Ranma and the Outers. After reading "All My Outers" by PsyckoSama, I got this idea. While his was a good idea, I had to change it slightly and then wondered where it would go. Hopefully, it will turn out pretty good. This is Rated "R" for language and adult situations. This will have lime-ish content, but will not be a lemon as I will not be describing or detailing those things.

NOTE: My usual two Beta-readers have been unavailable for some time, so until I get other beta-readers, I will be doing the pre-reading myself. Of course, this means that I may miss a few things. So if you notice some errors, please let me know.

A big thanks to Glazedlookineyes101 for helping me edit the story and fix a number of my errors. I do have to say that my ego as hit by the number of errors I had, but oh well I never claimed to be a professional writer. Though I will say that Glazedlookineyes101 did too good of a job and several of the lines I had for Ranma were corrected so I had to dumb those down a little to match his speech.

Chapter 1 Part 1: Ranma Wakes Up

For those that sleep there is but a few different ways to wake up. They can wake up either feeling good, or bad. For those that wake up feeling bad, there is usually a reason for it, be it because they are in pain or whatever. For Ranma Saotome, he usually wakes up feeling bad. Usually this was due to being tossed out a window or someone trying to drown him with water.

On this unusual morning, there was no sensation of being thrown out the window, nor was there the feeling of being splashed with water. However, he did have a horrific headache that refused to go away. Slowly his consciousness crawled out of the depths of sleep; and with it, his body began sending signals to his mind that all was not well.

'What hit me?' he thought. 'Oh well, at least the beds comfortable…' His mind stopped and started pulling sensations from the rest of his body and confirmed that yes, he was lying on a bed. 'When'd the Tendo's get a bed for me?' He thought then tossed that idea out. 'Naw, they'd never get one for me, not with Akane trying to drown me every morning… So… where am I?'

Unable to answer that question Ranma opened his eyes, or at least tried. 'Damn that's bright… Gods, my eyes hurt…' Unable to see anything through the bunging pain that was sweeping through his eyes he tried to use his other senses to discover where he was. 'Ok, so I'm in a bed… that'd mean I'm in Akane's room… no, not possible. Maybe Nabiki's? Nope, she'd kill me first.' Then his mind latched onto the only possibility left. 'How'd I get in Kasumi's bed? Oh man, if Akane knows she's really gonna kill me.'

Ranma was going to put his hand on his forehead, but he was unable to lift his arm. 'Huh? What the… my arm won't move?' He wiggled his fingers for a moment to make sure his arm was still attached and was relieved to still feel movement. 'Ok, well I guess they strapped me down for some reason…'

Trying his other arm, he discovered that it too was held down, as well as both of his legs. 'What the hell?' He tried to move his right arm again and this time he was rewarded with some movement, but a slight groan coming from beside him halted everything, including his breathing. 'That don't sound good…'

After the groan, he felt something shift on his left side and panic began to set in. 'What's that? No, WHO'S that?' He thought frantically as his body was suddenly fully awake and sending him an immense number of signals. 'Let's see… a groan… sounded like a girl… kuso… ok, um…' he used his fingers to find out more, then wished he hadn't. 'Kuso… she… she's asleep… on my arm… and her leg is covering mine… and… KUSO! My right arm is… is… held down by someone too!'

Swallowing shallowly, Ranma used his fingers and senses to discover a few more things that were even worse than finding out he was in a bed with two girls holding him down. 'Not good… there's two of them… and… and… we're… naked…' The smoothness of their skin against his as well as the sheets rubbing him in a sensitive spot made denying they were naked impossible. 'Ok… what to do… what to do… I know!'

Ranma then started moving his arms as best he could to try to get free without waking them. However, he found out a few very important details. 'Um… well… the girl on my left has long hair, really long hair. The girl on my right has short hair… um… short hair… that's has to be… um, Akane? Nabiki? Um… on my left… um... really long hair… that'd be… Shampoo?'

'Kuso! I must've been drugged or hit with a potion… or something…' he thought as that was the only way he could have ended up in bed with Shampoo and another girl. The fact that a drug and a potion were close to the same thing slipped his mind though as he searched for a reason, and an escape. Finally, his curiosity got to him and he had to know whom they were. Opening first one eye, then the other, he was hit by more things that didn't make sense.

'Kami, that's bright. Hey, that's not the color of Akane's ceiling. Um, it ain't Nabiki's either.' Turning his head to his right he was expecting to see black or brown hair, he was not expecting to see blonde hair. 'Huh?' Feeling a deep sense of dread, he turned his head to the left and saw a sea of hair… but the fact that it was a bluish color immediately told him that this wasn't Shampoo.

'Ok… ok… um… let's see… that's not Akane… and that's not Shampoo... then who is it? And what am I doing in their bed?' After several moments of not coming up with an explanation, he sighed. 'Kuso… the Kami must hate me.'

Looking at the girl on his left side, he sighed again. 'At least Michiru hasn't woke up yet…' he then felt ice flowed thorough his veins with that thought. 'Michiru? Who's that? And why am I in her bed? Why are we naked?'

As he contemplated these things, Michiru began to move. Slowly she brought up one arm and rubbed her forehead and in the process moved her hair out of the way, allowing Ranma to see her face. 'Whoa… Kami-sama… she's beautiful!' slipped through his mind before he could even think twice. When it registered what he thought, he began to worry. A part of him suddenly began comparing her to the other girls that he knew.

'I can't think that of Michiru-chan. I mean, she's beautiful and all, but Akane...' He mentally frowned. 'Well, Akane, even if I do call her an un-cute tomboy she is kinda cute when she's not mad. And Ukyo's cute too… when she's not trying to get me to marry her. And I guess Shampoo is cute, naw, she's better than cute. It's just… I'm kinda nervous around her when she starts talking about me bein' her husband an all.'

He looked back at Michiru's face and grinned. 'But they're all cute girls… but Michiru's a beautiful woman! And she… she… oh kuso… she's waking up!'

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