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Chapter 7 – Meet the Kons!

"Well…for their sake and ours lets hope their relationship isn't too serious!" his grandmother commented.

They all nodded and gave each other awkward looks before they all filed out of the small, dark room.

Meanwhile, Rei walked down the dusty track with a spring in his step.

'Hmm…so perfect…' he thought to himself as he looked around his picturesque village, 'and what a great place to raise a child!'.

He wandered into the house casually and went to check on Kai, who was sleeping, ironically, like a baby on his bed.

Rei's heart melted at the sight and he tiptoed in before sitting on the edge of his bed and kissed him on the cheek.

"…hmm…Rei?" Kai's quiet voice appeared as he gently opened his eyes.

Rei raised an eyebrow, "How did you wake up so easily?" he asked.

"Oh, I was just resting, not properly sleeping…" Kai explained as he yawned, "So what happened?" he asked.

"Well!" Rei started, feeling excited, "We're meeting them tonight at seven at their place for dinner! And we're gonna tell them the good news!"

Kai felt his heart beat a lot faster and his face pale.

"….You ok Kai?" Rei asked worriedly.

"…Oh my god! What am I going to wear? Is it formal? REI?" Kai panicked as he frantically rummaged through his suitcase.

Rei chuckled and gently took hold of his arms, "Don't worry, I have some Chinese clothes you can wear…and you have to wear from now on really!"

Kai looked uncomfortable, "Won't I look a little out of place in Chinese clothes? And why do I have to wear them?"

"Be right back!" Rei said before running off to find the Tao, who presented him with three wrapped bundles and returning with them.

He ran back into Kai's room and putting the parcels down in front of him.

"Sorry I took so long! Go on! Open them!" He said excitedly and sat next to him.

Kai did as he was told and in each parcel was a different outfit.

There were two exquisite tunics; identical to the style of Rei's but one was a powder blue colour, the other red, each of these with the same black Chinese symbol on the arm.

"Ohhh…they're gorgeous! But what's this symbol mean? I've never seen it before."

"That's because this village has its own language! Although we tend to speak more mandarin nowadays, but that symbol means 'carrier'." He said with a smile.

Kai looked at him, "You mean all pregnant people have to wear these?"

Rei nodded, "Yup, been a tradition here for well…forever! Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and we like to acknowledge it! So we have specific clothes made for you!"

Kai smiled softly as he opened the final parcel and found a pair of fine silk Chinese pajamas, a deep blue colour with the same symbol stitched into it, only this time it was red.

"So I have to wear one of these to your parents' house?" he asked.

"To be more specific, this one!" he answered as he rubbed the silk pajamas, "The pale blue is just for day-to-day, red is for festivals and the dark blue is for formal occasions, such as meeting my parents!"

Kai nodded, "Cool, but won't I look stupid wearing Chinese clothes?"

"Only one way to find out!" Rei declared before sending him off to try them on.

Minutes later Kai came back through the door wearing his dark blue pajamas, he looked stunning.

"Awww Kai you look great!" Rei complimented.

"Really? Doesn't it look a bit…odd?"

After about 20 minutes, Rei managed to persuade him that he looked fine.

"Well, we'd better hurry up and get showered and ready, it's 5:30pm already!" Rei stated.

Kai groaned, "can't we just cuddle?" he whined.

Rei giggled, "Well, for a little while I guess…I showered this morning and so did you…" he said as he held his arms out, gesturing for Kai to fall into them, which Kai did instantly.

"Do we have to go…?" Kai asked, hoping he could put off meeting Rei's parents for a little longer.

"Yes!" Rei laughed, "I'm not letting you crawl away from this one!"

"Since when have you let me crawl away from anything?" Kai asked cheekily.

"Just shut up and cuddle me!" Rei demanded playfully, which Kai obeyed with no fuss.

Before they knew it, it was 6:30pm.

"Kai! Kai, hurry up and get ready!" Rei instructed as he ran off to get himself changed too, before coming back a few minutes later and gave Kai some black Chinese slippers, "You'll need these too!" he stated before leaving the room again.

Kai smiled to himself as he watched him leave before looking at himself in the mirror and lifting up his shirt, admiring the tiny bump that was growing inside him and gently rubbing it.

