Note: I do not own the rights or charactres of wicked, even thought i like to pretend i do...i don't


Like a velvet cloth flying through the night air, Elphaba flew on her broom over the border of Oz. As she passed over the land she once knew, she felt a shiver of emotions overtake her, ones of hatred and happiness, fear and assurance. At one point she thought of turning back but she told her self no, she needed to do this. As she got closer to society, she saw something that amazed her, lights everywhere and music, joyful music. She thought "well isn't this nice! Their celebrating, well what's so special about today." What she had forgotten was that today was the 10-year anniversary of when she "died", when the "melting" occurred. As she flew south, something caught her eye, it was the governor's mansion, the one she grew up in, the one that she saw her sister for the last time in. She decided to fly down to get a closer look but as she touched ground and passed a window she saw something that put her in shock, a tall woman sitting on a throne, holding what looked like a party. Just than she heard foot steps coming toward her, she quickly mounted the broom and flew up behind a tall tree in the yard. It was just one of the servants getting some water from the well. "I have to be careful, no one can know I'm alive" Elphaba said under her breath as she rose higher in the air. She suddenly saw something on the horizon, the glow of the emerald city. She knew where she had to go.