Sexual Orientation

Summary: It all started when Megaman and Roll discussed the Roll Soul. Trilogy of continued One-Shots.

Genre: Romance/Humor

Written By: Sevetenks, the Ultimate Fusion

Disclaimer: I do not own Megaman or Roll or any of the other characters in the game/anime series. Although this takes place after Megaman Battle Network 4, cause I don't like the anime…

Sevetenks: Well, here's my first non-anime fic. Though it kinda is anime, but still… Anyway, there are three parts to this little one shot story. Enjoy the first one!

It was an average day on the Net and in the Real World. Lan and Mayl were off on yet another date. Megaman and Roll were just messing around on Mayl's homepage, deleting the occasional weak virus and all in all, having a good time. Megaman had decided to show off his Styles and Souls, and started off with the Roll Soul.

"So, what do you think?" laughed Megaman as he messed with the yellow things on his head. Roll rolled her eyes (XD). "Look good, don't I?"

"Well…" said Roll thoughtfully.

"What do you mean 'well'?" yelled Megaman angrily. "This is your soul on my body!" 'Too bad it's not your body on my body… That's why this soul is my favorite, since I know she'll never feel the same…' "So what do you mean, by just 'well'?"

"You see, Mega… About the color…" said Roll, and in Megaman's opinion, a bit flirtatiously. Roll walked over to Megaman, swinging her hips. Megaman was completely lost, and didn't even realize she was right in front of him. She pressed a hand to the poor Navi's chest and whispered. "It makes you look… Well, like you like guys…"

Roll walked slowly away, swinging her hips and giggling to herself, waiting for the inevitable:


Sevetenks: So, what did you think? Next chapter will be up in 2 days, and the third in 4. Till then, see ya later!

Sevetenks, the Ultimate Fusion