Rei burst in soon after this, "Are you ready?" he asked before entering the room completely, showing his bottle green tunic, which suited him perfectly.

"I've never seen you in the green one before!" Kai observed, "I like it…" he said in a husky tone.

Rei however, did not hear the tone of voice and grabbed his hand before dragging him out the door, "Thanks, you look great too! And don't worry, they'll love you!" he said, trying to reassure his now panicking lover.

They shortly arrived at the home of Rei's family and walked up to the door hand in hand, Rei raised his free hand and knocked on the door.

"You ready?" He asked softly.

"No!" Kai squeaked.

Rei smiled, "You will be FINE!" he said just as the door opened and his fathers face greeted them.

Rei's smile remained on his face as he bowed slightly, "Hey Dad! How are you?"

Rei's father bowed also, "Very well son, thank-you, and this must be Kai!"

Kai's eyes automatically looked up to meet the father's gaze.

"I…Yeah…I'm Kai…nice to meet you at last Mr. Kon!" he said as he copied Rei and bowed gently.

"Likewise, and please, call me Ken." He replied as he invited them in.

The three walked through the humble house to join the rest of the family, who quickly introduced themselves.

The women of the house insisted that Kai only call them 'Mom', 'Auntie' and 'Grandma', which is what he did…uncomfortably.

The men however, gave their names; Rei's father was called Ken, his uncle Rui, and finally his grandfather Zhu.

Just as they sat down, Auntie Jiao immediately walked over to them.

"Can I take your jacket?" She asked politely to the pair.

Rei took his off and handed it to her, thanking her, Kai did the same.

Yui was just coming into the room from the kitchen with a tray holding cups of green tea as this was happening, "Ok! Who wants so-" she stopped dead in her tracks as she saw Kai's clothes and dropped the tray, sending the foul sound of smashing porcelain through the room.

Kai jumped at that due to his newly heightened senses and the rest of the family looked at her in a confused manner and back to Kai and realized why.

Mei slowly rose from her seat, "…You're having a child with this boy Rei-Rei?" she asked quietly.

Rei gazed up at the sweet old women as she addressed him with his pet name and smiled, "Yes I am! We're having a baby!" He announced proudly and excitedly.

Kai felt uneasy, there was an atmosphere that told him they weren't so pleased.

Ken and Yui glanced at each other as the rest of the family gathered around the two young boys in an eruption of joy.

"How wonderful! A grandchild on the way!"

"Health and prosperity onto you both…or you three should I say!"

"When is it due!" Jiao squealed.

"Seven months! We've only just found out ourselves!" Rei answered to his ecstatic family.

However, Kai felt uneasy, he noticed that Rei's parents didn't seem so thrilled and wondered why.

The excitement finally settled and the family all sat around the table and the women brought out plates of food.

"I feel like I should be helping, anything I can do?" Kai asked as he sat with Rei, who was chatting to his male relatives.

"Don't be silly! Just eat! That baby needs nutrition too!" Mei exclaimed as she set down a huge bowl of rice before them.

"So Kai, you're obviously not Chinese…and you haven't got an American accent, where exactly are you from?" Rui asked casually as he began feasting on the ample amount of traditional Chinese food that was given to them.

"I'm from Russia…" Kai answered shyly, "I was born in St Petersburg but moved to Moscow quite soon after and grew up there."

"Oh how wonderful! You have to tell me all about it!" Yui squealed.

"…My wife has a small obsession with strange lands…" Ken explained as he witnessed his wife's enthusiasm.

"…I wouldn't call Russia strange…" Kai answered.

"Oh no! He didn't mean that! He meant like…mysterious!" Yui explained dramatically.

Kai smiled, "Well I'll be happy to answer anything you want to know!"

"Ohhh! Teach me to speak Russian!" Yui begged with starry eyes, Ken simply rolled his.

Kai's nervousness hadn't been overcome yet, so he simply said yes to everything they said, "Sure, why not?"

Rei loved how Kai got so timid, was a cuter side of him he didn't show many other people, not to mention it was now magnified by the masses of hormones floating around in him now he was pregnant.

The dinner carried on with no obvious problems, Kai was beginning to feel more welcome, especially with Rei's parents, and Rei was beginning to feel more at home again.

