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A love that will last forever

Chapter 1


Lord Lucius Malfoy and wife Lady Narcissa were in the grand ballroom welcoming guests to their home for a special celebration. Lady Narcissa was expecting a child; she was 6 months pregnant already. The majority of their guests were present, all except one special couple, Lord and Lady Granger. The grand ball was a celebration for both the Malfoy's and the Grangers. Lord Charles and Lady Elizabeth Granger were also expecting a child; Elizabeth was also 6 months pregnant. Lucius and Charles were the best of friends ergo their wives were the best of friends. Both pureblooded wizard families that had been friends for many generations.

Lucius spotted his friends "Their here" he said to his wife Narcissa. Narcissa was a stunningly beautiful woman; she had long silver blond hair and crystal blue eyes. Lucius was much in the same, except his eyes were a stormy gray colour. Narcissa too spotted her friends and they both walked over to them. Lucius shook hands with Charles and Elizabeth before taking Charles off to have a glass of champagne and to leave the women to chat.

"Libby, how are you?" Narcissa asked

"Fine, and your self?"

"Splendid" Narcissa replied. Elizabeth and Narcissa spent the rest of the evening talking to themselves and the guests, they danced with their husbands and other male guests who asked them to dance under the watchful eye of their husbands, of course. Elizabeth Granger had blond curly hair, her hair was a golden blond, deeper than Narcissa silver blond, and her eyes were a deep chocolate brown colour. Charles had brown straight hair; his eyes were a light hazelnut brown with a tingle of gold in there. The Grangers looked totally opposite to the Malfoy's but their sense in lavish cloths, the finest jewels and possessions were the same. They were the two richest wizarding families at the time.

3 Months later, the best hospital in the country was on stand by awaiting the birth of the heir to the Malfoy family fortune. On the 10th September Narcissa gave birth to a little boy with hair as sliver blond as his parents. The whole hospital was on tender hooks, although it was the first time for both expectant parents, Lucius only wanted the best to deliver his child and no one except the best would do. They named their son Draco Lucius Octavian Malfoy. The Grangers were at the birth as well as some older generations of the Malfoy's. The hospital had to impress.

9 Days later the same hospital was on tender hooks again as Elizabeth Granger was in the same delivery room as her best friend was but a few days ago. The Malfoy's were present at the birth just like Charles and Elizabeth were at Draco's birth. On September 19th 1986 Elizabeth Granger gave birth to a little girl, who had brown curly hair with a tint on gold, her hair was very thick, much thicker than the Malfoy baby's. Her eyes were chocolate brown with a hazelnut twist. Lord and Lady Granger decided to call her Hermione Elizabeth Melody Granger.


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