazing with fury as the challenger's Gyarados bit the dust.

            "Aw man!" Gary cursed. "Umbreon, go!"

            He counted on Dragonite having to recharge for Hyper Beam.

            He guessed wrong.

            Lance's eyes glowed palely for a bare second, before a thin smile crossed her lips. "Now, Dragonite."

            The earth around Umbreon exploded in a brilliant display of power, and when it cleared, Umbreon lay there unconscious.

            No challenge.

            Lance swept her cape around herself and left the arena. She walked down the hall, boots clacking softly on the tiled floor and opened the silver dragon-patterned doors to her room. "Come out, little one."

            "Aniki!" Ash cried, as he threw himself into her arms. "Lance-chan!"

            Lance smiled as she pressed a kiss on the top of his head. "I missed you."

            Ash nodded vigorously. "Yes! But now we can be together. I managed to seal Serebii."

            Lance's eyes widened. "Permanently?"

            "I hope so." Ash whispered. "I'm sick of being used as her toy. And I see how you and Charlotte feel about this whole twisted travesty of life."

            The Dragon Master didn't say another word as the stars swirled around them and the darkness flowed through them, as the silent tears fell and the gentle hands brushed them away, and the euphoria that followed.

End Chapter!

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