Sirius's Story A/N: Like I've probably said this is my first fic so go easy on me. But I would like some advice. This is all about Sirius and it takes place right at the start of GoF. Sorta Sirius's story if you will. I'm not sure If I'll finish it so your reviews decide the fate of my story. Oh yes, The Disclaimer! DISCLAIMER: I don't own squat, so don't bother suing me. Sirius and any other Harry Potter character I happen to mention in this pathetic attempt of a fanfic belongs to the wonderful J.K. Rowling. Period.

It ain't easy being a Godfather!
By , Yours truly, ChoChangGirl

Waves crashed upon the beach on the Island of Sicily. First light had appeared revealing a shabby, crudely built shelter and it's two inhabitants, 1) a half horse- half eagle creature by the name of Buckbeak, and 2) a tall, pale man with long matted black hair. His hair is his namesake. His name is Sirius Black. Sirius stared blankly at the sea, he had been thoroughly shaken. Not by noise which was the common cause for him, but his own foul dream. Harry was yelling...clutching his snakelike eyes glaring at him...then the cold sickly presence of dementors surrounding him...bringing him closer to non-existance...all the time Harry pain as he was brought closer...closer... Sirius shook his head. It didn't make any sense, but then again dream redering was not what he was best at. I should of paid more attention in Divination He added with afterthought.

Buckbeak snorted in his sleep causing Sirius to jump several inches. Sirius was used to getting startled. At least 5 times a day he would be. For good reason too he told himself after one time when Buckbeak was particularly hungry and cried out rather loudly for all the world to hear. Sirius was a wanted man although being innocent his face on The World's Most Wanted Wizards forced him to hide out off the coast of Italy. And if worrying about dementors or Azkaban didn't frazzle him, being godfather to his dead best friend's son, Harry, put his worries over the top.

Thinking about Harry brought his mind back to his dream. Maybe I'm just stressed he thought as he watched morning completely overtake night and as the warm summer heat of July caress his face. Wouldn't Harry be going back to Hogwarts soon? And already a fourth year too? Hope he keeps out of trouble....yea right. Sirius laughed remembering all the trouble he and his friends had caused during fourth year, which was enough, unfortunately, to cause Buckbeak to open one large orangish-brownish eye. "Sorry" Sirius muttered in a rush. Angering his best means of transportation was not something he needed at the moment.

Sure it was company but then again Buckbeak wasn't exactly chatty. Sirius preferred the talking kind, his favorite Harry. He had already written to him twice using the closest thing he had to owls at the time, more to tell him to call on him if he needed him not just for social purposes. Sirius half hoped he would have a to leave this place from Harry's replies just to engage in a conversation for once or have a decent meal for a change. (At this point his stomach was growling loudly announcing that it was time to eat another rat.) Yum Yum Sirius thought with distaste. But as long Harry was safe he would eat a thousand rats.

Sirius sighed and lied down on the sand watching the clouds not thinking about his dream, not noticing Buckbeak trying to get him to get breakfast, and not caring that high tide was coming in and that the fire that he worked so long and hard to keep alive last night would be put out if he didn't move it. All that was on Sirius Black's mind was how he could be Harry Potter's Godfather when he wasn't needed. Little did he know that days away a snow white owl had just been sent to answer his troubled thoughts.

A/N: Well? What did ya think? It's up to you if I should continue or not. yes I know that this wasn't much of a story...more like a insight into Sirius's thoughts and yes It was rather short but it's a prologue. But If you want me to finish it trust me It'll get better. Thank for reading!!!! Buh-Bye!!!