Unwanted thoughts

Zoro and Sanji

Chapter one - Sanji

Sanji's POV

Sanji was cooking, like he usually did. However, today he was cooking more than he usually did. One might think he wanted to spoil Vivi and Nami, but the truth was that he needed to busy himself with something, anything, and since he was a chef cooking was a nice thing. For some inane reason, which she simply could not fathom, Sanji had fallen in love. His heart pounded when seeing the object of his affection and even though he had long tried to tell himself that it was out of indigestion, due to the rough sea, but he simply could not force himself into believing it was anything else than love. He knew the symptoms well. He was, after all, Sanji.

The problem was that it was not Nami he had taken into liking, better than he did in the moment. No, the one who caused him this feeling of indigestion was a certain swordsman. Yes, Zoro the thickheaded brick.

It had all started a little while ago…

"Where's Zoro?" Nami asked as she took a seat by the table. "We're about to eat."

"He's probably sleeping, that asshole," Sanji replied, and showed what he had been cooking. Usopp took a seat, too, along with Ruffy, who had already begun eating. "Hey you ass! Ladies first!" Sanji kicked Ruffy, but the man did not even flinch from the kick. It was simply impossible to drive Ruffy away from food. Sanji muttered angrily under his breath. "Shithead! Get your ass down here! Dinner's ready!" Sanji called for Zoro, but no reply. He sighed angered and stalked off to find the swordsman.

He found the swordsman all right. However, he was sleeping. Not that he had expected less. He was sitting with a bare chest, his back against the railing, relaxing in the sunset. Sanji opened his mouth to speak, but nothing ever came out. It was a peculiar feeling. He just stood there, watching Zoro and his naked chest, a strange feeling in his stomach.

"Food's ready?" Zoro opened an eye and peered at Sanji, before closing it again, which was lucky since Sanji, for an unknown reason, blushed a dull red.

"Yeah, dumbass. Don't make me get you again," his words were hard, but his tone was soft, almost inaudible. Sanji stalked off to the dinner again, fighting the strange feeling inside him. Zoro had been beautiful tonight, Sanji thought. It was a ridiculous thought and he blamed it on the sunset and lack of food.

Unfortunately things did not stop then. Sanji began to muse, when he was alone, why he had been unable to talk that evening to Zoro. Those thoughts led to more ridiculous thoughts about Zoro. As the months passed Sanji found himself unable to think of anything else than the swordsman, and the remembrance of how his chest looked like in the sunset gave him a peculiar fuzzy feeling inside. He tried to hide the truth in sweet and luxurious compliments to Nami, but only did it fool the others into believing nothing was wrong.

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