Tien and Chaozu touched ground by the cabin house near the mountain miles away from Pine-Pine town. Lunch had bought this house and had stayed in when she wasn't making any deliveries. And once she and Tien married, it became his and Chaozu's home as well.

Lunch wiped her brow and rose from the garden she was working in, once noticing that her husband and good friend were home. "Welcome back!" she greeted, throwing her arms around the triclops and kissing his cheek.

Tien returned the hug. He was never exactly the romantic type, but she knew when he was happy to see her. "When did you get home?" he asked.

"Last weekend," the blue-haired woman responded, "I made pretty good time. Mr. Yam was very pleased, and I saw so many intresting things on my way home!"

"Good," said Tien. He was glad Lunch had something to be proud of, all while it could keep her blonde-self distracted from robbing anything. Once in awhile, she'd hold up a poor sap, and no, he wasn't happy about it, but he learned to deal with it, such as she dealt with his wanting to get out of the house every now and then to train and be gone for days on end. They both promised not to let those things come between them again.

"Papa!" cried a little girl as she raced outside from the house. Tien dropped his things and knelt down as the eight-year-old tackle-hugged him.

"Ziyuu!" he smiled, "How are you? Did you have fun staying with the Briefs?"

The blue-haired girl nodded happily. "Yup. Miss Bulma's very nice! Trunks is a bit mean, but he was pretty cool too. But I'm glad you're back, Pa-ACHOO!"

Tien chuckled slightly as the little girl's hair turned blonde and her eyes green. She looked up at the warrior, blinked, then grimaced, "DAD! There you are! About time you came home from wherever the heck you run off too! I can't stand stayin' with those Briefs! That Trunks dork's a brat, and that Vegeta dude's all mean-lookin' and grouchy and crap!" She pulled out a toy fun with a small plasic plunger attached to the barrel, "If you leave for that long again, I'll stick bullets on your forehead!" With that, she pulled the trigger, and the plastic plunger stuck to Tien's forehead. The three-eyed man sweated slightly. "I missed you too, swetheart..."

"Ziyuu," her mother came over and scolded, "You know better than to shout that your father like that, young lady."

"But you yell at him even worse when YOU'RE blonde!"

"That still doesn't give you any more right. Now go inside and wash up for lunch."

Ziyuu face-faulted and turned towards the house. Chaozu followed her inside. "C'mon, Ziyuu," he assured, "We got you some cool gifts while we were out."

"NOW you're talkin'!"

Tien and Lunch smiled as the two disappeared inside. Once gone, Lunch slipped her arm into Tien's. "I'm glad you're back," she said, "And... I mean for good this time."

"I'm glad to be back," said Tien, "Thanks for letting me get out and see the world with Chaozu, like we wanted. But still... it's nice to come back home to you, and my daughter."

"You don't... regret marrying me, do you?"

Tien was silent... but only for a brief second. "Well, I gotta admit," he said, "I didn't exactly plan for this to happen, but now that it has..." He looked down at his wife and smiled warmly, "I wouldn't give it up for the world."

Lunch smiled back and laid her head on his chest as they entered their house.

Together again...


Sheesh, I am no good with endings... I didn't know how to have it end. Oh well, it's over now, so I can actually concentrate on working on my finals. XD

Up next... Yamcha/Bulma... the story you weren't told. oo