A/n: All right, this is an idea I got hanging around my friends and I decided to write. I am using songs from the Wicked soundtrack, and they are not in order. I also changed them into funny stuff to fit my story.

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Chapter 1: Dear Old Hogwarts

Draco Malfoy stood in the back of Dumbledore's office angry at Dumbledore. Ginny stood smiling twirling her long, curly red hair. Of course she wanted this. She wanted it so bad that she would do anything for this. Where there is Draco, who didn't want this at all.

"Are you bonkers? You know I hate muggles! I can't stand the site of them!" Draco yelled hitting the door.

"No Mr. Malfoy, think of it as a learning experience. Muggles offer a sense of attitude to your family. I don't understand what the big is." Dumbledore said sitting at his table looking at some parchment that was on his desk.

"Big deal is that I don't want to be stuck in America with a Weasley, living with muggles. My father wouldn't approve!" Draco said stomped around. Ginny rolled her eyes at her.

"You're just like everyone describes you." Ginny said sitting in the chair in front of Dumbledore's desk.

"Excuse me? Why the hell are you talking to me?" Draco asked.

"Mr. Malfoy, calm down." Dumbledore said.

"Okay fine, Professor, what if I was to say I would go? How could we miss a whole year of studying?" Draco asked, waiting for Dumbledore's answer.

"Simple, while attending Gershwin High School, Professor Snape, who will also be your chaperone, will teaching you." Dumbledore said gripping his hands together.

"Are you kidding? Someone is to find us." Draco said.

"Professor can't Professor McGonagall come not Snape." Ginny said whining.

"Both of you stop!" Dumbledore said getting angry. "Now Draco, you will go no matter what you say. And Ginny, Professor Snape is the only one the excels in all subjects, so he will teach. Now both of you, go pack. You leave in the morning and by muggle transportation." Dumbledore said standing up. The two stood up and walked out the door hating each other.

Ginny stood in her dormitory as Hermione ran her mouth off.

"Why did he choose you?" Hermione said jealous.

"Maybe he thought I knew more about the culture." Ginny slightly said.

"You smart…come on!" Hermione said aloud. "Whoops, that wasn't supposed to be heard."

"Obviously, I really know what you think about me." Ginny said.

"No, Ginny, I don't think that at all. I am just jealous. Well, that you get to go to America and live with muggles. Not jealous that you have to share a house with Draco Malfoy." Hermione said.

"I will bring you back something. What do you want? A rubber chicken?" Ginny laughed.

"Just bring me something good." Hermione laughed helping her with her bags. Walking down the steps, she rolled her luggage down the stairs seeing Draco standing there eating an apple. Chopping really loud, Draco was sitting on the suitcase he called his.

"So, little weasel decided to go?" Draco asked.

"It's not like I had a choice. Dumbledore is forcing us to go remember?" Ginny said hugging Hermione goodbye. Draco had a skim look on his face.

"What the hell is that mudblood doing here?" Draco asked knowing he was starting a fire.

"Malfoy, remember what happened in our 3rd year?" Hermione said stepping closer to him.

"Um…no." Draco said, with his voice getting scratchy.

"Oh, dear boy, I can't believe you don't remember, I punched you. I thought it hurt an awful lot. Do you want me to remind you?" Hermione said cornering him into the wall.

"Get the hell away!" He said pushing her a little. She laughed and walked off waving goodbye to Ginny. Ron and Harry entered to say goodbye to Ginny. Ron also wanted to give words of advice to Draco.

"Listen Malfoy, I am not here to start fights. I am a good man. But if you lay one finger on my sister, I am going to break that finger off, and then break the rest of you as followed." Ron said stepping away.

"Why the hell would I want to lay a finger on a poor little weasel like her?" Draco said. Ron and Harry walked off and leaving Draco and Ginny to sit and wait for Snape.

"Gosh! I am going to miss Hogwarts." Ginny said looking around.

"I won't!" Draco said.

"Well, I will." Ginny said looking around the hall and started to sing. "O hallowed hall and vine-drapped walls. The proudliest site there is. When gray and sneer my hair hath turned, I will still revere my lessons learned, in my days at dear old Hogwarts. My days at dear old….hog…hog….hog…dear old Hogwarts….."

"Oh please, Hogwarts sucks!" Draco said as he saw Snape arrived down the hall with 5 suitcases.

"Alright, we will take the carriage to the train station and then we will take the train to King's Cross, and from there, we will travel by muggle plane." Snape said.

"Plane, why not floo or portkey?" Draco asked annoyed.

"The whole point of you going to America is to learn the muggle workings of America. So no magic outside of what I teach you. Now, we have to wait a few moments, while I count my suitcases." Snape said.

"What's there to count?" Ginny said.

"Shut up! Never question a teacher. Alright…" He said opening the case. "We got Jack Daniel's, Rum, Vodka etc…We good to go!"

"Oh lord! Snape's a drunk!" Ginny cried!