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"Lockhart'll sign anything if it stands still long enough."



Chapter 25

2 days later Dumbledore had called Pansy to his office and expelled her. Bore had been sent to Azkanban prison for the attempted murder of Hermione and the murder of her unborn son. Manslaughter. Hermione and Draco had decided to have a few days off classes and stayed in their room.

Lucius had other plans, he went to see Mr. Parkinson.

"Lucius, good to see you" Patrick said greeting Luicus "Now any news, how's that daughter in law of yours?"

"You don't know?" Lucius snapped

"Problem, Luicus?" Pat asked looking shocked that his friend was snapping at him

"Yes, there is do you know what happened to Hermione?"

"Pansy told me, some stupid beater hit her and she fell off the stands"

"Is that what she told you, well i assumed she didn't tell you that she was the one who paid Bore to hit Hermione thus killing my grandson" Lucius said shouting

"Pansy, my Pansy, no she wouldn't do that"

"She did, Alexander is dead because of her"

"Granger was pregnant?"

"Yes, Hermione was" Pansy and her mother had just walked in to living room to see what all the shouting was about. As soon as Pansy saw Lucius she went drip white

"Luicus, how nice to see you" Mrs. Parkinson greeted

"You" Lucius said running, wand out at Pansy "You killed my grandson, I want to see some punishment"

"NO, NO, PLEASE" she cried. Luicus backed away from her, he didn't want to be in Azkaban for killing her, she wasn't worth it.

"Do you have any idea what you have done to my son" he roared

"I didn't know she was pregnant"

"No, you just went about your evil ways and tried to kill her, didn't you"

"YES" she cried

"Why?" Pat asked his daughter

"Because that mudblood was getting the money, she got Draco and she got his fortune, I wanted it all. I've loved Draco since the day I first spoke to him, and his bank balance was a plus, id do anything to get my hands on both and as if anyone would believe that she was a pureblood" said Pnasy casually

"The Granger's are pureblooded, they're more pure than you ever will be Pansy"

"Lucius..." Pat said

"No, don't ever contact me again" Lucius said and apparated back home.

Mr. and Mrs. Parkinson were both shocked, they had been told that their daughter had been expelled because she had been doing something she shouldn't have, but Dumbledore had left the reason up to her to explain, he thought it was more punishment to make her tell her parents than he tell them. They both knew that their daughter would have to go to Azkanban for a long time, she was an accomplice in attempted murder.

"Pansy?" Asked her mother "How could you?"

"You don't know Granger, you don't know what she's like and taking Draco from me was the last straw, I've watched for six years how she stole all the academic achievements from him, I've been there for him when he needed me because he was so angry about her, hell I've even spent nights with him listening to him go on and on about how annoying she was…i should have realized when he spent the best part of six years talking about her" Pansy hung her head in shame

"How dare you do this to Lucius and his family, you young lady are in serious trouble" Pansy dad said.


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