He said 'no'. She walked away and took this single word with her. Cam knew it, she knew. . . no what was she thinking? He was lying, she knew he was, else why the Monster Truck rally? He said no for a reason, she knew, and he was such a curmudgeon, he couldn't bring himself to say yes. Yes, that was it. House was the doctor who didn't see the patient if he could help it. He wasn't going to change after all. She was sure for a moment she saw. . .something, compassion, caring? The one voice in her head told her not to be so gullible, the other one said to forget Dr. Gregory House and move on. She couldn't help it. It was who she was. She wanted to change him and she wanted to be the one to do it, no matter how inevitable it seemed. Deep down inside of the arrogant, rude man, she knew there was a good, kind-hearted person who only wanted the same things as everyone else. He liked to pretend he didn't need people, but everyone needed someone. The voice of her best friend Hollie kept ringing in her ears:

Men are so stupid. How true. He was stupid for saying it. And she was going to find out why.

> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >> > > > > > > > > > > > >

He said 'no.' He was lying. Liar, liar pants on fire. He knew it before the word left his mouth. He watched her walk away. He could feel his walls beginning to crumble with this one. With any of the others the answer would be much more simple. But she was the only one on his team who was female and she was the only one who could make him say 'no'. He was doing it to protect her. Things got very ugly today. If they even suspected that he cared, they would be very quick to go after her, and possibly get rid of her, separating them forever. He couldn't take that chance. The one person he looked forward to seeing in the morning, even if she did agree with everything he said. He was trying to teach her to think for herself, and this was just one more step. He was trying to remove all the pillars she leaned on, so eventually she would stand on her own. If she leaned on him for strength, she might not last long. He was old, set in his ways, not to mention a Vicodin addict. He couldn't and wouldn't risk it. It might be a very selfish reason, but he wanted to keep Allison by his side through all of this for as long as possible. He was trying not to let his feelings grow, but there they were and as long as she was his subordinate he could never let her know why.