I haven't updated this collection in a while, but when I wrote this poem I thought it really fitted here.


Castles in the Sky

Look up ahead, the maiden's golden stare
Can you see her tragic stone cold eye?
Forever gazing into worlds beyond
Forever following the path to the castles in the sky

The Piper is calling; you catch hold of his hand
A forgotten walk through the fields of gold
Each sun-dried sheaf waves to the light
Forever pointing up to the castles in the sky

The kiss of the Phantom, so soft and sweet
Is enough to wake you up from your tragic life
Rosebuds nudge you, gently guiding you home
To the salt sprayed glamour of the castles in the sky

A Magician's deathly kiss, frosts the icing of your foe
With the right magic you too can learn to fly
Catch a Dragon's beating wings into flights of fantasy
To the tip of the clouds of the castles in the sky

If you are ever lost, the duellists will be waiting
Their hearts are in their cards, this you can't deny
Just a staircase away, though the gates may be locked
There will always be a way to the castles in the sky.

The cards referring to in this poem are Mystical Elf, Dragon Piper, Witty Phantom, Dark Magician and the Blue Eyes.