"Lost Love"

By: Toni Ferraro

Dragonball and all related indica (c) Akira Toriyama, TOEI, Funimation, and whatever/whoever else owns them.

A/N: I was going to save this fic for when I finished school (beginning of May), but since I'm here in Florida on spring break, it's a rainy day, and we have no car to travel in, my friend allows me to do whatever I wish, so I decided to start on the Tien/Lunch fanfic I promised.

I'm here until Friday, so perhaps if we got nothing to do again (until my friend's mom comes back with the car), you can expect the 2nd chapter to be up by Saturday. At most, there will probably be abour five chapters.

By the way, this chapter was inspired by another Tien/Lunch fanfic: h t t p : w w w . h o s t u l t r a . c o m / d b z r o m a n c e / f o r g o t t e n . h t m You will need to remove the spcaes, obviously...

"Oy... what a day!" Yamcha yawned as he stretched his arms towards the sky.

"Of course," said Bulma as she stepped out of the aircraft that had returned them from the airport back to Kami Island, "I mean, how often does a vicious enemy come back to try and kill you, and blow off the surface of an entire island in the process?"

"And other stuff," added Krillin, "Say, where do you think Goku left off to anyway?"

"Probably to start a new life with his new wife Chi-chi," said Master Roshi, "I'm sure he'll turn up sooner or later, probably with a bunch of babies."

"Yeah right!" Yamcha laughed, "Goku? A daddy? I doubt he'd even last a whole month without driving Chi-chi up the wall!"

"I'd expect something of that from YOU, Yamcha!" Bulma growled as she grabbed the man's ear, "You and I don't look as if WE'LL last a whole month without me kicking you out of the house, what with the way you've been flirting with that stewardess!"

"Flirting? All I did was ask for salted peanuts!"

"Yea, but I heard the way you asked. 'May I please have some salted peanuts, mam?"

"Sheesh, you're making it sound as if I grabbed her ass!"

"I bet you would've if Master Roshi hadn't beaten you to it!"

"You guys, really!" Roshi complained, "We haven't been home for a minute, and you're already at each others' throats!"

Bulma sighed, "Yeah, sorry... we better take this on the flight home." She pulled out a capsule, clicked, and threw it to the ground, and it transformed into her mini-plane. "Yamcha, I'll take you back home, only if you promise not to it on any other girls when we get back, you hear me?"

Yamcha scratched the back of his head. "Er, sure, yeah, I promise," he answered, shrugging to the others who returned the shrug. As he boarded the plane with his girlfriend, followed by Puar and Oolong, Krillin turned to Tien and muttered, "Now there goes another crazy couple... what's next?"

Standing next to Tien, Lunch of course heard what he said and looked up at the three-eyed warrior herself. Sure enough, the crazy couple (whether it be in love or otherwise) were heading off home... together. Even that dimwit Goku took off with a pretty girl who was very much intrested in being his bride for all eternity.

Maybe it was time she took off with Tien.

"Chaozu, we should be heading off ourselves," spoke the triclopes to his small friend as the two turned off. "Thanks for the hotel, and the ride here, Master Roshi. Everybody take care."

"Hey Tien, wait up!" Lunch called just before Tien could shoot into the air.

Tien looked over, and a smile almost crept over his face. "Oh Lunch," he said, "I didn't forget about you. What's up?"

"I..." the blonde bombshell's cheeks were flushing a shade of pink for once. Tien smiled at this, thinking it looked rather cute on her. "I was just wondering, if... well..."

"You want to come with us, don't you?"

Lunch blinked, suprised. "How'd you...?" she scowled, "What, does that third eye read minds or something?"

Tien's smile tightened as he chuckled. "Actually, the thought went through my mind more than once while we were away training. Of course you can join us."

"That doesn't answer about the freakin' eye!" Lunch shouted, but then realized what Tien had said, "Wait, you mean, you don't mind? I can come? For real?"

Tien turned his head towards Chaozu and called out to him. The mime-like warrior floated down to his friend. "Chaozu, if it's allright with you, we'll be adding a third member to our party." He pointed towards Lunch, "That okay?"

The eternal child smiled. "Sure!" he chimed, "It'll be great to have someone who can cook for us! Especially someone who can cook like she can!"

Lunch smirked, "No problem, kiddo."

"Lunch, is there a change of plans for you going on here that I need to know about?" Master Roshi approached the woman.

Lunch turned around to face the old man. "Actually," she said, "I'm thinking of leaving with Tien here. Gonna live with him from now on."

"Are you sure this is what you want?" Roshi said, trying to sound more like a wise, ancient elder than he really was, "Tien seems like the loner type. You don't want to get in the way of his training, do you? And he and Chaozu seem to be very attached to one another. How would you feel if you were to suddenly come between them? Not to mention I have no other house maids available..."

'And without Bulma around, who's booty am I gonna get to touch?' Roshi whined in his thoughts.

Lunch made a face as if she was taking Roshi's words into consideration. "Okay... let me put this in another way..." Her face then suddenly grew evil as she pointed a machine gun at the freaked out master's forehead, "I'm leavin', ya perverted old geezer! And if you gotta problem with that, tell it to the end of this gun here, got it!"

"Problems? Oh no of course not!" Roshi panicked, "You're a big girl! You're free to do whatever you want! Have a nice life! Just don't shoot me!"

Lunch smirked as she put away the gun. "That's better. Take care of yourself, old man." She turned and walked towards Tien, who was laughing nervously.

'Hoo boy...' he thought over to Chaozu, 'This oughta be quite interesting, huh?'

'Yeah,' Chaozu thought back, 'But still, it'll be nice to have her around.'

'You're right... At the very least, she still has her opposite personality.'

'C'mon, Tien, good or bad, she's still our friend no matter what.'

'Yes. You're right.' Tien closed his eyes and smiled, 'A very pretty, mysterious, even wonderful friend...'

'What was that?'

Tien jumped, forgetting for a moment Chaozu could still hear his thoughts.

Lunch clicked on one of her capsules and threw it as it transformed into an air cycle. "Well? Are we ready?"

"Of course," said Tien, "But I should probably let you know, we sort of don't have any place to live. We sort of just camp outside most of the time."

"It's all right, I've got a couple capsule houses I keep around just in case."

Tien smiled, "You're always prepared. I like that. You probably will make a good asset."

Lunch looked down, trying to cover her blushing face. It was one thing to love Tien's method of fighting, but to have him speak to her like that made her feelings go haywire.

"Come on, let's go!" Tien commanded as he took off into the sky and headed off towards the horizon. Lunch started up her airbike and accelerated after him.

Chaozu stayed there for a moment, thinking, 'Aww... Tien really likes her!' before following the two.

Krillin and Master Roshi watched as the three flew off. The bald monk put his hands behind his head. "Jeez, I think that's the craziest couple yet..." he muttered, "Say Master Roshi, I'll bet 20 zeni they probably won't even last an entire year together."

Master Roshi shook his head, "Oh Krillin... you're just saying all this because you're the only one who doesn't have a woman to go home with."

"SHUT UP!" Krillin shouted, "I mean, you're no Dr. Love yourself!"

That remark caused a walking stick to be whacked on his bald head. "You are right, however," said Roshi as he pulled his walking stick back, "Those two certianly ARE a strange couple... I'm very interested to see what happens between them."