Ranma and the Outers. After reading "All My Outers" by PsyckoSama, I got this idea. While his was a good idea, I had to change it slightly and then wondered where it would go. Hopefully, it will turn out pretty good. This is Rated "R" for language and adult situations. This will have lime-ish content, but will not be a lemon as I will not be describing or detailing those things.

Note: When it comes to Greek mythology, it all depends on what source you use for the relations between the gods. From one source, Aphrodite or Venus was Zeus' daughter. In another, she came about after the castration of Uranus by Saturn, seriously.

Chapter 12: Traitorous pasts and godly retribution.

'Ranma's gone… never coming back due to that idiot turned girl! Not to mention that we're stuck with that fat slob of a father he has… had. And my prime source of income is not going to buy anything I have. To top it off, without anyone around to keep Happosai in check, no girl's underwear is safe.' Nabiki mentally ranted as she walked home from school. Taking a cue from Ryoga, she shouted out, "This is all Kuno's fault!" Gathering her breath, as well as her thoughts, she knew one thing for sure, 'I will get even with you Kuno. Somehow I will make you pay for doing this to my family.'

Arriving at the gate to her home, Nabiki took a calming breath and forced her emotions back under control. Looking at her home, and the challenge sign she could not help but shake her head. "It seems like every day it's something else," she mumbled as she was used to returning home to find some new challenger or some new problem that her father and his lazy friend had decided to cast off on Ranma again.

As such, she was expecting to see certain things upon entering her home; however, she was not expecting to find Genma face down, as well as having his head driven through the floor by a large mallet, with her father imitating a statue instead of a water fountain. But what really got to her was seeing Kasumi, crying and holding onto a distraught Akane. "What happened?"

"Oh Nabiki, it's horrible!" Kasumi cried out.

Ignoring her father, which wasn't too difficult as he just stood there, Nabiki quickly moved over to her sisters. "What's wrong?"

"It's Ranma…" the eldest said tearfully.

"What about him?" she asked, knowing that she wasn't going to like the response.

Kasumi shakily told her, "He's gone… just… just like…"

"Mommy…" Akane finished for her, though her voice was weak.

With widening eyes, Nabiki looked at them. 'How can they think that?'

"Gone…" Akane said softly. "He's left this world… never… never coming back…"

For the first time since hearing the news, Nabiki understood. Looking up at her father, she remembered the day he told them that their mother was gone. He cried so much that day which made it hard for them to understand. But they understood one thing, 'Mommy's gone. She left this world and can never come back.' Thinking about what that goddess said earlier made sense, though her blood boiled. 'Damn that Kuno!'


Tears were falling from Ukyo's eyes as she hung up her phone. "Damn him…." She muttered through her tears. Her conversation with her father had gone almost as horribly wrong as she had predicted. Even now, it hurt to think about it, and despite her desires, she could not help but think about her conversation with her father.

"Hello?" he had said when he answered the phone.


"Ah Ukyo, son, what may I help you with?"

She'd winced with tears filling her eyes before taking a calming breath. She'd then started again, "Daddy… something's happened…"

"Oh? Did you finally marry that Saotome boy?"

She could practically hear the hope in his voice. Choking back a sob, she told him, "No… daddy… he… he's gone…"

"Gone? Then go find him."


"Son, to cover this stain on your honor, you need to find him and marry him."

'My honor…' she thought as tears clouded her vision.

"I am sure once the boy sees how devoted to him you are, then there will be no problems and once you are restored you can marry the boy and the stain on your honor may be lifted."

"Daddy…" she pleaded softly as she felt a constriction around her neck. 'Daddy… please stop… it hurts…' she thought and felt as though he were literally choking the life out of her.

"Buck up son, everything will be alright," he said cheerfully, not even paying attention.

"I… daddy, I can't!"

"Why not?"

"He's gone... Ranma… H-he… he's gone…"

"You said that before, but where has he gone?" he replied irritably.

"H-he's been s-sent away… from this world. N-never t-to return…" She could barely get the words past her throat due to how much it hurt.

A long silence stretched over the two as he contemplated these words. "Oh…" He finally said after what seemed too long. "I am sorry to hear that… son…"

'Son! No… please daddy! Help me!' she thought frantically but she could not get her voice to work.

