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Chapter three – Sanji and Zoro

Dinner was a nice affair, though Zoro was rather quiet. Not that he usually spoke at dinner, but his entire demeanor seemed quiet and drawn back, whereas Sanji seemed as normal as always. Zoro felt his grip tighten around his fork and the urge to bore it into Sanji chest arose.

"Why's my favorite swordsman so tense?" Nami asked with a teasing voice, while looking at Zoro as he tensed even further.

"Favorite?" Sanji asked with a gaping expression.

"Just like you're my favorite chef," Nami said and winked at Sanji, who dazed lightly and almost drooled. With a strong force the swordsman threw his fork away, unable to keep himself from killing Sanji if he kept it. He stood and clenched his fists and then stalked off.

"What's wrong with him?" Usopp asked and looked after Zoro. People shrugged and gave a last glance in Zoro's direction before continuing dinner.

"Where's Zoro?" Ruffy eventually asked, after having managed to drag his gaze away from the food, but only because there were no food left.

"Moron. You don't notice a thing when you're eating," Nami complained and shook her head, before leaving the table. "I'll go check on our course," Nami left with Vivi, Karo, and Chopper. A few moments later Usopp left, too, and then Ruffy stood and stretched before leaving also. The young chef looked for a few moments at the table, which looked as if a bomb had struck. He gave a small, contented, sigh and then started to clean up, fighting the urge to go kick Zoro's ass. By the thought of Zoro a full blush crept onto Sanji's cheeks.

"I hope you're not thinking about me!" A voice snapped and Sanji looked up at his own, personal swordsman.

"I- eh- I…" Sanji trailed off, unable to come up with something to say. "Fuckhead, don't surprise me!" Sanji blurted out.

"I'm not a girl, but you could try talking nicely if you want to kiss me again," Zoro informed with a raised eyebrow. Surprisingly Sanji's blush turned into a real crimson red.

"Well yeah," that was an answer you could also give. They stood in an uncomfortable silence. "Such lovely presence has rarely been in my sight," Sanji said, wryly. Zoro laughed and moved closer, though it was a bit hesitant. They stood a few moments in front of each other, just looking at each other, before they hesitantly and nervously leaned forward and kissed. Zoro wasn't sure why he was really doing this, but he was a man of instincts and his instinct led him this way.

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