A/N: I have never before written a Harry Potter tale, yet this idea would not leave me alone. Please forgive any "fandom" mistakes I may have made, for I have also read very little Harry Potter fanfiction. Yet rest assured that I shall try and remedy that!

Descent into Madness

Prologue: Wounded

I'm sitting right now, staring at a small tuft of grass sticking out between two rocks, its leaves tossed about in the wind as my hair whips wildly across my face. My wounded eyes turn towards the pale of the sky. I never thought I'd be here, running for my life again.

I never spoke of it to James or Remus. We had a quiet understanding that we would not mention it. In the end, not many years were allowed to perform their dance. None of us were able to wait long enough for it all to invariably surface. Events took another courseā€¦

Some would say that Tragedy struck, that Fate's cruel hand destroyed us. I say that Life struck.