"If we can get papers stating that the boy has passed away, we can then reclaim some lost honor. I am sorry to hear this… call me once you have the necessary paperwork."

'No… no… daddy!' she cried but before she could force the words out her mouth, the line went dead. Dropping the receiver on the floor, Ukyo's strength gave out and she found her self curled up on the floor unable to stop the tears in her eyes.

Even thinking of that after picking herself up off the floor all she could think was, 'Damn him…'


"Damn…" Mousse said as he contemplated what he was just told. "So you're saying that Saotome… is married… to two girls?" he asked Makoto as he carried Minako.

"Yeah, it was pretty cool, though very sudden… when we found out it was… well…" The Senshi of Jupiter recalled in her head how she and her friends had tried to guess who he was married to, only to find out it was the two people they would never have thought would marry a guy, let alone discover that said guy was fathering a child with one of them. Shaking her head she suddenly realized they were at her apartment complex. "Oh, here we are…"

"Oh, do you mind if I come with you, there's more I'd like to know."

She could understand that, as there was more she would like to know about him as well. "Ok, but isn't she getting heavy? Do you need any help?"

"Mmmm comfy…" the blonde said from Mousse's arms.

"Ah… um… no, she… she's not heavy."

'Lucky,' Makoto thought as she eyed her friend and wondered how much of the trip the blonde had really been sleeping. "Ok, if you're sure," she told him and led the way to her apartment. However, after entering she realized that he would not only be the first male in her apartment, but he would be setting Minako down on her bed! Fighting her blush not only did she let Mousse carry Minako in, and lay her on the bed, but also before her friend could get up, she led him to her little kitchen. "Are you hungry?"

Hearing his stomach grumble, she giggled with him blushing. "I believe that's a yes," he told her shyly before asking, "um… so how do you know these two that Saotome married?"

"Oh… they're friends of mine…" She hedged not wanting to say that they were sailor scouts as she prepared a few snacks.

"Oh ok…" Mousse was at a bit of a loss. He felt as though there was something that he needed to do, but what that was, he hadn't a clue. After a moment, though something hit him. "Wait, didn't you say that he married 'two' of your friends?"


"But isn't that illegal here?"

"Ah… you see…"

"It's not as illegal as you think young one," an aged voice said causing both teens to turn suddenly towards a man sitting in Makoto's living room. Although the man was wearing a simple pair of trousers and a shirt hidden behind his beard, the man had an aura that screamed power, though his eyes held a slight twinkle, and while his long beard covered his smirk, it was easy for the two to tell that he was not there to cause problems.

"And you are?" Mousse asked, though he had a feeling he should know this man.

"Now don't tell me you don't recognize your father?" he asked with a laugh. Makoto was nearly ready to pass out while Mousse just sputtered at what was said. "And you should know me as well, Sailor Jupiter, Scout of lighting, Avatar of Jupiter, known as Zeus to the Greeks."

"Eh…" She responded before passing out, but before she could hit the ground, Mousse caught her in his arms.


"Guess I should have given her some advance warning I was coming."

"Ah…" Mousse replied as intelligently as he could.

"Well son, you better set her here before you finish what ever it was she was cooking. We don't want it to ruin."

"Ah… sure… be right back…" he replied and quickly finished the preparations. With the food to distract him, Mousse was able to get control of his confusion. Bringing the food into the living room; he sat it on the table and poured some of the tea that Makoto has started preparing earlier. "Are you really my father?"

"I am, and I am very sorry about what happened to you after you were born," the old man said sadly and placed his hand on Mousse's shoulder.

"Ah… well…"

"Though you upset your mother by pardoning that girl like that."

"I… Even though I was cursed and could not understand things, I do now, and," he paused to let out a tired sigh. "It wasn't completely her fault. I did some things that really made her mad."

"I see," the man said and smiled. How Mousse could tell he was smiling through the beard was hard to say.

"Oh my head…" Makoto said as she sat up.

"Here try some tea, it'll help sooth your nerves," Mousse told her and handed her a cup.

Accepting it with a blush, she turned to see the old man still here. "Ah…"

"Makoto Kino, also known as Sailor Jupitor, you have no need to fear me."

"I… I know sir…" She said and tried to bow before remembering she was holding a cup of tea.

