Chapter 3: Old Friends

Around noon Elphaba had stopped crying and her and Glinda just partook in pleasant conversation, they talked about everything, Glinda's love life, health, life and then that topic came up that Glinda could go off for hours on, Beauty tips. Elphaba knew she shouldn't have brought it up but she somehow did when she said

"So you look very good for your age." she meant this as a joke.

"And you don't" Glinda giggled after her little joke "Well I'm only 22" Glinda replied,

Elphaba gave her a long stare, "Ok fine th-30" you could tell she hated saying the truth about her age. "There you go."

Elphaba laughed "what is your secret?" she really didn't care but Glinda did for sure. "You really want to know? Its this!"

Glinda than muttered something and waved her hands and the Grimmery fell from the air out of no where.

Elphaba gasped "I haven't seen that in years! I see you've gotten pretty good, miss I can't read it" "well it took me long enough to figure out the letters but after awhile it was easy" Glinda said very proudly.

"Well you look like your doing better than I could" Elphaba joked.

"So about my beauty secrets" Glinda opened the book and flipped through the pages looking for something. "Wait a tick! You use the Grimmery for beauty treatment?" Elphaba asked astonished.

"Why not? Oh here it is! Its an anti-aging spell it works wonder to reverse wrinkles and bloating!" Glinda instructed, "And it looks like you need it desperately" Glinda pointed out.

Elphaba knew it was true over the years stress had taken its tolls on her.

"So lets try it!" Glinda insisted, "no thank you I'm happy the way I am" Elphaba protested though inside she would like to see her self young again, even though she was only 34 she looked 50.

"Come on. It won't hurt." Glinda pleaded. "No" Elphaba said very sternly, "please?" "No" "come on!" "No!" "Yesssss! How about this I'll turn it back after" Glinda finally said after there little debate.

"Ok fine but right after you change me to normal" Elphaba finally gave in besides she did want to see. Glinda squealed with excitement "your gonna look like when you in college!" and than she went to work, singing the words in her high pitched tone she sounded like some of the Shiz cheerleaders at one of the Oz-ball games.

And then Elphaba started to feel her whole body start to tingle and burn a little then it climaxed and stopped. Glinda gasped "look at you just like in college!" she handed Elphaba a mirror.

Elphaba felt like that day in shiz when Glinda tried to give her a make over once before. "Oh my Oz!" Elphaba gasped as she stared her self down in the mirror, she looked like she was in college, no wrinkles, gray hair gone, those extra pounds gone.

"See I told you, you would just love it!" Glinda squeaked, "you know what you need now!" Elphaba knew what was coming she was becoming Glinda's new 'Project', "what?" She asked. "A new dress, but first lets get down to my sleeping chamber." "I can put my vale down, will that help" Elphaba suggested.

"Ooo wonders!" Glinda replied "Come on!" at that Glinda grabbed Elphaba's hand and pulled her to the door than down the hall, stairs and finally to a Big pink door which when Glinda opened a overbearing smell of roses came through. "Well this is it!" Glinda said as she ran and dove onto her big fluffy bed, she still acted like she were in college.

"Wow you haven't changed one bit" Elphaba joked as she walked to the center of the room looking in amazement. The room was colossal, it had a tall ceiling with a enormous crystal chandelier, pink walls, floors, and even pink tinted windows. "Now lets find you a pretty dress, how about something pink!" Glinda said as she went in her walk-in closet throwing dresses out on the floor.

"No I think I'll just keep what I have on" Elphaba said. "WHAT? No, no your getting a new dress if it kills you" Glinda protested " what color do you want?" she asked. "Have anything black?" Elphaba finally gave in, "your joking right?" Glinda giggled as she poked her head out from the closet holding a skimpy pink mini dress.

"No way in Oz! No I'm serious, I like black" Elphaba said quickly. "Well the only black thing is this, its my morning dress, here try it on" glinda handed her a puffey dress, as she took off her old dress and slipped on Glinda's she let out a laugh at the sight of her in a mirror. The Dress was like the one that she saw Glinda where that night in college at the Ozdust. Puff bottom with a long sleeved top, hardly something Elphaba would ever where.

"Oh my Oz! Your gorgeous!" Glinda squeaked as she ran and jumped at Elphaba knocking her down on the bed laughing. "So tell me how is it being the ruler of Oz?" Elphaba asked after there laughter died down.

"Oh its nothing just appearances and politics, you know" Glinda said as if imitating someone. "I stopped by the governors mansion on my way here and see there's a new ruler of the east." Elphaba started to get answers to her questions. "Oh yes, lady Olivia, she took power about 5 years ago, along with the others." Glinda sighed. "There are more? Things aren't going well are they?" Elphaba asked already knowing the answer.