"So you'll be staying here for quite a while then Rei?" Yui asked hopefully.

"Well it looks like it, at least a year I should imagine…" he answered her, knowing how happy it would make her, let alone himself knowing he'd be living in the place he loved most again.

His mother squealed with delight at the news, whereas Kai simply stared at him.

"…What…?" he asked bluntly,

"Well what did you expect? We can't leave while you're pregnant! And we'll have to get settled with the baby when it's born before we can even think about leaving!"

"…So you're telling me we have to stay here for over a whole year?"

"Is that a problem?" Rei asked as he frowned.

"…Well, no offence, but this isn't…." He stopped himself when he remembered whom he was with and cut himself off, "…I'll talk to you about it later."

"Our village not good enough for you, eh?" Zhu asked with an angry voice.

"…No I didn't say that…" Kai asked, his heart pounding at the thought of pissing off Rei's family.

"You outsiders are all the same! So materialistic! What ever happened to community and pleasure in simple things! To think of my great-grandchild being born anywhere else is sickening! You should be ashamed…"

Kai stared at the old man in a hurt way, he hadn't meant any offence and now the old man hated him!

Rei looked from his grandfather to Kai and saw his face; he instantly frowned and took hold of his hand before looking back at his grandfather.

"You have no right talking to Kai like that! Apologize!" Rei demanded.

"Rei! You can't talk to your grandfather like that either!" Kai reasoned

"I'm sorry but I won't have anyone bad-mouth him! He obviously isn't used to our way of life, of course it's a lot to expect him to adjust! You would be the same if you were suddenly forced to move to his way of life…now apologize!" Rei said in an angry voice.

"…Rei, it's ok! Just drop it!" Kai pleaded, not wanting to cause a scene.

Rei sighed, "Ok…but I'm not happy about you being spoken too like that!"

There was an awkward silence for a while until conversation finally broke out again, Kai however just wanted to go home.

"Well…it's getting late, and Tao said Kai needed a lot of rest, so we'd better head home." Rei said finally as he saw the sun barely peaking over the horizon.

"Oh such a shame! We'll come over tomorrow and see you though!" Jiao said as she stood to see them off.

"Sounds great! See you tomorrow!" Rei answered as he and Kai said their goodbyes.

The two of them left the house and walked back to their own place, Kai deep in thought about the evening and how odd it was.

"You ok sweetie?" Rei asked when he realized how silent he was.

"…Yeah…just can't shake the feeling something wasn't right there…" Kai admitted as he shivered in the cool night air.

"I'm sure it's just you being paranoid! Now come on, let's get you home! You heard Tao, plenty of bed rest!" he lectured as he grabbed Kai's hand and pulled him faster towards their house.

Once they got there, Rei speedily took Kai to his room and got him into bed, as if he were a child.

"I can put myself to bed Rei…" Kai whined as Rei pulled the sheets over him.

"I know…but I wanted to do it for you." Rei replied as he kissed him.

"Ok…" Kai yawned, "Night night…" he said sleepily as he rolled onto his side.

Rei gushed, "Night night…" he said as he turned the light out and walked out the room

Meanwhile, back at the Kon's house, there were less peaceful activities going on.

Three strange figures sat in the Kon's living room as they gathered around; they didn't look happy at all.

"So you let him find someone else…?" The older man snapped, he held a sleazy aura and his dark hair and jet black eyes completed the stereotype of his character.

The man's stony expression made Ken feel uneasy, and so did the icy glare of the equally intimidating looking woman with him who sent chills down Yui's spine.

"I say we take back what's ours…they don't want to keep their end of the bargain, we can play dirty too…" she spat.

"…Not yet my sweet…" The man said as he petted his wife's cat-like head, "I'm too much of a generous man for that…I'll give you one chance Kon…split them up or there will be a worse price to pay…"

"B-but Aeon…how do we do that? The boy is carrying Rei's child! They are inseparable now!"

"Well…we can always take care of the boy and the baby for you…our way is far more productive and satisfying…but of course you people find it immoral…"

"Oh father, why must we wait? Why give chances? You know how long I've waited!" said the impatient voice of a young girl, equally as strange looking as her parents, her eyes held a mucky green colour and body moved as though a combination of snake and cat, flexible yet seemed to almost slither as she walked.

