Sakina's back, taking the Fanfic world by storm!

Guess who's back, back again, Sakina's back, with a vengeance!

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Death's Flower

You always played the joker, but not anymore,
Silent as a fading rose, on the brink of Death's Door.
A thousand violins cannot drown out your heavenly voice
The flame in your heart flares, as you make your last choice.

Melodies ascend to the stars as you lie on the bed of Death,
Waiting for the scythe, the shimmering blade to fall.
The King of Games no longer remains by your side,
No one on Earth left to hear your fading call.

Whispered sigh escapes with your last dying breath
In your eyes still, you play this game.
You do not fear me, so why fear Death?
For didn't you know that Death is my name?

The identity of the protagonist is left up to you to work out! And can you guess who 'Death' is?