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"This looks like a nice place to stop for the rest of the night Buckbeak" Sirius said surveying the scene below him. A thick green forest in Southern France was the perfect place for a rest stop. Only problem is that there is nothing here to stop people from finding me and I know nothing of the local people of town. Sirius thought with a sigh. Well It looks like the best place for miles so we'll just have to make due for a night. Maybe I can find that owl post I need. "Let's land" Sirius said directing Buckbeak towards the thick green trees. With a soft "Flump" of Buckbeak's wings, he and Sirius were at long last on solid ground again. "I'll go into town tomorrow to get the latest news from The Daily Prophet, pick up some food, and try to get a reliable owl to send to Dumbledore. You'll stay here of course and tomorrow night we'll set off again, everything clear?" Sirius added. Buckbeak gave a soft screech in reply. Sometimes I swear you can understand me... "Get some sleep now Buckbeak. You need it more than me" Sirius said stoking Buckbeak's feathery head. I'm going to keep watch tonight. If we get though the night I'll breathe at ease again.

Sirius sighed again. They usually traveled at night, it was just safer considering that here and there dementors we still on the look out for him. But this time fatigue had got the best of them. Sirius's already gaunt face was now parchment white from lack of sleep, his black matted hair had grown long past his shoulders and in some places flecked with gray from worry, and his dark black eyes which already had a dead hollow look given to him from being in Azkaban for 13 years now seemed to be two black holes. Buckbeak didn't fare too well either. Most of Buckbeak's largest feathers have fallen out, the rest had lost their luster and the usual sparkle in his eyes was gone long ago. This journey has been hard on both of us but it'll over real soon. Sirius laid his head on Buckbeak's shoulder. Not only being a great source of transportation, Buckbeak tends to makes a fine pillow sometimes. Sirius thought with a smile. Soon this will all be over my friend. Soon. Sirius gazed up at the cloudy sky keeping watch over Buckbeak while watching the crescent moon fall into the horizon. We'll be reunited with Harry and he'll be safe again. Soon. Sirius thought. Soon.

Early Next Morning...

"I'll be back before dusk Buckbeak. All you have to do is stay in this area and keep out of trouble. You'll have to get your own food today, sorry buddy. Well, see you soon Beaky." Sirius said patting Buckbeak good bye on the head and transforming into a dog before heading towards the edges of the forest and into town. This should be interesting. I know very little French and yet I have to find a wizard home, get some food for me and Buckbeak, AND send an owl to Dumbledore in this muggle town. Sirius came out of the woods and tried to read a street sign that he could only guess that was in french. Remus said that foreign language would come in handy one day, if only I learned more French with him instead of learning new curses to use on Snape. Sirius squinted at the sign forcing himself to remember whatever Remus told him about the French language. Finally the words managed to work their way though. Welcome to the town of Gulider.

Sirius trotted into town trying to understand what everyone was saying. This is impossible. Sirius thought desperately. If I had a wand I could conjurer everything I need. Oh Well..The old fashion way is sometimes best in times like this. Sirius ran behind what he assumed to be a bakery and started hunting though the garbage. Hmmm...a rotten piece of fish...old apple core...and hello.. Sirius climbed out of the dumpster and pulled out a stale loaf of black bread. Well It's not a banquet but it's sustenance and Buckbeak can hunt his own food. Sirius chewed hard on the stale bread. Just my luck to be in a muggle town with nothing but some old bread for food. How am I going to find a owl or The Daily Prophet now? Sirius swallowed the rest of his bread. Whoo Whoo. Sirius's dog ears picked up the soft hooting of an owl, or what sounded like many owls. Hope swelled within Sirius as he ran in search of the sound. A dilapidated house at the end of the road was the source of the noise, an the 100 or so owls inside were the cause of it.

Sirius peeked though the window only to see that the house was empty save for the owls. And there were so many owls! There were tawny ones, snowy ones, midnight blacky ones, blue eyed, brown eyed, even a few green eyed, large owls, medium owls, lots of tiny weeny owls, and even some kinds Sirius had never seen before. Either the person who lives here is 1)a crazy muggle to live with so many owls, or 2) being the more logical reason, a owl breeder for wizards. Frankly number 2 would be more beneficial to what I need, but if push comes to shove I can work around number 1. Sirius pushed the door with his nose and to his surprise it open. Sirius, throwing caution into the wind, entered. Hundreds of jewel bright eyes followed him around the room. It was a simple cabin. Plain to be sure but clean enough. In one corner there was a plain woolen cot and directly across from it was a bronze caldron and a desk nearby. Several old Daily Prophet newspapers littered the floor hardly a cress running though them, their sole purpose was to keep the owl droppings off the floor. Sirius knew that only a witch or wizard could live here but why bother to buy newspapers and not even read them? Sirius shrugged and looked around for some parchment. With some luck, Sirius thought. I can write as if to say my master needs an owl and I'll deliver it to the owner of this house in my dog form. After spotting some parchment and several quills on the desk, Sirius changed into his human form , and sat down on the in the desk's chair to write. No sooner than he sat down he was up again for something was in the desk shaking the inside of it. Sirius stared at the desk in shock. Why did the desk move? Sirius thought nervously. Gingerly, he pulled the front drawer open only to released a cloud of smoke causing him to fall down to the floor in his temporary blindness. When he looked up the haunting figures of James and Lily Potter greeted him.