"Because my sweet Ivy, patience is a virtue…plus, won't you have more fun playing with the one who's causing the delay?"

Ivy huffed, "I guess…"

"Good girl…" Said Aeon lovingly to his daughter, "Now, Kon, I trust the marriage will still be going ahead, or you know what will happen…"

"…I understand…" Ken said as he bowed slightly.

The three got up and left the house smirking satisfied at their success.

"…What are we going to do?" Yui panicked.

"Don't worry…we'll find a way around this!" Ken reassured her.

The next morning, Kai woke up bursting with energy for some reason, he jumped out of bed and rushed around getting washed and dressed, for the first morning in months he hadn't thrown up and he felt great!

What he didn't know was that Rei's mum and aunt had already dropped by and were sitting with Rei, casually talking.

"Morning Kai!" They both chirped with a smile as they saw him come in.

"Morning!" Kai replied back as he walked around the kitchen finding something to drink.

"Oh Kai, Aoba dropped by about an hour ago, apparently there's a festival next week for you guys!" Rei explained.

"What do you mean for us?" Kai asked.

"I mean it's a celebration for all you preggy people!" Rei answered, loving the idea of a big party.

"Oh…cool!" Kai answered back in a fake excited voice, luckily the other's didn't quiet catch the falseness in his voice.

"Yeah, the whole village is going to be there! It'll be awesome!" Rei continued enthusiastically.

"Who said something about a party?" Tyson asked as he ran in, hearing briefly about the celebrations, already excited.

"Next week, party for the pregnant guys." Rei explained.

"Cool! Roll on next week!" Tyson shouted.

Before they knew it, the day had arrived, the whole village setting up banners and flags, tables and a stage, you name it, they had it!

"Come on Kai! We're going to be late!" Rei stated as he knocked on Kai's bedroom door.

"Coming!" Kai called from inside and came out moments later in his red suit, "…You know what? I'm not really up for this party; maybe I'll just stay-" he began before Rei cut in, "Don't even think about it! Come on Kai, the village has put a lot of effort and work into this for you guys, you have to at least show up!" he reasoned before taking Kai's hand and dragging him out of the door before he had the chance to argue.

The group walked down to the party, where hundreds of people were and the atmosphere was already starting to rise.

"Ok Kai, you go over there!" Rei instructed as he let go of his hand and pointed in the direction of a large, decorated table.

"What? I don't get to sit with you?" Kai whined.

"No, you got to go with the others, we'll only be over here! Don't worry!" Rei comforted before sending him off.

Kai walked uncomfortably towards the table, which had all the members of the T'ai chi group sitting around it, his back was starting to hurt as his baby bump had grown a lot in the past week, it was now totally noticeable, which he didn't like too much.

Aoba patted the seat next to him, "Kai, over here!" He gestured with a smile, and the young boy obediently took his seat next to the other heavily pregnant man.

"Isn't this great?" Aoba asked, "This is why I love living here, the community is so strong! They'd do anything for each other!"

"…Hmm, yeah." Kai answered, not sounding too enthusiastic.

Aoba turned to him, "You don't like it here?" he asked with a surprised tone.

"It's not that I don't like it here, it's just…not home for me…I don't want to be trapped here for a year!" Kai explained.

"Oh you'll get used to it! Everyone knows each other and stuff, great place to be, especially in the fragile state you're in!"

"…Exactly, everyone's in each other's lives, no-one has any privacy! Your problems are the whole villages problems!"

"And that's so bad, why?" Aoba asked.

"Well you're used to it, which is fine, but I'm used to a more private life."

"Well, you'd better start getting used to it, no way you can leave now!" Aoba said positively.

Kai sighed and watched as more people arrived and the party began to take shape, he sat patiently and listened to Tao speak about the miracle of creation and managed not to fall asleep, likewise to listening to some people talk on stage about god knows what, Kai just wanted to go home.

"Ok, everybody up! And enjoy yourselves!" Tao declared as a row of women in costumes appeared on stage and danced traditional Chinese dances as the rest of the crowd got up from their seats and went to find friends and socialize.

Kai felt a little annoyed when Rei got up and walked elsewhere, leaving him there on his own.

