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by Ryuu no Taiyo

"Is she gonna be ok Uncle Pey'j?" asked Jade to Pey'j, the half human, half pig that was her adopted uncle.

"I don't think so Jade…"

Jade was only nine years old, and this was one of the rare DomZ attack that had hit Hillys. She and her uncle where right outside the Akuda Bar in the Pedestrian District, Pey'j had been betting for a pearl with one of the men inside. The hovercraft was acting up again, and Mammago's was being as usual their old picky selves, refusing any other payment apart from pearls.

Those basted things were so hard to get, however. Pey'j was trying to win it from a passerby from outside the city at cards. They were playing an old game called Jeopardy, and Jade couldn't make heads or tail of the game.

This had been the first attack since…since that time when she was seven years old…

Before that she couldn't remember.

The Hillyans were always talking about a threat on the planet. The peaceful planet had no means of protecting themselves, and although the cities of Hillys had shields, the areas outside were devoid of any safety.

Jade's long black hair trailed behind her, and the shorts and T-shirt she was wearing were blackened by the dust caused by the nearby explosions.

Before the small crowd laid a young girl, motionless, having been caught in the midst of an explosion. Pey'j put a hand on Jade's shoulder, and didn't stop more people from blocking the view of the child.

Jade looked at Pey'j with bright green eyes wide with some sort of fear.

"Is she dead, Uncle Pey'j?"

Pey'j looked to the ground, unsure of what to say to the girl. She was more mature than most children her age, and exceptionally bright, but he didn't know how he was to respond.

But Jade understood.

There was no need for an answer.

Hanging to her side, suspended from her opposite shoulder was a camera. It was heavy, and slightly too big for the small girl, but she had it with her at all times.

Hesitant, she took it in her small hands and pressed a small red button.

She looked through it, and carefully took a picture of the girl, before an obnoxiously large man blocked her view. Turning around, she saw what was left of the alien meteor. She took a picture of it.

She looked at the burning building.

She was about to take a shot of it too, but Pey'j put his hand on the lenses, blocking the sight from view. Jade looked at her uncle questioningly.

"That's enough. You shouldn't waste your film Jade."

"But I want to be a reporter when I grow up. I have to take pictures of important things!" she said fierily in response.

Pey'j shook his head.

"Not this time. This is too much for you."


"Please Jade. We have to get back to the lighthouse."

He started walking down the stairs that would lead him towards the parking lot where the hovercraft was. Soldiers were making their way towards all of the victim. Jade looked around, wondering what was happening. Wondering how could this be happening.

She had thought they were safe from the outside wars, far from the planet. Apparently not.

She looked at Pey'j who was almost done the set of stairs.

"But what if they attack again?"

"Huh?" her uncle grunted.

Jade ran after him, and jumped down the stairs three at a time.

"We don't have a shield!"

Pey'j looked at the young girl pensively.

"They probably won't attack again. But you're right, Jade. We'll have to do something about that."

Jade almost smiled. She loved being right.

"But first things first, we have to get back to the hovercraft."

"Ok." Jade followed her uncle.

They reached the parking where they retrieved the keys from the Doorman, as they called him, and entered their hovercraft.

Pey'j sat down at the steering wheel, and started driving out of the district, into the boulevard and finally out of the city.

When the lighthouse came into view, Jade asked.

"Do you think that girl had parents and brothers and sisters?"

Pey'j sighed.


"They must be awfully sad then."

"Listen Jade. It's…It's possible they died too. From what I heard, her family lived on top of the building that exploded."


Jade was silent.

"Why did the DomZ attack?"

"That is something that you're gonna learn when you're older."

"I can't wait until I'm older!"

The hovercraft docked at their island dock and Jade skipped up the ramp and out towards the lighthouse.

Pey'j looked at the young girl as she left, and slowly made way to follow her.

"I can Jade…I can."