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Growing Inside Me.

Chapter 1 – Mornings.

Rei's P.O.V

God, it's so great to be back home… Mr. Dickinson arranged for our team to take a vacation, said we were over-working and needed a break, which Tyson naturally blamed on Kai; anyway, we ended up back in Hong Kong!

We're planning on going to see the white tigers back at my village in a few days, we're here for a month so plenty of time to catch up!

Another great thing is that Kai and me are sharing a room, all by ourselves! You know what that means? Night after night of mind-blowing sex!

…Hmmm don't know why but I've been pretty, well, horny the last few days…well a lot more than usual anyway…

Ahhhh here comes the gorgeous guy now! Wait…he doesn't look so good….

Normal P.O.V

'Hey Kai, are you ok? You don't look so good…' Rei said worried, he stood up and felt his forehead.

'Yeah…I'm fine I just feel a little queasy…' Kai said.

'Hmmm you've been like this every morning for a few days now, maybe we should see a doctor…'

Kai grimaced, 'No, I refuse to see one of those morons unless I'm dying or something…even then you'd have to put up a fight to get me there…'

Rei laughed, Kai couldn't stand doctors, and for good reason, but that was another story.

'Ok, well in that case, at least let me get you a little breakfast, maybe that'll calm it down a bit…'

Kai just mumbled, and Rei got up and made him some toast, he came back and put the plate down in front of him, and Kai looked up and smiled gratefully and started to chew on a piece.

Rei sat reading the paper, but he snapped his head up when he heard Kai get up and run out the kitchen.

He heard him run into the bathroom and heave, Rei felt worried.

'He's been throwing up every morning for the past few days…something must be wrong, Kai's never ill…heh, its almost like he's- …oh shit…'

He heard Kai heave again and Rei froze, he went deadly pale.


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