"You coming Kai?" Aoba asked, really wanting him to break the ice with some people instead of relying on Rei all the time.

"No, I'm ok here thanks…" Kai answered, Aoba sighed, "Ok, well, we'll be around if you change your mind!" he said before walking away.

Kai smiled and watched him go before getting up and walking towards the edge of the forest, out of sight and sitting on a fallen tree trunk.

He jumped when a hand gently touched his shoulder.

"You must be Kai…" a chilling female voice said from behind him, she moved around him so she was now standing in front of him, the dim light only revealing a pale-tanned complexion and hazy dark green eyes.

"Who wants to know?" Kai asked cautiously, feeling something bad in the air.

"I just came to warn you before it's too late…I don't want you to go through what she did…" she said in a convincing saddened voice.

"Warn me of what?" Kai asked.

"About Rei…"

"What about him."

"I know he seems to be genuine…but trust me, it's only a façade, once he's truly got his claws into you, he won't be recognizable…"

"Now why would you say something like that? I know Rei, he wouldn't do anything to hurt me."

"He's told you he loves you, that he'd do anything for you, that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you! That he'd die without you! Hasn't he?" she asked in a fake dramatic voice.

"…He has, but what has that got to do with anything?"

"He told the same thing to a dear friend of mine, well, in fact I could almost call her my sister…this was only about a year and a half ago…"

Kai looked up at her, listening.

"Anyway, he got her pregnant but the whole time he was seeing another women behind her back."

"…. What?" Kai asked, feeling sick to his stomach and his heart sink.

"Yes…he found out she was pregnant and proposed to her just to save face, here it's frowned upon to have a child out of wedlock…"

Kai nervously rubbed his hand over his stomach as he heard those words and had difficulty taking it all in.

"Anyway…when my dear friend found out about the little love affair she was almost due to give birth, before she could confront them she went into labor…unfortunately there were complications and she and the baby died."

Kai felt his eyes tear up, "I don't believe you…"

The girl carried on, "So, they were in the clear about their little love affair, as soon as this happened Rei left the village, probably to join your little team, leaving the other girl without a word…"

Kai frowned, "Rei wouldn't do that! How come no-one knows, why didn't this girl say anything?"

She laughed, "Don't be silly, if she had told someone, she'd be disowned from the village! And no-one knows because I don't have the heart to ruin the life of a misguided and unlucky young girl, my friend would not have wanted that…"

Kai's frown deepened, "What was her name then?"

The girl shook her heard, "Now you can't expect me to name names can you?"

"Well if you expect me to believe you, yes!" Kai replied.

The girl turned and took a few steps away from him, peering round to view the party, "…Come, quick!" She said as she took Kai's arm and made him look.

"See Rei? That girl he's talking to is her…"

Kai squinted and saw Rei laughing and talking to a young and very attractive women, it looked cozy, a little too cozy…

Suddenly the women stepped that little more closer to Rei and whispered into his ear, her hand on his shoulder as she did so, Rei smiled and moved his hand on to her waist as he listened to what she had to say.

Kai simply watched as he felt his first cold stab of jealousy.

The girl smirked to herself as she saw Kai's face before changing her expression to a serious one, "I only came to warn you, the truth is for you to find out for yourself…"

Kai turned to her to say something, but she had disappeared, he looked around, confused, but went back to watching Rei and the women.

He frowned, feeling murderous jealousy, and stormed over through the crowds towards him.

As soon as he reached them, he wrapped his arms round Rei's waist from behind.

Rei jumped in surprise "Oh hey sweetie!" he greeted in surprise, "Enjoying the party?"

Kai glared at the women, "…we're going home, now!"

Rei frowned, "Honey what's wrong? We've only just gotten here…"

"I said now!" Kai demanded.

"Ok…but first I'd like to introduce you to a good friend of mine! Kai, this is Maya, Maya this is Kai."

"Pleased to meet you Kai!" Maya bowed politely, her long jet-black hair dropped over her shoulder before rising up and revealing incredible coloured eyes, a mixture of blue and gray, like a mirror.