"Yes there is lady Olivia of the east, Count Roberto of the west, mistress Elizabeth of the south and of course Miss Fonda of the north!" Glinda said with a relevant sarcasm in her voice. "Are they causing problems?" Elphaba asked, this interested her. "Oh you know, different views equals problems, they have turned there regions into like separate colonies, the east hates the west, and the north hates the south, all because of them. I'm afraid of what could come of this." Glinda sighed again.

"What could happen?" Elphaba was very concerned about her friend. "I'm afraid that a war could brake out and blow apart Oz." Glinda said finally after a pause of silence. "Oh no!" Glinda stood up very fast and ran over to her date book "the Ozain assembly is tomorrow!" "What's that?" Elphaba asked.

"Its when all the rulers meet and pass new laws, debate, and deal with problems, basically I'm the parent to all of them." Glinda whined. Just at that moment the door burst open and a boy about 21 came running. This startled both Glinda and Elphaba who had no time to hide.

"Glinda that was an amazing speech about the Wicked witch's death and..." at this moment the boy noticed Elphaba standing there, he went pale and then with out warning dropped to the floor, passed out.

"Taye! Oh no he has passed out, Elphie get some water...wait can you touch it?" Glinda said as she fanned the boy. "Of course I can" said Elphaba as she ran to get the wash bowl and rag.

"Here keep fanning" Elphaba said as she dabbed the boys forehead with the wet rag. Finally he came around and the first thing he saw was indeed Elphaba standing over him. "No please! Don't hurt me!" he pleaded, "I'm not going to hurt you as long as you tell no one you saw me!" Elphaba threatened.

"Taye are you ok you took a pretty bad fall?" Glinda asked still fanning him. "Glinda don't you see that the Witch who died 10 years ago is standing in your bed room!" stressed the boy. "First her name is Elphaba and she is my best friend and no one can know she's alive do you understand me?" Glinda said very sternly. "Yes but you melted, Elphaba didn't you?" asked the boy who seemed to calm down. "No I never melted just disappeared." Elphaba laughed toward Glinda.

Elphaba didn't like meeting new people, well in fact she hadn't met anyone new in a very long time. New people generally were closed minded, which she hated. "I'm Taye, Glinda's friend" The Boy, Taye, reached out his hand slowly. "Charmed" Elphaba said as she just stared at his hand, finally after an awkward wile taye took his hand back.

"Glinda talked a lot about you, all good" Taye said one could tell he was still shaken, having a dead witch talking to him. "Elphaba is my best friend in the world and now we are together again!" Glinda said in her ever bubbly voice. "So Taye where are you from?" Elphaba asked trying to calm him down. "I was born and raised in the Rush Margins, do you remember the boy who would come bring flowers to you sister every week? That was me, I remember you" Taye said.

Elphaba did remember him he was one of the only kids who would ever talk to her and not run away from her, he was one of the only boys she ever had a hidden love for as a child. "Oh that was you, my sister always talked of you when we went to Shiz" Elphaba replied as she looked him over admiring his boyish charms. He was very cute and had well manners but no she couldn't love again not after what happened with Fiyero. Though Taye did remind her of someone but who?

"When you two went to college and I had to keep working on my family's farm I missed you so much, I mean the both of you." Taye blushed at this slip.

Could he actually have feelings for her? They spent the rest of the day in Glinda's room catching up on old times and them after hours of talking, laughing and even some crying, the clock struck 11 o'clock. "Oh my I must get some beauty sleep for tomorrows assembly. But Elphaba where will you sleep?" Glinda asked as she yawned. "I will go up and sleep in the attic like last night, I'm fine there" Elphaba said as she picked up her broom.

"Oh no no I will not have that! But it has to be somewhere where no one else goes..." Glinda was thinking out loud as Taye interrupted her "she can sleep with me! I mean sleep in my room, you know no one goes in there." Taye slipped with his words again Elphaba was taken aback and yet intrigued.

"Oh your right Taye that's a great idea" Glinda said as she disappeared into her closet and came out with a pink night gown. "Are you sure no one will see me? And it won't be any trouble?" Elphaba asked. "None at all come on we have to make it there first, Good night Glinda" Taye said as he walked to the door leading Elphaba by her hand. "Yes good night you two see you in the morning hours." Glinda said as she climbed into her huge puffy bed almost falling asleep instantly and let out a huge snore.

As Taye and Elphaba ran down a flight of stairs and entered a dark corridor, Elphaba wondered if Taye really had feelings for her. Finally after making down that long corridor they came to the last room, it looked like a storage room. "It may be small but its home" Taye said as he turned on his light. He was right it was small, he didn't even have a bed, just a mattress on the floor with blankets and a pillow.

"You can sleep on the mattress and I'll have the floor." Taye insisted. After an awkward moment Elphaba climbed into the mattress and laid there in the darkness for a while then she felt an arm go around her and hold her. She would have stopped Taye from doing this but it felt so good and safe to have someone holding her again she didn't, she just laid there and than it came to her, taye reminded her of Fiyero!

Then she just drifted off to sleep and hoped things were finally looking up.