"By the way, where is Miss Aino?"

"She's sleeping," Mousse replied.

"Still?" Makoto asked.

"Ah… well on the way over here she didn't appear to be resting very well, so when I laid her down I hit a pressure point on the back of her neck causing her to go to sleep," the boy said sheepishly.

However, hearing what happened, Makoto was upset, "You did what?"

"It's an instant unconsciousness point that caused the person to go to sleep and relax for about one hour," he replied, though before the girl could get very upset, Zeus began to laugh.

Getting control of his laughter, he smiled at the teens. "It was a good idea, though I know Venus might be upset with you."

"Venus?" Mousse asked.

"Your mother and the girl's patron goddess."

"M-m-m-mother?" Makoto shouted.

"Ah I see, you have not been told then." Seeing her shake her head, he smiled at her. "Very well, then I shall tell you how Mousse came to be as well as why we want the two of you to look after my son here."

"What?" Mousse tried not to shout, but seeing Makoto holding her ears and whimpering he realized he might not have succeeded.

"It's quite simple. You are the child of the gods and as such will have some very powerful forces after you. However, since you asked for your powers to be limited for the time being, you will need some extra help to make sure you do not loose you head… in more ways than one."

Having said that, Zeus had a captive audience as he began explaining what Artemis had recently explained to the Amazons, before telling Mousse of Ranma's marriage to the scouts that was officiated by the gods.


Cologne stared in horror at the goddess before her. "You can't be serious!" she said a lot louder than she had meant to.

"Oh, don't you think it's appropriate?" the goddess Artemis said with a catty grin. "I think it works perfectly," she added in reference to the curse that she had just told the elder of the Amazons. "Your tribe seems to be very attached to its history, so I want to see how well the Amazons will fare when their history is all they have." The goddess's grin made both Amazons fear for their tribe.

Neither of the Amazons liked this punishment, but it was much better than the others that she had mentioned. For quite some time, Artemis had been just telling them of ways that she had originally thought of to punish the Amazons for making her look bad. Her first idea had been to simply turn every one of the Amazons into animals, but she gave that up because the only ones hunting animals were the Musk and they mainly did that for brides.

The fact that she wanted the Amazons hunted and killed as opposed to hunted and forced into marriages was very unsettling to the both of them. However, they were not sure which would have been worse, forced to marry the Musk, or hunted down like animals.

From that first punishment she had gone from killing them outright, to cursing them all and then finally to her most recent one. "Yes," she said with a smile. "This will be fine. As Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, I proclaim my judgment on the Amazons. For many years have the Amazons had in their mist a child of the Kami, and for many years have they abused the child. With the Child having left the Amazons, so shall the hand of protection be removed from the Amazons. No longer are the Amazons protected from the pull of Jusenkyo, no longer will the gods listen to the prayers of the Amazons as they tend their fields. And I will not honor the prayers of a people that make me look bad as they go on hunts. So shall the hunters, become the hunted."

"Please, my goddess, do not remove your protection from our people. They are good people!" Cologne begged.

"They may be good, but they are stiff-necked and bull-headed," replied the goddess.

"This mean Shampoo no protected too?" she asked and suddenly had the idea that she could return home and protect her people, hunt for them, do anything to help.

"Ah I see that at least someone was listening to me," the goddess told the Amazon. "Since you are protected by Mousse, then you will not suffer along with your tribe. However!" she suddenly proclaimed, which crushed Shampoo's hopes. "Since you are not to be punished with the Amazons, you get a special punishment."

"I do?" She asked fearfully.

""Oh yes… you see this?" Artemis asked as she suddenly held up a pair of glasses.

"What Shampoo need…" She was going to ask why she would need glasses when her vision suddenly became very blurry.

"Because, you will not be able to see without them," the goddess smiled cruelly as she placed the glasses over Shampoo's eyes. "Let the one that was so disgusted by a Kami's curse, now suffer the same affliction. Shampoo, without these glasses you will not be able to see. You will mistake trees for people, animals for children, and if you loose your glasses in a fight, you will, like Mousse, be unable to continue for being unable to see your foe."

Once she was done, Artemis stepped back and let the two Amazons digest this, though as they both seemed to be just standing there looking at each other, the goddess sighed, turned around and walked out the door from when she entered.

To be continued…

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