Sirius could barely believe what he was seeing, let alone breathe. The appearance was unmistakable. James's untidy black hair and Lily's deep red could be clearly picked out though the smoke. "J-James...Lily...B-But you're dead! Sirius whispered looking up at their forlorn faces. The Potters didn't even smile. Sirius watched as they gazed at someone lying face down at their feet. Lily knelt down and turned the person over until their face could be seen. Sirius gasped. Beneath a tangle of dark black hair, the scar of Sirius's nephew Harry was easily visible. Sirius leaned over Harry and tried to wake him up. Harry didn't wake. Harry was dead. Hot tears flooded Sirius's eyes. "Who killed him James? Who did it?" Sirius finally managed to say with tears streaming down his face landing onto Harry's cheeks. "Who do you think Sirius? Who else would it be? James spat. "It was Voldemort, Sirius. Voldemort killed him. Why didn't you protect him Sirius? You promised us you would!" Lily said mournfully while tears welled up in her jade green eyes. Sirius stared at one face then another. Lily was nothing short of broken hearted while James, well, Sirius had never seen James so angry. "I-I'm sorry James..Lily I never knew he was in such great danger... You've got to believe me!" Sirius pleaded. James put his arm around his crying wife, deaf to Sirius's pleas. "You gave your word that no harm would come to Harry Sirius...And you failed!" James hissed. Sirius backed away from the towering figures of his former friends the words You Failed echoing in his ears. Sirius covered his ears and shut his eyes away from the truth. No... He thought. It's not true..It can't be... While Sirius had his ears closed and his eyes shut it's not surprising that he didn't notice that the owner of the house had returned.

"RIDDIKULUS!" the person yelled. James, Lily, and dead Harry vanished in a puff of smoke and Sirius looked up in time to see the smoke being forced back into the drawer. Sirius tried to slow down his breathing. It was just a boggart...I haven't failed...yet. Sirius thought miserably watching the person turn around to look at him. I'm going back to Azkaban...I'm a goner...No Harry here to keep the dementors away this time "Ok who's in here? said the harsh voice. "I know you're here!" Can't he see me? Sirius wondered. I'm right in front of his eyes. Can't he see me? Then it dawned on him. The man couldn't see, he was blind. "I'm terribly sorry sir...My name is...Remus Lupin". Sirius invented. "I was told that this was a best place to buy an owl and I thought I would wait for your return but the boggart in you desk drawer startled me." Please let him believe me. Sirius prayed. The man gave Sirius a searching look, not to different from Dumbledore's, before extending his hand to shake with Sirius most heartily accepted. "Phil Collins, and the people who told you about me being the best owl breeder weren't lying" Phil said in a gravely voice. "So what kind of owl are you looking for?" Sirius breathed with relief, he was safe. "Any will do. Most preferably a reliable one. I'm on holiday and I neglected to buy an owl before and most unfortunately I am in need of one now." Phil picked one owl and put it next to Sirius. The owl was pale copper with gray eyes, a new breed. "I thought you weren't from around here. Anyway it'll be thirty five sickles for that owl". Sirius felt his chest tighten. Do I have enough? Please let it be enough! Sirius reached into his robe pocket and pulled out five galleons. Sirius breathed again. "Here" Phil felt the coins, seemed pleased and got the change.For a blind guy he sure knows his way around his house. Sirius noticed the latest Daily Prophet on the desk. " Ummmm Phil sir?" Phil looked up. "Could I have the newest Daily Prophet if your not going to read it..oh sorry." Sirius broke off feeling quite stupid for mentioning the poor man's vision problems. "Don't worry sonny happens all the time. Go ahead it's yours and here's your change." Phil replied cheerful enough. "Back before You-Know-Who I had two working eyes. Magic was what took them away, and I won't let magic bring them back....Well have a nice day Remus!" "You too" Sirius said. After pocketing the newspaper, Sirius offered the owl his arm which it climbed onto, and headed out the door amazed at his good luck.

Sirius glanced nervously down the street. Here he was out in the open, not in disguise, and carrying a owl which he could not send to Dumbledore until he go back to Buckbeak because he forgot to bring a quill. Things did not look right now. Think Sirius! You broke out of Azkaban this should be easy. By keeping to the shadows, and walking behind any building he could, Sirius was back in the safety of the woods quicker than you can say Expelliarmus! Once Sirius was back in the woods, he expected the rest to be easy. It wasn't. The owl that he brought was very talkative, and Sirius spent half of the time trying to shut it up. While he was distracted, he tripped over a tree root and got up muttering several curses under his breath. So much for being lucky. Sirius thought bitterly wincing at the pain in his foot each time he stepped. The owl didn't enjoy the fall either.
After a few more minutes in the woods, Sirius entered the clearing where Buckbeak was chewing on a badger he caught. Well at least you got a decent meal. Sirius thought disdainfully remembering the stale bread.

Sirius limped over to Buckbeak, fished out a quill and a scrap of parchment, and quickly wrote to Dumbledore for the sun was setting and soon they must be off. Professor Dumbledore--I'm coming back. Harry wrote to me saying how his scar hurt and the last time it did was when Voldemort was at Hogwarts. This and several rumors that had reached me including one of Voldemort heading north have concerned me. I'm Harry's godfather and I'm not going to sit aside and let Voldemort hurt him. But I need your help. Can you keep a eye on Harry until I get there? I heard you got Moody out of retirement so I'm not too worried. Yet anyway. Is there anywhere close to Hogwarts or Hogsmeade where me and Buckbeak can hide safely? I might be there within a few days and I want to be prepared. --Sirius "I need you to take this to Professor Dumbledore at Hogwarts." Sirius said to the owl while trying the letter to it's leg. The owl nipped his finger with affection, clearly it had forgotten the fall in the woods, and took off. Sirius checked around for anything he might have dropped, and remembering the Daily Prophet in his pocket pulled it out. The front page caught his immediate attention.

The caption said: Scenes of Terror at Quidditch World Cup.

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