Kai's jealousy only increased by looking at her close up, she was gorgeous, she was slender and her skin held a perfect complexion, any heterosexual man would stop in their tracks just to look at her, she wore an ocean blue dress which clung to her feminine figure and added to her beauty.

Kai gave her the iciest glare he could muster before grabbing Rei's hand harshly and dragging him away, not even replying, leaving her with a confused look.

Amongst the trees Ivy observed it all, a large smirk plastered across her face, "Strike one…" she whispered to herself before leaving without a trace.

Rei was also baffled as Kai was dragging him out of the party and back to their house, "...Kai what the hell was that?" he asked.

Kai ignored him and got home, storming into his room and slamming the door.

Rei stood there, blinking a few times, totally gob-smacked; he frowned before walking to his room and knocked on the door.

"Kai what's wrong?" he asked, concerned.

Kai didn't answer, but Rei knew that none of the houses here had locks on the doors so simply walked in.

"Baby what's the matter?" He asked again as he sat on the edge of the bed.

Still, Kai ignored him.

"Oh come on Kai, you can't ignore me after dragging me away like you did! Tell me…" He urged softly.

"Do you really love me Rei?" Kai shouted in an outburst, leaving Rei even more confused, he laughed slightly at the question.

"Of course I do, what makes you think otherwise?"

"It's not funny!" Kai shouted, "Tell me the truth! Do you love me or not!"

Rei frowned, "What's brought all this on, you know I do…"

Kai folded his arms and sniffed, at that moment, he didn't know.

"Kai you know I love you more than anything! I'd do anything for you, I don't know what I'd even do without you…"

Kai stiffened, remembering what Ivy had told him.

Rei didn't notice and smiled to himself for a second, "You know…I've been thinking, and I was gonna wait until a little later, but I guess now is the time…"

Kai looked over at him and felt his heart sink further as he saw Rei get on one knee.

"Will you marry me Kai? …I know I haven't got a ring or anything yet…but that's not the important part…" he asked hopefully, but his smile faded as he saw Kai cry…and not out of happiness like he'd have expected.

"…Kai?" He asked, really worried now.

Kai jumped off the bed and ran out the house again, rage in his eyes, and headed back towards the party.

"Kai!" Rei shouted after him and ran after him.

"It must be true! Why would that women lie! He said the same things AND asked me to marry him now I'm pregnant AND is getting close to that…that BITCH!" Kai screamed inside his own head before pushing his way through the crowd, Rei not far behind.

He finally found who he was looking for; it was Maya, standing with Aoba and his partner Shao, Mariah, Tao and a few others.

He stormed over before growling, grabbing her and spinning her to face him before lifting his arm back and giving her an almighty slap across the face, "BITCH!" he shouted.

Everyone went silent as they heard him shout and turned to see what was going on, Rei quickly caught up and managed to grab hold of the berserk Russian as he was about to lash out again.

"Kai! Stop it, what the hell are you doing?" He asked as he struggled to keep him still.

"You ever go near Rei again and I'll cut ya to pieces you slut!" Kai screamed at the bewildered young girl, he continued to scream insults and threats at her before stopping suddenly and clasping his stomach, whining in pain and sinking to his knees.

Tao intervened and ran up to him, "Ok…easy…" he said before trying to get him to lay down, lifting his shirt up as he pushed him gently, Kai simply shoved him off.

"Get off me!" he protested before standing up again.

Rei grabbed him again, "Kai for gods sake what's going on?"

"You know damn well what!" Kai shouted back.

"No, I don't! What is it?" Rei begged.

"It's over Rei! I don't need you! I'll get through this on my own!" Kai yelled as he breathed hard and kept his hands on his stomach.

"Kai calm down…let Tao see to you and we'll talk about it." Rei suggested softly, but Kai just walked away from him and went back to the house, Tao and Aoba following.

Maya still had her hand to her cheek as she turned to Rei, "What was that about? What did I do?" She asked, desperate for answers.

"I really don't know…" Rei answered.

Back at the house, Kai ignored the growing pain in his stomach as he frantically threw his things into his bag.

"Kai hold on a second…just let Tao look at you before you make any brash decisions." Aoba reasoned with him.

"Can I stay at yours tonight?" Kai asked, ignoring what he said.

"If you tell me what's going on and let Tao look at you then yes!" he bargained.

Kai huffed and lay on the bed, hissing as the stabbing pains within him got worse.

Tao stepped forward and lifted his shirt up and poked around for a while, "You're stressing yourself too much, and it's putting stress on the baby too."

"Great, can I go now?" Kai asked impatiently.

"Well…I recommend you calm yourself down and talk to Rei about whatever it is that's made you like this." Tao answered plainly.

"No, I'm not staying here!" Kai insisted before getting up again and throwing all his things in his bag before zipping it up.

"Lets go…" he said to Aoba, who led the way back to a small house.

"You can stay in the spare room, but would you mind telling me why you're leaving him so suddenly?"

"…He's cheating on me Aoba!" Kai cried as he slumped down onto the bed and put his head in his hands.

"What?" Aoba said in disbelief, "Surly you don't think he'd do that!"

"He is! With that…Maya girl!"

"Oh Kai, you're being paranoid! Gees those hormones must be really bad for you, they're just friends, I've known them my whole life!"

"I am not! I know the facts! No-one else knows!"

"And who gave you those 'facts'?" Aoba asked him, not believing any of it.

"I didn't get her name! But she warned me about something and told me about them! Everything she said was true! She had no reason to lie and I've seen enough myself!"

"Shhh…" Aoba soothed, "Just calm down…go to sleep and we'll talk in the morning." He said as he cuddled him maternally and smoothed his hair as the younger boy cried into him and eventually fell asleep.

Once he knew Kai was asleep, Aoba crawled out of bed and walked out, sitting in the living room where he met Shao.

"Hey honey…" he greeted tiredly before slumping in the chair.

"So Kai's staying here then…?" Shao asked as he put his arm around his lover.

"Yeah…sorry I didn't ask you first, but he was really upset and it'll do the baby no good." Aoba explained.

"That's ok, do you know what happened? Rei's really worried but we persuaded him that maybe it'd be best to leave him until tomorrow."

"Well…Kai thinks he's cheating on him with Maya."

Shao laughed in disbelief, "How did he manage to come up with that? I swear he's ten times more hormonal than you are!"

Aoba frowned, "That's what I'm worried about…he said a girl told him, but didn't give her name, who would want to put that into his head? And hey, don't make fun of the hormones! He'll get everything worse 'cause he isn't Neko…"

Shao frowned too, "So someone set Rei up?"

"Looks like it…" Aoba said uneasily, "But Kai isn't well, we couldn't do anything tonight, just let him be away from it."

Meanwhile, Rei lay in bed, wondering what was going on, he was totally confused and worried that he might have lost Kai and he didn't know why.

There was a knock at his door and his mom walked in.

"Are you ok Rei-Rei?" she asked gently before sitting on the end of the bed and rubbing his knee.

"No mom…I'm not, I don't know what made him act the way he did and he's left me! What if I can't get him back?"

Yui sighed and lay next to him, holding him like she would if he were a small child who had just fallen over.

"It'll be alright, I'm sure it's just a hormonal thing…"

"I hope you're right mum…" he answered as he leaned into her.

The door opened again, and the mother and son looked over to see who it was.

"Shao? What are you doing here?" Rei asked.

"I just thought you'd like to know why Kai's left."

"Why? What's happened!" Rei asked desperately as he sat up.

Shao sighed and shrugged, "He's got it into his head that you're cheating on him with Maya, the thing is someone told him that, he doesn't know who it was but some girl told him and gave him some dud facts to prove it."

Yui stiffened and felt sick when she heard, "…oh no…how can they do this? They said we had one more chance!" she thought to herself

"Who would do such a thing?" Rei asked in a disgusted tone, "What have I ever done to make enemies here?"

"I don't know, but just come over tomorrow morning, Kai's staying with us and we can all figure this out."

"Thanks Shao…" Rei said finally as Shao turned to leave.

Meanwhile, three figures sat together in a dingy room, laughing.

"He fell for it so easily, this shouldn't be too hard at all!" Ivy mused.

"Good work precious…" her father congratulated, "Only a matter of time and the plan will come into action, both the boy and the baby will be out of the picture!"

"Yes, well don't get too excited until we have him strapped here when the time is right…" the mother added sharply, "There'd better be no slip ups…"

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